How To Measure Skateboard Trucks For Your Perfect Decks

Without decent trucks, your skateboard will not get you very far. Therefore, understanding how to measure skateboard trucks is a must when choosing a great deck.

Measuring skateboard trucks can be a confusing and difficult task at first since there are many different ways to check out the width and height. If you are new to skateboards, do not worry because we have got you covered. Here is a specific guide to measure your deck trucks:

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Let's get to know the structure of your board trucks first! Typically, there are several components that make up skateboard trucks:

how to measure skateboard trucks
  • Axle: this is the long pin that sticks to the wheels and goes through the hanger. It should be close to the sides of your board to get the best fit. All axle nuts need a ⅜ inches wrench socket.
  • Hanger: the most important and largest element of your trucks. It connects to the base plate via the bushings and kingpin. Hanger aids the axle and runs through it.
  • Kingpin: this is a big, solid bolt that holds all the parts together. It fits well inside the bushings and controls the pressure when you grind on bushings.
  • Bushings: they help to control the turning movements. Bushings are soft, polyurethane rings that are placed upon the kingpin. They allow your skateboard to pivot and turn smoothly.
  • Washers: they are metal discs that lie below and above the bushings. Washers maintain the forces on the board, which help to create a comfortable ride.

How To Measure Skateboard Trucks?

Commonly, there are four ways to measure your skateboard trucks, including measuring the truck's length, calculating the kingpin, utilizing your board, and considering the tightness.

Our experts will dig deeper into each method to help you find out the most suitable way:

Measure the truck's length.

The truck's length varies greatly depending on which brand you choose. People who switch their trucks regularly may know that the trucks usually will not go well with those you are replacing.

how to measure truck size skateboard

Accordingly, the most basic way to get the right truck's length is to use a ruler or a measuring tape and a pencil. These tools will give you an exact calculation of its width and length so that you will know whether it suits your skateboard or not.

You should measure from the axle hole on this truck to the axle on the other truck to acquire the dimension in centimeters or inches. Additionally, if you have a proper measuring tool for your trucks, you can use that as well.

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Check out the kingpin.

This is one of the most crucial steps to measure skateboard trucks. The kingpin should not stick out because it can make the truck and the bolt deteriorate easily.

how to measure trucks for a skateboard

As a result, you should consider whether the kingpin is sticking out of the skateboard or not. If it does, this means that you are grinding that part when riding, and it may take some time to grind that away.

However, a sticking-out kingpin does not mean that it is a poor truck. Some people actually like a sticking-out kingpin because it makes them feel cooler and better when skating. It all relies on your riding style and preference.

Use your skateboard to measure trucks.

If you do not have any tool to measure your trucks, then using your skateboard is another great idea. To measure, put the trucks on your board side by side vertically or horizontally and look from top to bottom.

how do you measure skateboard trucks

You should see whether the truck and the board match perfectly. If they go well with each other, you get the best skateboard trucks. But if the board is wide, you acquire a bigger set of trucks and vice versa.

Measure based on tightness.

This way of measuring is not as precise as other ways mentioned above, but rather personal preference. Prepare a skate tool, put the truck on the deck, and check if you would like to adjust slightly. You may like to tighten or loosen the trucks to get the best experience for your riding.

Additionally, don't forget to check the tightness based on the vibration and stability.


For amateur skaters, knowing how to measure skateboard trucks may be arduous at first. But we believe that with the four different methods above, you will choose the way that suits your riding style best without relying on expensive skate tools.

We hope that this article can help you measure the right width and height so that you can get the optimal set of trucks for your skateboard and ensure an excellent ride.

Thank you for reading!

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