How To Paint A Skateboard Deck? 6 Different Ways To Do

Every sport enthusiast is surely looking for a unique and stylish skateboard for their own. But instead of choosing to buy designs available in the market, you can create them on your old boards.

Then, how to paint a skateboard deck? We will introduce you to the best way to paint the skateboard floor quickly in today’s article.

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To draw a skateboard, you need to choose a suitable working area as well as some specialized tools:

It is recommended that you choose an open and windy location to carry out the painting process, as paint fume is quite toxic to your health. Therefore, painting in a closed room can cause discomfort, and it will take a long time for the paint to dry completely.

how to paint a skateboard deck

When the paints have dry out completely, it is often very difficult to clean them. You must prepare an extra rug or fabric to line the floor to prevent paint splashes.

 Keep in mind that you must prepare for yourself a proper outfit, gloves, eyeglasses during the painting. Besides, it is advisable to prepare the necessary tools for the process. Here are some common tools:  A skateboard, primer, paint, sandpaper, and paint applicator.

How To Paint A Skateboard Deck?

Remove The Skis To Paint

If you do not remove the wheel, it will be troublesome and difficult to paint evenly and beautifully. First of all, remove the wheel, bolt, and nut from the board.

how to paint a skate deck

Then keep them neatly placed in a conspicuous position, and they will be reassembled after finishing painting to avoid losing any parts. In this way, you can avoid problems in the surface painting of the board. 

It is also time to soak the bearings, nuts, or wheels before reassembling. WD-40 or some engine oil will make it easy to remove dirt and effectively clean them before putting them back on your newly painted plank.

Skate Polish

how to paint a skate deck

Polishing the surface of the plywood is also a necessary step before repainting. Here are some notes for you :

  • Use sandpaper of the right grade (usually 40 grains) or an electric sander for this step. Subsequently, you can smooth the surface with 150-grain sandpaper.
  • Make sure you have adequate clothing and glasses at the beginning of this phase. 
  • Note that you need to hand it evenly and try to smooth the entire surface of the board. 
  • Scrubbing your hands unevenly or choosing inappropriate sandpaper can cause the board to ditch or have locations that may remain rough. Hence, this makes it difficult for the final coat to look beautiful and evenly colored as desired.
  • After finishing polishing, the surface of the board may stick a lot of sawdust. Therefore, you need to remove them and keep the skis clean otherwise;, the sawdust will create small lumps on the surface of the board. 
  • You must not use an iron brush to remove sawdust because it can easily cause scratches, damaging previous polishing steps.

Repair Broken Spots On The Board

Once you’ve polish the skis, check the board once again and search for flawed spots. It would be best to fix these errors before performing paint sweeping, as this will help increase the texture sharpness painted on the skateboard and improve its durability.

how to paint your own skateboard deck

A little wood glue will be the right choice for cracks. You can use a large amount of glue to fill the gaps or dents on the surface to hide these bad marks. Furthermore, it is also an effective method to ensure elements like dust, insects, or ingress of water can't damage your skateboard.

One thing is for sure; skis won’t look good if there are defects on the surface. Therefore, when using glue, you should pay attention to using the right amount of glue to ensure the skateboard’s flat surface and avoid protrusions or concave holes.

After adding filters, try to wait for them to dry before proceeding with 150 grit sandpaper to rub evenly.

Use Primer

After finishing the surface, it is time to coat the board with primer. This coating acts as a protective layer to prevent spoilage of substances such as water or dust and dirt.

how to paint your skateboard deck

Choose a suitable, good-quality primer and apply the entire board evenly. In this step, a brush or a small roller will help. You can apply 1 to several coats of primer depending on your preference. But make sure the first coat is completely dry before applying the second coat and so on until the last coat.

Sanding After Using Primer

how to paint a skateboard deck

One necessary step to take after priming is to sand the surface again. The plank surface will be more seamless and smoother thanks to this step. Also, the most suitable sandpaper for this step is 150 grit.

You should only scrub the surface after you’ve ensured that the primer is completely dry. Then use a soft washcloth or cotton cloth to remove the sawdust. Additionally, wipe with a damp cloth is the best way to remove them.

Use Paint To Create The Desired Skateboard

Finally, it's time to be creative and start painting your skateboard. There are many paints on the market to choose from. Among them, spray paint is the most popular. Consider choosing an acrylic paint that combines paint with Stencil for the best results and more complex designs.

Choose for yourself an impressive design based on your preferences and style. Besides, be mindful in this last step as it will be difficult to change your mind after finishing the painting. The last task is to wait for the paint to dry and get a perfect skateboard.


Above is how to paint a skateboard deck with six quick steps. Of course, the most important thing is to give careful attention to the painting process if you want to achieve perfect results. We hope you will create your own unique and beautiful skateboards in your style. 

Let us know if you have any further tips on painting your skis. Your suggestions will be of help to many people. Thank you!

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