How to Ollie Higher On a Skateboard Faster

Once you move past the starting phase in terms of skateboarding, you will want to know how to Ollie higher. Almost all skateboarding beginners want to reach a level of perfection in terms of high Ollies. You can do that to impress your friends with your skills or simply because you enjoy these types of riding schemes.

Wanting to know how to Ollie higher can even be the reason you get into skateboarding, to begin with. So, let’s see at what you can do to become an expert at this!

how to ollie higher

Get Your Front Foot in Action

To Ollie higher than usual, you need to be able to coordinate both of your feet. But the secret stays in the front foot. Use your front foot to get the board higher. You can also use it to give direction to your movement.

Allow your weight to fall more on your front foot to create the type of pressure you need on your board. You will take the weight off your foot before creating the Ollie. And if you want to rise even higher during your Ollie moment, place your front foot closer to the back of the skateboard.

It sounds harder than it is. And the more you do it, the more naturally it will come to you.

Your Feet Have To Be High Enough

The most important part of your body as you are aiming for a high Ollie, are your feet. And the higher you get them, the better your Ollie will turn out to be. But you will not move just your feet as you need to make more complex movements to get the result that you want.

Make sure that your knees are touching your torso as you are doing the Ollie. This will lift both feet as well, and your board will follow exactly the route you expect it to. So, get those legs jumping and work the skills you have to obtain the high Ollie you want!

how to get higher ollies

Rolling Is a Good Strategy As Well

Who said Ollies are meant to be performed standing still or in a straight jump? You can get to experience a high Ollie by rolling your body in the right direction. Your board will have an invisible wave to follow, and your body can do the same.

If you are going for a rolling Ollie, you might be more charmed by the result an eventually you might prefer these to the regular Ollies. The secret for this Ollie is to control your front foot in a way that it aims at the direction of your eyes and it is closer to the nose.

Learn From the Best

Sometimes, you need to invest some time in observing the best skaters that master the art of Ollies. But more than watching them, you should get them to watch you and let you know what you are doing wrong. This can help correct your moves in a matter of minutes.

how to ollie higher on a skateboard

It will save you a long time of experimenting with different moves and one or two falls in the process. You might be able to tell what you do wrong by simply watching a video of yourself, too.

The trick is for your body to fall back on the board in a natural way and without any risks involved. And you can get there by following the guidance of a specialist in the matter or by judging your movements once you get in the air.

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Practice Until You Make It

It is important never to give up when you want to do something. And when it comes to how to Ollie higher, this rule still applies. Most likely you will not do this right from the first time. But the more you practice, the better you will get at it, and the more natural your moves will look like.

Repeat high Ollies until you make them without thinking too much about the way you move. And learn to use gravity in the process and make it work for you and not against you.

High Ollies are interesting to watch, and they are a path to even more complex tricks that you can do. Ponce, you master these basic moves, you will find yourself more open to experience others, and you will have more courage as well.

Bottom Line

However, always put safety first because you can get lost in some very complex movements that can be dangerous for skateboarding beginners. Even if you are an expert, you should never take unnecessary risks. Know your body and control your feet one step at a time. Before you know it, you will make the best Ollies in town!

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