How to do a skateboarding kickturn


There are a lot of skills in skateboarding, from fundamentals to advanced. To conquer the advanced tricks, you must learn how to do some fundamentals at first. Among them, kickturn is one that you should take time to learn.

How to do a skateboarding kickturn

 If you are a beginner, you may be confusing for a second of how to do it. And here is its essence: You keep your balance on the back wheels while trying to push the front part of the board to the new direction. Balance is what you should have before doing this trick.

Now let's start your lesson.

First of all, how to balance on the skateboard wheels is what you need to learn before learning kickturn. To start the lesson, let's find an even surface such as the carpet in your living room or greensward because these places will help you to prevent your board from rolling too much.

Step on the skateboard, let your back foot stand across the board tail while the front foot is located near behind. If you have learnt ollie before, you will see that is the basic stance of this technique, and it is also the stance that you will see a lot in the future because it is how to skateboard.

Then, with your shoulders parallel with the deck, force your knees into a curve. Don't worry, just breathe and relax as much as possible.

Bring your weight force into the back foot, about two-thirds or three-fourths of the total weight, then lift the front foot up gradually. You will see the board's nose tend to raise up into the air when you do that.

 It is time for your balance. Try to keep your balance on the back wheels, even though it is not easy and a little bit scary. You may feel like you are going to fall down, and actually it may come into truth. Be patient and come back to your skateboard, count from 1 to see how long you could stand on this stance.

When you succeed in this step, we can continue to the next step.

How to duckwalk

We can say that this stance is very funny to learn, but very helpful. You not only apply it in skateboard but can also make use of it in hockey, too.

Not like the previous step, you can practice this anywhere, like on the street, skatepark or even on the carpet in your living room. The first action is the same as step 1, with the back foot across the skateboard's tail. The difference is the front foot, now it is placed on the nose of the board, not near the back one. Ensure that you know How To Put Bearings In Skateboard Wheels so that your skateboard is safe enough for doing anything.

There is one foot on the nose and one foot on the tail of the skateboard. Let's try to move on by shifting your weight from two feet to only one while moving the remaining toward but still keep it on the deck. Repeat this for a while. You may find it stupid but it brings fun as well. It is a good way of practice.

Frontside turns

When you have completed two previous steps, it means that you are ready for kickturning. Start with the basic stance: back foot on the tail and front foot on the front trucks. The ideal places for this maneuver are on the sidewalk. If you are not confident, you can firstly try on your carpet, then have a real practice on the sidewalk later.

You start with the balance stance: move the force of your weight to the skateboard's tail gradually in order to lift the nose up. Then, move to behind by pushing the nose with the toes of your back foot. You don't need to care about the moving distance, just do it a little bit until you are familiar with it. Remember to find out the list of best skateboard brands so that you can get a good one to do this technique.

It is called "frontside turns" because this technique is done by turning your front to the outside of the original turn.

It is difficult to be successful in the first try. You may turn a little bit at first. However, practice makes everything done. Keep practicing and learning day by day and you will gain more experience. When you turn in a perfect circle, you are successful in conquering this trick. 

Backside turns

This is also a type of kickturn, but on the other side. The main actions are not different from frontside turns, except the bodypart you use to do is your heel but not your toes. Many skateboarders say that this is more difficult than the frontside, since your heel is not easy to control like toes.

Tic Tac kickturns

When you find that doing frontside turns and backside turns is not a problem, you can combine them into one it is called "Tic Tac kickturns". In this technique, you do a kickturn in one way, and then do in the other way. Try to do as quickly as possible. If you put your weight forward, you will go forward and vice versa. Most skateboarders find this as a real maneuver and a helpful trick in case you want to go shortly without stepping off the board.

You will move not too far at first with slow speed. Some people even go backward. Be patient and keep pushing your weight to the front, you will see how you improve!

While practicing, don't forget to keep an eye on your shoulders, arms and hips. Let your body free in order to harmonize you into the turns. Not be afraid of falling down, as long as you wear a full set of protective gear. Pro skateboarders recommend beginners not to stop practicing after having a fall, unless you are seriously injured. 

The final words

With such knowledge we have written in the article, we believe that you have know the fundamentals of kickturn on your skateboard. Now it is your own matter of how to practice, how to be confident and how to bring this trick into your daily skateboard experience.

In case you are self-confident with your kickturn skill, try to do it while riding. We are sure there is a lot of fun and exciting.

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