How To Make A Skateboard Bearing – Simple Instruction

Good bearings will make it easier for your skateboard to ride and turn. Although important as they seem, you still can learn how to make a skateboard bearing at home instead of going to a fixtures store and wasting a considerate amount of money. 

There will be numerous benefits if you can make your customized set of bearings at home. Thus, don’t hesitate to read my simple introduction.

In this post, I will guide you step by step to make bearings for your skateboard. At the same time, you will have a chance to find out some useful information about bearings, allowing you to have more confidence to tackle your DIY project.

Let’s get started!

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Get To Know The Structure Of The Bearings

First of all, you want to understand how bearings form. Bearings comprise a large outer ring and a smaller inner ring. There are small steel balls in between to connect them.

how to make a skateboard bearing

The formation of a skateboard bearing

There is a ball cage inside the balls to keep them in place. The other part is called "shields," covering on either side of the rings. However, you could choose a skateboard bearing without shields. When the bearings have no shields, you can skate faster.

Skateboard bearings are usually made of steel or ceramic. In hot weather, steel bearings expand and tend to be susceptible to break. In contrast with steel, ceramic bearings are more durable yet more expensive. In general, people often favor using ceramic to make bearings over steel.

Tools And Material

Here are some necessary pieces of equipment you need to prepare:    

  • A skateboard wheel
  • A set of bearings. Preferably with seven balls, removable nylon cages, and removable shields.
  • A hammer
  • A wrench
  • A 12-inch spike or a screwdriver tweezers and an Exacto knife
  • Tissue to clean (optional)
  • Lubricant (optional)

Detailed Introduction: How To Make Skateboard Bearing

There are four easy steps to follow. Are you ready? Let’s begin!

Step 1: Disassemble The Back Wheel

Prepare a skateboard wheel and a wrench. Next, use the wrench to twist the axle nut that holds the wheel in position, gradually loosen, and remove it. At the same time, hold the board tightly. Now you can disassemble the back wheel of your skateboard.

how to make a skateboard bearing

Using a 13mm wrench to unscrew the back wheel

Step 2: Remove The Bearings

Once disassembled, grasp the hammer and spike, and start hitting the middle repeatedly to remove the bearings out of the wheel. Keep doing this until you hit out the centerpiece. If the method mentioned above is unsuccessful, choose a screwdriver instead of a spike to remove the bearings from the wheel.

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how to make a skateboard bearing 1

Using a screwdriver to take the bearings out

Step 3: Separate All The Segments Of Bearings

After pushing bearings out of the wheel, handle the Exacto knife and look for a small ring outside the bearing. Next, pry the small ring at an upward angle, then use the Exacto knife to dig into the retainer, which is the plastic bearing’s casing. Lastly, pull the small ring off. 

Before carrying out the next step, make certain that you do the similar way on all the bearing sides.After finishing this step, keep all bearing parts in a safe place to prevent misplacing and losing.

how to make a skateboard bearing 2

All the parts of a bearing

Step 4: Clean And Finish

When you finish removing all of the components and the small bearings, remember to clean every single piece thoroughly.You have now made yourself a set of high-quality bearings.

how to make a skateboard bearing

Completed bearings


  • The instructions are not for a beginner; consider if you have enough confidence in your experience and have a full set of skate tools.
  • This instruction will involve lots of small parts, so you should do it out of the reach of small children.
  • Lubricants may cause skin irritation. Thus, you had better wear gloves; precaution is more than cure.

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Learning how to make a skateboard bearing will indeed benefit you a lot. Rather than buying a skateboard bearing from a fixture store, you can own your customized set of skateboard bearings on a low budget since all you have to pay is just the material cost. Moreover, you also can ensure the quality of skateboard bearings.

The process of making skateboard bearings requires a little patience, carefulness, and exaction. Nevertheless, creating a skateboard bearing would not be difficult if you do it correctly. Just give it a try after reading my instructions, and you will be astonished.

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