How To Put Trucks On A Longboard In 3 Simple Steps?

It's an exhilarating experience for any skater to put a new truck on your board. How to put trucks on a longboard is also a terrific method to discover how the skateboard functions and why all of the elements interact, thus enabling you to perform impressive things.

You may modify the different skateboard settings while assembling it, ensuring that it rides precisely how you want it to.

This short instruction is for all of you who have recently purchased a longboard and are eager to assemble it or who simply have several questions regarding this procedure.

Now, we'll go over the guide step by step using images, covering every facet of the process. We'll set up the following demonstration.

how to put trucks on a longboard

A Kind Of Longboard Truck

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A vehicle can be positioned on the deck in a variety of ways. It's also worth noting that not all trucks are appropriate with all deck sizes. There will be instances when you may need to drill some holes to achieve your desired goal.

Below are the simple methods to installing trucks on your longboard, which will guarantee success. To reduce any longboard-related mishaps, please carefully follow these instructions.

Required Tools

  • Makers of decks and trucks:

Deck and truck manufacturers employ two separate mounting requirements for their trucks: old school and new school.

It's crucial to know what holes the trucks fit into before you begin altering them, whether they're new or old. This measure would be to confirm that the deck and trucks are compatible.

  • Placement of trucks:

The truck placement has an impact on the board's performance overall. As a result, it's better to support the most out of the trucks and decks as a whole.

  • Screwdriver, spanner, or drill
  • Bolds and nuts
  • Wheels
  • Escape tools

Easy Step-by-step Guide

Step 1: Set Up The Board

To begin, in the case the longboard is already shaken, choose a screwdriver to poke into the holes just at the bottom of your deck.

When attempting to install the longboard, begin by putting out all the screws from its top and slowly turning your board over. The trucks may now glide over with ease through your baseplate and onto all screws.

Step 2: Attach The Truck

Note: Since you're going on a normal kingpin truck, they're commonly utilized for top-mounted but could be utilized in any position; in either case, the kingpin and bushing of each truck should turn inward toward the middle of a deck.

When working on such a reverse truck, it should be connected in such a way each kingpin's truck with bushing faces outwards, towards the tail.

how to put longboard trucks on

The Overview Of A Longboard Truck

  • What you are going to do first is take the truck apart. Use an Alpha skate tool or spanner to undo your truck until the ball comes off. Put it down in the order you take off to not forget when reassembling. Now you have the base plate and the axle.
  • Then put the base plate on the board. The holes are lined up to make sure the curved end is facing forward or backward if it’s the back.
  • Next, assure the bolts go through the holes. Put the nuts with your fingers on the backside.

Step 3: Tighten All Screws

Last but not least, beware that you're handling screws; tightening them down reduces the risk of the trucks sliding off the board. Using the criss-cross technique, tighten them.

When tightening the southwestern screw in a criss-cross pattern, the next component should be the western part. Once tightened, an even distribution of torque across the screws is assured.

how to put trucks on a longboard

Tighten The Screw With A Skate Tool

Now, tighten all screws with a spanner or skate tool. You can use your drill with a torque setting on. Then ensure the skate tool is over the bolt hold in place. Next, you will put the bushing to double-check if the bolts are facing the right way.

There are two different holes on the hanger, and you can put them in without changing the angle. Put your little washer on top and pick a nut on it with a skate tool or a spanner.

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With the How to put trucks on a longboard guide, your board is completely assembled and ready for action! Take a glance at it, then get out there and shred! Once you've gone out and ridden the new board, it is suggested to give it just a once-over then confirm everything is tight.

Adequately installing trucks in the longboards will pay off in the long run. This measure will not only provide you with a safe journey but will also provide you with a pleasant feeling of the road as well as the entire board. As a consequence, you'll have a better overall experience.

Finally, make sure to inspect the trucks and decking on a regular basis. You wouldn't want to get hurt or encounter a major accident. Skate safely and enjoy yourself!

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