How To Hang A Skateboard On The Wall With 3 Simple Ways

You may wish to archive an old skateboard, display your favorite skateboard or even desire to have an orderly store of your skateboards. This is why you will find it necessary to read this article. It is quite worthwhile to keep in mind what you need to ensure that the skateboards are hanged properly. There are three ways among which you can choose to answer the question “how to hang a skateboard“. These are:

  • Hanging on a rope
  • Hanging on a hook
  • Hanging it on a pushpin

In this method, you will require: a rope, a sharp knife, an electric drill, screwdrivers, two – 3 mm × 3 mm- screws, a lighter, a pencil and a ruler or a tape measure.

You should make sure that all the equipment is of the best quality to serve its purpose with the highest efficiency. With the right materials, it will help you reduce the aftermath costs and the time you will spend in putting this up as well. Additionally, you should have a 5 mm masonry bit and  wall plugs if you will be working on a masonry wall.


First step: cutting the rope

Measure 25.5 inches of a 6 mm diameter rope and cut it at this point with a very sharp knife. This thickness will ensure that the rope will not wear out so fast as the wheels will be rolling on the rope. The length of the rope may vary depending on the width of your boards and the number of your boards.

Second step: knotting the rope 

Tie tight knots on either side of the rope. For plastic ropes, it is quite necessary to lightly burn the loose ends before tying the knot to prevent it to ensure that it does not fray.

Third step: make some marks on the wall 

Using a ruler and a pencil make two straight vertical lines 14.5 inches apart on the wall. To test whether the marks are well placed you may need to stick a masking tape along each line, stand at a distance and determine whether the lines are leveled by looking at the tapes.

Fourth step: marking the screw spots 

Make two horizontal lines to intersect the vertical ones with the pencil and the ruler so that the vertical lines be perpendicular to the horizontal ones. At the intersections, mark the screw points; this will be where the rope will be pinned onto the wall.

Fifth step: securing the knots

For a concrete wall, you will need to drill 0.5 cm holes at these intersection points using a masonry bit and then fit the wall plugs. It is into this wall plugs that you will then secure the knots with screws using the screwdriver. For wooden walls, you will just need to drive the screws into the wall with a screwdriver.

With this, you are good to go. Get your skateboard and slip the rope over the wheels to hang your skateboard. By reading this section, you probably understand relatively “how to hang a skateboard“.


Hanging It on Hooks – How to hang a skateboard

This method will require you to have the following.

Plastic wall hooks, a double size tape, fishing lines a sharp pair of scissors a pencil and a ruler

Again you’ll need to get the best quality of each of the above materials for you to have a long lasting end product.


First step: attach the tape 

Stick the tape to the hooks. The hook should be stuck firm enough to ensure that they can be in a position to bear the weight of your skateboard.

Second step: marking the position of the tape on the wall

Using the pencil and the ruler, draw a level horizontal line on the wall at a height of your choice; preferably high. This line should be 900 mm long or any length between a ¾ the length of your skateboard and its full length. Along this line make three marks; on each end and at the middle. This is the points at which you will stick the hooks. 

Third step: sticking the hooks

Stick the hooks at the three points already marked. Ensure that the hooks are perpendicular to the wall so that the hooked boards can be hung firmly and vertically.

Fourth step: insertion of the fishing line 

Insert the fishing line into the two bottom holes on the grip side of your board tying a tight knot around each hole. Finally, cut the remaining line using the scissors.

Fifth step: hang you skateboard

Your preparation is now done and so you can hang your skateboard. Hang the board by hooking the knots on the hooks. The number of hooks you fit determines the number of skateboards you can hang.

Hanging It on Hooks – How to hang a skateboard

To use this method you will need push pins and a shoelace.


First step: lacing the bottom bar

Pull a shoelace through the bottom hole of the deck to form a bottom bar.

Second step: lacing the vertical bars 

Pick one end of the lace and pull it through the vertical hole at the front of the deck. Pull the other end through this hole as well so that the two ends are both at the front tip of the deck.

Third step: tying the shoelace

Once the two ends of the lace are at the front tie them together. The lace should not be so tight so as to allow the hanging of the deck.

Fourth step: pinning the pins on the wall

Push the pins on the wall and ensure that they are not slanted. Finally hung the boards by setting the loop at the bottom of the deck on the pin. If you opt to use nails in the place of pushpins, you will need a hammer to secure the nail on the wall. You can also adjust the location of the knot by adjusting the slack of the shoelace


In conclusion, the task of hanging a skateboard is not much of a hustle though it is important to be cautious when using some tools such as the hammer, sharp pins, knife, nails, screws, and screwdrivers. With this piece, I hope you answered the question “how to hang a skateboard“.

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