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We have seen many new skaters getting confused when they try to remove the bearings off of the wheels. So to help you with this problem, we will show you the effective ways on how to get bearings out of skateboard wheels. Let’s check out our article below to find out!

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Bearing is the metal piece that goes inside the wheels, mounting them to the axles enables you to skate smoothly and safely. There is a universal size for all bearings, regardless of how big the wheels are. Manufacturers equip each wheel with two bearings and, if with a non-core wheel, an additional spacer.

If you’re getting a new skateboard, the wheels will come already set up for you which means there are already bearings inside. But after using for a while, bearings can grow old and roasted. This is when you want to remove them to inspect, maintain or replace.

How To Remove The Bearings

So now let’s see the two most common ways.

1. With the tools

The tool we will be using is the skate tool. It’s a multi-function socket wrench for skateboards.

how to get bearings out of skate wheels

The skate tool

Most of them have wrenches to fit different sizes of nuts, and some also include the bearing press. Rethreader is also a common feature just in case you get in some sticky situation.

Step 1: Take the nuts off of your axles

how to get bearings out of skateboard wheels

The axle

This particular step consists of several actions below.

  • Use the tool to remove the nuts on the tip of the axle.
  • Pop your tool on the nuts and make sure it fits well because you don’t want to damage the nut.
  • Gently turn counter-clockwise till it comes loose, then take it out and set them aside. Try not to lose these because you’ll not be able to skate without these nuts.
  • Do that for all four axles.
how to get bearing out of skateboard wheel

Unscrew the nuts

Remember there are washers, the small thick disks stay between the bearings and the axle nuts to reduce frictions. Try not to lose them as well.

Once you’ve done this step, we’ll move on to taking the bearings off.

Step 2: Prying out the bearings.

Some people try to go in there with their screwdriver and hammer, which will probably ruin everything. With the bearing removals, detaching bearings should be easy as pie.

  • Stick the head of the removal in the bearing hole.
  • Then, start prying towards or against you.
how to get skateboard bearings out of wheels

Prying the bearing out

Prying is the best way to undo the bearings. Yanking it out is not just taking a great deal of effort but doesn’t guarantee a good result.

After several twists, bearings should be detached effortlessly. Then, do the same with the opposite side. Between the bearings, we have the spacers. Remember to put these back when you reinstall the wheels.

Two basic steps and you have your bearings out. Now you can take care of them or replace them with new ones.

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2. Without the tools

Now we’ll show you the “street” way to do it. If you’re out in the bout and suddenly something is wrong with your bearings. And you don’t have any tools with you, scroll below to see how we do it.

Step 1: The first step is the same. You unscrew your axle nuts and take off your wheels. Here, pay attention not to lose them.

Then, this is where it gets different.

Step 2: We’ll utilize the axles as the bone bearings removal. Hold your board firmly, sticking the axles up. Then, grab your wheel, put it onto the axle about 3 millimeters deep, and start prying as with the prying tool.

how to get the bearings out of a skateboard wheel

Prying with the axle

And simple as that, we have successfully extracted the bearings out of the skateboard wheels.

However, this is not the way we would recommend you to do. Because it might cause damage to your axles or your trucks, and it’s not good for your setup as a whole.

If you’re planning to be a skater, consider having a skate tool. Despite being very helpful, they are pretty affordable.


We have shown you above the two easiest methods we found on how to get bearings out of skateboard wheels. Changing your bearings is now a painless task. Hope this helped, and may you skate like the wind.

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