How To Stop A Skateboard – 4 Ways You Should Know

Getting the skateboard moving is quite an easy task but there is much skill needed to for you to stop it safely. There are generally four methods of “how to stop a skateboard” while maintaining your safety and that of the skateboard.

Considering that the cost of a skateboard is quite high, it is necessary to use a stopping method that will leave your skateboard in the best condition possible.

A reckless way of stopping a skateboard does a lot of harm to your skateboard’s tail to be more specific; something I’m sure you would like to avoid. This piece gives you the four main methods you can use to stop your skateboard.

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how to stop a skateboard

How To Stop A Skateboard – 4 Methods

Tail dragging

Pressing the tail downwards to get it dragging on the concrete runway can easily stop the board because the increased friction will definitely halt the movement.

This is the easiest way of “how to stop a skateboard” but as the sage goes, ‘cheap is expensive’, you will soon need to visit a skateboard shop to get your board replaced. This is because by so doing the tail wears out so fast and in no time you will have its pop completely gone.

Dragging the heel or the toe

Unlike tail dragging, this is a more reliable and effective method. When you decide to stop your skateboard, exact weight on the heel of your board with your rear foot ensuring that you get your toes off the tail and hanging in the air ready to step on the ground.

This will lift the front wheels as though you are going to drag the tail but instead, drag the bottom of your shoe on the ground. The rubber sole of the shoe will help stop to move faster than the wood of the tail would.

There is a sister method to this called heel dragging where you exact the weight of the back foot in the heel. Slightly twist your heel off the board then press it downwards to make the heel drag on the ground.

These two methods are the fastest and safest methods of “how to stop a skateboard

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A reverse push

Leveraging your weight against the pavement using your pushing foot is another way you can stop your skateboard. This is actually a trick for beginners where you impact your weight on the foot on the board while the push footsteps off the board and rolls on the ground by the heel.

This is not as first as the former method because you will need to do this severally to completely stop the board. The number of times you are to repeat this depends on your momentum during skating.

Running out

This is an unsafe way to stop skateboarding was due to some unavoidable reasons you are forced to leave your skateboard rolling and run off the board.

In cases where you find yourself speedily approaching an unexpected obstacle on your way and can’t figure out a trick to apply at your speed, you will be forced to run out. To do so you simply step off the board and star running.

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In the case where you find yourself skating at super speed, it may be quite dangerous to try to just step off your board. So you’ll be forced to drag your foot until the speed of the skateboard drops to a point where you feel it is safe enough to run out.


Stopping a skateboard should not be much of a worry because with time you will get used to it and determining when to stop and when to bail will be spontaneous. It just needs more practice to be perfect. 

After this article I hope you will learn “how to stop a skateboard

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