How to make your skateboard grip tape clean

The grip tape plays an important role in how cool your skateboard is. Dirty grip tape makes the appearance of the board ruin. The dirt on the tape is evidence of how frequently you ride the board or you only keep it in your house.

In addition, the grip tape is one of the essential parts of the board affecting your skateboarding experience. You can not do tricks properly without cleaning or replacing the damaged tape. In general, the lifespan of grip tape is longer than the wooden deck where you stick the tape on.

However, it is necessary to clean the grip tape if you don't ride the board regularly or you skate through the dirty areas and substances like mud or sticky liquids to be on the surface of the board. 

How to make your skateboard grip tape clean

Based on how dirty your skateboard is and what the dirt and substance are, we will know the way to clean the grip tape. In case the tape is just full of dust, you only need the help of a grip tape eraser. For more serious cases, such as mud or soda, it will be more complicated to clean it up and you will need the help of a damp and clean towel.

The easy way to get rid of the dirt from your grip tape

The very first method you can think about when cleaning a grip tape is a grip tape eraser. This is the easiest and the most convenient way you can apply. This kind of eraser is not as different from the normal ones with the main material of rubber.

Among many manufacturers outside, Black Magic is the most well-known brand for this product. An ideal replacement for this eraser is a belt sander cleaner, and we recommend you to get one from a manufacturer named Harbor Freight. 

If your board and the grip tape are not full of thick mud, these products are enough to make your tape clean and get rid of any dust. After applying the eraser on the surface of the tape, have the rubber particles wiped off and your board will have a fresh appearance with clean grip tape.

When applying the eraser on the grip tape, remember to use the corners instead of its whole flat surface to remove the dust in small condensed areas because the small sides may clean more effectively. Putting the harder force on the eraser also cleans the tape better. If the whole flat surface of the eraser is laid on the grip tape, you may find it more difficult to rub over the surface and as a result, the board is not as clean as you want.

How to clean the dirtier grip tape

For the dirtier grip tape, you will need specific cleaning products in order to remove all the thick layers of dust and mud. Apply the products to the tape, scrub the surface then get rid of the dirt.

Somethings you need to take into consideration while cleaning the grip tape

First of all, you need to have an overview of how dirty your skateboard and grip tape is before choosing a suitable way to clean it. For example, have a check to ensure your board gets wet or not, then decide to use a certain way such as the soapy water.

If you have used the board for a period of time and it has been water-logged already, it is easier to do. In the case of a new board, pay attention to the edges of the skateboard decks and don't let them get wet. A little wet is still acceptable, but the more serious situation may lead to the quality of the board. The nose and tail are two skateboard parts that need to keep away from water or your board may be popped later. 

Almost grip tape is thick enough so the water is not easy to come through, except it is a kind of MOB grip which is made with holes for releasing air bubbles. In this case, the wooden deck is safe and you can use a mixture of soap and water to clean the tape without any worry. Find more helpful skateboard’s tips in Category Archives for "Blog".

The step-to-step process of cleaning the grip tape

At first, cover all the edges of the deck with waterproof tapes to ensure that water cannot go through the deck. The tapes are various, from duct tape, scotch tape, packing tape or even electric tape, as long as they don't allow water through. Moreover, choose one kind of tape that doesn't leave any residue when peeling it later. 

1. Use a cleaning product

Choose a suitable cleaning product, use a clean towel, sponge or a spray bottle to apply it in the surface of the grip tape. Don't pour the liquid directly since it is able to get on the edges. It is the same with different types of skateboards.

Below are some cleaning products you can use to clean the skateboard grip tape:

·       A mixture of soap and water is the most common way people use to clean the tape. But, people need to be more careful or the wooden deck may get wet.

·       A spray bottle of glass cleaners or green cleaners is an ideal option to clean the tape.

·       You can also make use of orange cleaners which are usually used for cleaning dusty furniture to remove all dust and substances on the grip tape, just need to pour it into a spray bottle so that the work may be easier.

·       WD-40 or similar things is not highly recommended in this case because it may make your grip tape slippery after cleaning.

2. Scrub the dirt off

After applying a cleaning product on the surface of the grip tape, use a soft toothbrush to scrub the dust off. The brush is the most suitable thing to do this step since the sponge or paper towel may disintegrate while doing this.

 If you cannot get a brush, find a cloth towel instead of. After completing and you still find some particles on the tape, you can wait until the board is completely dry and wipe them away.

Remember to scrub with enough force or your grip tape may be worn away which leads to the slippery situation of the board.

3. Dab the dirt to get rid of it

When you complete the scrubbing step, take cloth or paper towels to dab the dirt and cleaning product in order to remove them. Just dab, not rub since rubbing can cause the towel to be disintegrated into small pieces. 

4. Do it again and again until the grip tape is completely clean

The cleaning process of the grip tape may be the repeat of step 1 to step 3 several times to make sure all dirt and substances are removed completely. Prepare enough amount of cleaning products as well as the others for the suitable skateboard sizes.

Prepare a number of towels for doing this since after repeating the steps, it may get dirty. For the last cleaning step, you have better use paper towels, after using, you can throw it away and get a new one.


We hope that, after reading this article, all of you will have an overall knowledge of how to clean the skateboard grip tape. The process is not too complicated, so you can easily follow these steps. Don’t forget to share your results with us and your friends by commenting on the text box below. Your opinion is always welcomed.

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