How to Make Skateboard Wheels Faster – Let’s Find Out!

For the first time in history, skateboarding was introduced in the 2020 Summer Olympics. Isn’t it cool? But you know what’s even cooler? Speed. How to make skateboard wheels faster just takes a few tricks and tips that are not nearly as challenging as one would believe.

So, come on this article through letters and words as we show you with some routine maintenance and a little know-how, a few changes will increase the lifespan of your board while still making it more organized and fast.

how to make your skateboard wheels go faster

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Clean Them Regularly

The first thing you want to do is loosen up all of those bolts off the wheels so that the wheels are free to take off the truck. After that, take off bearings and separate the bearings and shield.

how to make your wheels faster on a skateboard

Then get your cloth and carefully wipe your trucks, making sure that they’re looking pretty decent. You can use WD-40 or your lubrication to spray them, then use your fingers to spread it evenly, and spin it around so that all the lubrication gets all right on in there.

Finally, take your cloth to wipe the residue out of the bearing and wheels also, then rebuild the deck. Ensure that your bearings are all clean because the dirty ones don’t move smoothly and tend to slow your skateboard down.

Choose Quality Bearings

We recommend first looking at the quality of the bearings materials and design.

It is best to use ceramic bearings. Ceramic bearings are fast and smooth, with the advantage that the balls don’t rust if they get wet. Moreover, because ceramic bearings have less friction and cool down quicker, there is less chance of breaking, hence, higher durability.

In short, these bearings roll fast, resist dirt, and are durable.

how to make skateboard wheels spin faster

Detach Bearing Spacers

Bearing spacers are the small metal cylinders that sit between both bearings inside a wheel, which braces the bearing and prevents them from breaking.

At any rate, if you utilize a high-quality bearing, you can manage without a spacer as it’s difficult for them to break.

Do Not Leave The Bearings Wet

Remember to thoroughly dry the bearings. Lubricate them until they have dried. Spin or use a dryer to dry them. The importance of lubrication in speed cannot be overstated.

Care to rinse and wash out any leftover lubes after lubricating. It’s best to use old cloth instead of tissue paper since the latter can leave tiny fragments.

Check Your Trucks

Examine the trucks to see if they are still available. Though skateboard trucks have little to do with speed, a rusted truck will cause a skateboard's mechanics to malfunction. Replace them if they are aged and worn.

how to make the wheels on a skateboard spin faster

About Your Wheels


Wheels have tons of different colors, a bunch of different graphics, but the most important thing is indeed the size and the hardness.

Bigger wheels keep your speed longer and roll more easily over rough pavement, even with hard wheels. Because they are bigger, you cover more ground and thus go faster and roll over coping easier.

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The next thing we need to go over is the hardness of the wheels. The street wheel has a lot harder durometer, and cruising the house is a lot softer.

You wouldn’t want a street skate with these wheels because harder wheels will reflect more energy by making them turn at high speed.

So that’s why you want to stick to a harder wheel. A wheel with that hardness can be slid along the concrete without being immediately destroyed and will allow you to travel at a higher top speed due to the decrease in rolling friction.

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Pretty much every wheel you can buy today is made out of the same hard plastic.

how can i make my skateboard wheels spin faster

Wheels made of low-quality and cheap materials are soft and make the ride slower. Wheels made of urethane materials are of good quality and have a strong core, which has the same material as the rest of the wheel.

Outstanding Tips For A Faster And Better Experience When Skateboarding

Increasing Aerodynamics

It's a technique for minimizing resistance when skating by reducing the surface area in contact with the air. In other words, you become more streamlined and faster. Bending at the hips or crouching down are two options.

Try To Use Smooth Streets For Riding

Riding your skateboard on flat streets is a good idea. Riding on unappealing street surfaces is exasperating. Potholes and knocks will reduce the force and slow you down.

how to make skateboard wheels faster

The best surfaces to skate on are those that are flat and steep when you speed up. You, therefore, expend less time pushing the board and allowing it to accelerate at full speed.

There Should Be No Jerking Or Quick Motions

Avoid jerking or swaying from side to side. Consider skating in a straight line to achieve the highest possible speed. You would have a faster journey than when you twitch or shift side to side.

Make Sure The Pop-Out Bearings Are In Good Shape

Bearings may be pulled into the wheel or refuse to seat fully, resulting in their removal. It is not a common problem, but it can occur, particularly after bearings have been installed.

If not properly maintained, these bearings will cause your speed to decrease. To ensure that the bearings get into alignment, you can press down a wheel and pull it in both directions.


Only a seasoned skateboarder understands the significance of the skateboard's fast wheels. And if you're one of them, whose wheels have been sluggish, there's no reason to invest in a new skateboard.

If you want to ride hard, try the above techniques on how to make skateboard wheels faster to see which one fits well for you.

However, you may want to consider investing in modern, high-quality wheels and bearings that are automatically fast. Since quality wheels do not absorb dirt and are more sturdy, they can save you time and energy while washing.

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