How to restore your old deck like a professional skateboarder

After a period of time, you will see that the quality of your skateboard deck is not as good as before. What should you do in this case? Should you search for a new replacement or find a way to restore it? With beginners and some experienced skateboarders, this question is not easy to answer.

Finding a suitable skateboard for each person is not an easy task. Therefore, not many of us want to get the new replacement for our old decks but try to make the old one to be restored. In comparison, this option is not only much more time-saving and money-saving than the remaining one.

How to restore your old deck like a professional skateboarder

Restoring an old skateboard deck is not too difficult to do. In fact, there are several ways for you to solve this problem. Today, we would like to introduce you one way which we have done successfully in case you still want to practice how to ollie higher on a skateboard as well as other tricks.

There are three main steps in the restoration process.

Normally, you ride your skateboard twice or three times a week, but it is rare to check the deck until you find something wrong with your board. So, it is time for you to have an entire inspection. You have better pay attention to the parts contacting directly to your shoes as well as the joints which are easy to worn and torn. If you find no damage in the structure, keep riding. But if it is not, let's start the deck's restoration.

The warehouse is the place that many people keep their skateboards in, but you should know that the humidity in this place is quite hight. The damp condition may lead to the termite-cated issue of wood decks. Therefore, it is necessary to have a whole check before moving to the next step.

Step 2: Start cleaning

This step is not easy at all, sometimes it is required to make use of chemicals which are not good for your health. You are suggested to be careful when using them, wearing protective equipment like gloves and glasses is highly recommended.

First of all, prepare a clean brush to clean the wood fiber as well as dirt and stains on the deck. Then rinse the board since the damp skateboard deck makes the cleaning process much easier. The quicker you complete this work, the quicker you learn how to get better at skateboarding.

Choosing a suitable chemical to clean the deck is the next mission. There are a lot of deck-cleaners available on the market and you can easily find the suitable one. However, most of these products consist of four main ingredients, they are sodium percarbonate, sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, and oxalic acid.

Sodium percarbonate

Sodium percarbonate is the first ingredient we would like to mention. Being a mixture of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide, it is considered as a common detergent these days because of its effectiveness in removing dirt and mildew. 

Sodium hypochlorite

This is also known as a "chlorine bleach", a cleaner used for getting rid of mildew. According to some comments, it is not as effective as the above-mentioned ingredient in cleaning the stains as well as dirt.

You have better rinse your board carefully after applying this cleaner since it is reported to be able to eat away the wood deck and affect your deck badly.

Sodium hydroxide

This ingredient is also known as the lye. Most cleaners and removers available on the markets contain this chemical. It is able to eat away the wood, like the sodium hypochlorite. So, never leave this chemical on your board for too long time.

Oxalic acid

If you find some iron stains or yellowish organic substances on your skateboard deck and they make your board look ugly, a cleaner with the oxalic acid in it is highly recommended. This chemical also helps to brighten your deck.

A drawback of the oxalic acid is that it cannot remove mildew. Therefore, it will not an ideal choice if your board has problems with mildew.

Step 3: Repainting

Now we have completed the two previous steps, let's move to the last one, repainting. This step will bring a totally new coat to your skateboard deck. You can choose the old colors and patterns of your deck to be repainted. In case you want to get a completely new appearance, let's feel free to show your style.

After three detailed steps, we are sure you have a well-restored skateboard deck. It is not only a convenient but economical way to renew your existed deck.

How to deal with a peeling deck?

Painting is the way we can apply for a peeling deck. As you know, skateboarding is an outside game, this means that your skateboard will suffer from different weather conditions, from sunny to rainy days, from hot summer to cold winter.

This requires a durable skateboard deck. In order to have high durability for the deck, you must create a strong enough bond between the new paint layer and the existed surface of the deck. It can also be applied to the good skateboards for kids.

Repaint the deck

Skateboard decks come in various types and styles, each has its own feature. So, repainting is not a fixed process. Depending on the time of the previous paint, the level of damage and the existed colors of the deck, we will have a detailed solution. In case you are a beginner, let's follow our following guideline:

1. Before starting the repainting process, get rid of all the peeling on your skateboard by using a brush or a specific tool for scraping.

2. Use sandpaper to make the surface of the deck smooth.

3. Clean up the surface and make it dry.

4. Use a roller or a soft brush to apply the paint.

5. Wait for minutes for the previous layer to be dry before applying the next one.

The final words

In this article, we have shown you how to restore your skateboard deck as an experienced skater. We are sure that now you will see this work is not as challenging as you think. Moreover, it helps to save an amount of money and time as well.

However, overdoing is not recommended. It is the most effective for the minor damages only. If you have used the deck for a long time, after several restorations, you have better think about getting a new one.

If you have tried our tips, let's share your work with us. We believe we will have a lot of things to discuss later.

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