How to find the best skateboarding stance

When you start skateboarding, the first thing you need to do is to find the best stance to put your foot on. It decides the type of skateboarder you are, a regular-footed or a goofy-footed skateboarder.

In general, there are two main ways for you to stand on the skateboard, they are regular and goofy stance. In the regular stance, you put your left foot forward and ride the board, while in the goofy one, the right foot is put forward.

How to find the best skateboarding stance for the beginners

You can have three ways to find out which is the best stance you like while standing on your best skateboard. They are the ball trick, the step trick, and the friend trick. Let's see how it works.

The ball trick:

Find a ball and place it in front of you. Kick it with your dominant foot. This foot will be the foot you place below on the board. The balancing foot will be the front foot while skateboarding.

The step trick:

Walk up a staircase, and determine which foot you step first. This foot will be the back foot you put on the board, while the other is the front one.

The friend trick:

Put your feet standing closely, and have a friend to push you from behind slightly. The back foot on the board is determined by which is the foot you use to avoid falling down.

There are left-handed and right-handed people, so do skateboarders. Some are regular foot while others are goofy, among them, the number of the regular foot is higher.

This is the reason why it gets this name. However, the name doesn't say your stance is right or wrong, this is the name only. Even though you have figured out to be regular-footed, you can practice being goofy-footed if you like. In case you still don’t have a skateboard, find some reference for the best skateboard brands now.

Do What Feels Natural

How to figure out which stance is the most suitable for you to stand on the skateboard is not difficult, but there are some skaters still being confused at the way to do.

 For instance, they feel alright to push and ride the skateboard in the regular foot, but they do tricks with the goofy one. In fact, this case is not rare and not a big problem. Some people have a flexible brain so they can use both right and left foot as well as other parts. 

No matter which is your dominant foot, skate with whichever foot you feel more natural. Until you are good at skateboarding, you may want to switch the foot to the opposite stance that you have never used before. Even though you have not mastered the skateboard, you can have a try of fakie - a maneuver of riding up a ramp and riding down backward.

Determine which is your default skateboard stance

No matter which stance you have while skateboarding, you may be stacked with the question of which is your default skateboard stance, which one do you use the most? Try both stances, keep changing until you find out the better one. If you still cannot determine which one, do both of them.

 It is good in case you are a cruise skateboarder since you will not be tired of using only one leg. For the parent of the skateboarders, we have some recommendations for you at the best skateboard for kids.

If skateboarding in a stance makes you feel better but doing trick such as ollie with another stance is more comfortable, let's try it. There is no strict rule of choosing the stance and riding the board, so there is no reason for you to not do whatever you want.

The final words

In the article, we have shown you how to find out the most comfortable stance for standing on the skateboard. The way to do is not complicated, we believe that you can figure out your stance easily. If you have any trouble, let us know by commenting below and we will respond as soon as possible. Good luck.

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