How to protect yourself from getting skateboard injuries

If you are a skateboarder, especially when you are a beginner, getting injured is no longer strange. Like many other sports, skateboarding is not 100% safe, and you can be at risk anytime. However, there are ways to limit the ability and protect you from plenty of skateboard injuries, as well as to heal these physical and mental injuries.

How to protect yourself from getting skateboard injuries

There is an undeniable truth: you will fall off your skateboard sometimes. You have to learn to do it like learning How to Turn On A Skateboard.  It is not the problem of experience or ability, it is only because the size of the board is not too big and in addition, it has wheels.

 You can not prevent this event completely, so you have to learn how to fall without getting hurt. Experienced skateboarders have listed some helpful ways in helping you to avoid injury or major injury, and to recover more quickly and be back to the board. At first, you may think learning to fall is a little bit weird, but if you master it, you will see how effective it is.

Equip the right protective gear

The helmet is not the only protective gear you need in skateboarding. This is an undeniably essential thing to protect you, but there are some other things you should pay attention, too. According to Dunham Sports, a sporting goods chain, a common set of protective gear consists of these things: helmet, pads ( for both knee and elbow), gloves and wrist guards.

If you use them correctly, they will ensure your skateboarding journey. Skate shoes are also counted. Surely you can make use of your regular shoes for riding the board, but these specifically designed shoes are invented for a reason. They not only protect your feet but also provide support and grip which are necessary for skateboarding.

How to face up with skateboard injuries

Through the previous paragraphs, you have learned how to fall, and have fallen and injured. What should you do now to deal with these such injuries? At first, look for medical help. You are able to get internal injuries after the fall, and only a medical professional knows how to check.

Then, let your body have a healing time with some kind of restore. The experience will not be fun, but you have better follow what you are advised. Never think about coming back to your skateboard too soon, let's wait until your body is completely ready. Read related articles at How To Build A Skateboard Ramp.

Have proper exercises and stretches

After equipping yourself with the full set of Skateboard Protective Gear for your skateboarding ride, you have better do what professional skateboarders usually do: exercise and stretch your body. Skateboarding is not an easy sport, especially when you are older and older. 

The older you are, the more time you need to perform pre-skate exercises. There are some medical treatments you can apply to control your weight and strengthen your muscles which are very helpful in this sport. Calves and legs are the main body parts that you will use a lot while skating, especially when doing some tricks like ollie or grinds.

How to deal with the fear

After restoring from the skateboard injuries, you have to deal with another issue: how to deal with the fear of falling off the skateboard and being wounded. This is a normal reaction of our body toward getting hurt, a natural mechanism to protect you from hurting yourself.

The level of fear is more and more over time because after the experience, you know how painful it is. Don' worry, just keep in mind that you have to listen to what your body says when stepping on the skateboard. However, at that time you should only perform basic maneuvers, let the difficult and exciting tricks wait until your body is completely recovered. Skating with your current ability is the fastest way of dealing with fear.

The final words

In this article, we have shown you how to protect yourself from getting skateboard injuries and how to recover from them. We hope that, after reading our guideline, you will be more confident in skateboarding and no longer be afraid of hurt.

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