How To Make A Bearing Cleaning Kit In Few Simple Steps

You can learn how to make a bearing cleaning kit and have it done for half or even less of the cost of a store-bought counterpart in roughly 10 minutes to keep your bearings running smoothly. With the long skateboard bearings clean, you'll be able to ride much more effortlessly.

The best part is that you can use it repeatedly with the same outcome you can expect from a store-bought kit.

how to make a bearing cleaning kit

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Make sure you have everything you'll need to make your bearing cleaning kit as effective and time-saving as possible:

  • Small Recycled Plastic Box With Big Enough Lid
  • A spare ballpoint pen case (if available)
  • One scissors
  • ¼” washer
  • 2” x ¼ ” nuts with a rough tread
  • ¼” x 6” bolt with a rough tread

How To Make Your Bearing Cleaning Kit Step by Step

Try this DIY bearing cleaner before you go out and buy a bearing cleaner for your skateboard because it's so easy to make and only takes a few minutes. You can start assembling your kit once you have all the preparation materials mentioned above ready.

Step 1

First, you want to remove the bottle cap. Then you cut a small hole in the lid to accommodate your bolt. You can punch it in with a pair of scissors.

how to make a bearing cleaning kit

Cutting A Cap Hole

Step 2

Bring the O-ring to the end of the bolt head. Leakage is avoided as a result of this positioning. You can use O-rings in the plumbing repair departments of home repair shops, so you can easily find them.

Step 3

Insert the bolt into the socket. Then fit your washer into the entire cover.

how to make a bearing cleaning kit 1

Adding The Washer

Step 4

Screw your 1/4 nut to the top of the cover plate. All will be in place if you do this right.

Step 5

Remove the parts of the pen. From the outside of the enclosure, cut or saw off the spacer. You can use a hand saw, sharp scissors, or a craft knife to do this. If necessary, sand to remove rough edges.

The length is up to you. Make it as short as possible but beware of leaving enough to cut nine pads from the pen. You can use a marker to draw lines on the pen before cutting if that's easier.

Step 6

Next, alternate between a bearing and a spacer while you position the spacer and the eight bearings on the bolt.

how to make a bearing cleaning kit 2

Adding The Spacers And Bearings

Step 7

Place the wing nut in the center. At the end of your bolt, place the nut firmly.

how to make a bearing cleaning kit 3

Placing The Nut

We recommend using plastic bottles over glass bottles as they are safer and easier to transport.

Cleaning Bearings Solution

Acetone is one of the most effective cleaning solvents for skateboard bearings. You should add Acetone to your cleaning bottle (at least a quarter). Allow it to rest for a few moments.

how to make a bearing cleaning kit

Shake the bottle vigorously enough after a few minutes. This solution is enough to clean your bearings from dust, grease, and stains.

Take the bearings out of the bottle. To finish drying them, use a clean, dry cloth. Soak your bearings in hot water now to remove the solvent and any toxins.

Allow the bearings to dry completely, and clean them with a blow dryer if possible.

Now is the time to lubricate your bearings.

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Essential Tips For Manually Cleaning The Bearings On A Skateboard

  • Simply wipe the bearings and clean any visible dirt with an old paper towel or cloth moistened with water if not too dirty.
  • To remove the rubber cap carefully, use a small screwdriver, a paper clip, or a razor blade, easily damaging the bearings.
  • Fill a glass jar halfway with a special store-bought bearing cleaner and place the bearings in it. Allow a run time of 10 minutes, depending on how dirty the bearings are.
  • Bearing cleaning can also be done with rubbing alcohol, carburetor cleaner, or lemon juice.
  • If your bearings are rusty, instead of cleaning them, you want to replace them.
  • Always remember to clean and lubricate to ensure that they work correctly again.
  • To help evaporate residual moisture, use a hairdryer or fan. You want to dry both sides of the balls in the bearings by moving them around.

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Before you start looking for the best skateboard bearings, you may first want to look for the best bearing cleaner. Instead of spending money on a bearing cleaning kit, get some items around your house and start making your own today after knowing how to make a bearing cleaning kit with the instructions above.

Clean skateboard bearings are a few requirements for a smooth ride, of course, besides your skills and skateboards. Make it a habit to clean your bearings at least every two months for maintenance. Cleaning your bearings once a month is also an option if you skate daily.

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