Tips to “how to fall on a skateboard” with minimal injury

Skateboarding means a lot of  with a wide range of people. It is not only a sport playing in the free time but also creates an opportunity for people to widen their social network, improve their skills and fulfill their lives. But, anything has its price.

You must pay for what you achieve, maybe time, money or even your health. So, it is essential for any skateboarder to know how to fall on a skateboard with as few injuries as possible. There are some easy skate tricks for beginners.

Skating means fall, no one can deny this fact. The more you are on your skateboard, the more injury you get. No pain no gain. The best thing you can think about is to minimize the ability to get pain and the level of injury. In most cases, it depends a lots on your effort.

how to fall on a skateboard

However, you should keep in mind that once you skate, getting injured is not completely avoided. If you don't want to get hurt, you have better have your skateboard laid on a corner and never step on it again.

Falling and injury are parts of skateboarding. Let's have a look at what we can do to limit the ability of injury, try again and again until you nail it.

Keep your head safe

This is the very first thing in learning how to fall on a skateboard, also one of the most important rules that you should pay attention seriously. If you are skateboarding lovers and usually watch the performances of professional skaters, you will see that they always keep their heads up while falling, sliding or doing a rolling trick. It is a compulsory technique at skateboarding.

Some people may see it as an instinct, but it is not true sometimes. In general, the longer time you skate doesn't help you to reduce the injury you get, however, the risk of head injury is not in this rule. This is the reason why almost professional skateboarders consider tips for avoiding head injury as one of the basic ones.

In case you fall down on a skateboard and your back tends to contact the surface, remember to protect your chin by your chest. Your arms should cover your head or push them against the concrete to ensure the head does not impact the surface.

In case you fall forward, create a brace with your arms and hands. As a result, your head is safe. It is quite rare to see an accident like this leads to the dead, but bones may be broken.

To keep your head and skull safe while skateboarding, wearing a helmet is the best way. In case you or your friend hit the ground while skateboarding, it is a must to carefully supervise and send to the hospital in serious cases.

Protect your arms and legs

Head injury is not common in skateboarding, but it is not the same with arms and legs. It is not easy to prevent you from getting hurt with such body parts. Anytime you learn a new trick, some small injuries cannot be avoided, but the ability of arm or leg broken can be significantly reduced. This is one of the tips on how to get better at skateboarding fast.

While being on a skateboard, it is recommended to know your situation of falling so you can quickly adjust the posture, minimize the ability to get an injury.

In general, the arm is the common body part that skateboarder use to protect themselves when falling. It is instinct, but for skateboarding, you have to ensure that your elbow is not locked in this case, or you will get a broken arm or even wrist.

In case you fail of doing this, and you get a pain, let's see a doctor. Nothing is more important than your health, and you are responsible for it, so there is no shame to tell the doctor that you fell off the skateboard and get your bone cracked.

The common tip of falling off a skateboard: Ninja roll

Ninja roll is the most common and also the most helpful tip that skateboarders should keep in mind in case they fall on a skateboard. Whenever you fall, because of a rock getting on your way or a fall from stairs, this technique still can help you to far away from the emergency surgery. Your skull will be saved if you roll when using Ninja roll. Pro skaters always said that it is how to skateboard for beginners.

When you are falling off the skateboard, just keep your shoulder toward the direction of the force of inertia, let your arm contact with the surface. Ensure your chin to be covered inside your chest, use your back and feet to roll forward. It may sound complicated, but when you practice, you will see how effective it is!


As we said in the introduction, falling is an inevitable part of skateboarding. You can not skate well without getting some injuries. However, you are able to minimize it as much as possible if you know some useful tips and techniques.

Remember your head is vital, and protect it is the most critical mission you have to do in order to ensure your health for later. Share if you like this article, and leave a comment in case you have anything to say.

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