How To Clean Skateboard Wheels In 6 Simple Steps

Dirt will clog your skateboard wheels and bearings after a period of use, causing your skateboard to stop moving smoothly.

You want to do some stunts and tricks, but might not be able to skate smoothly due to such malfunctioning wheels. That is the reason why you should know how to clean skateboard wheels.

Fortunately, cleaning the wheels and bearings is a straightforward process, requiring only a few disassembly and cleaning.

how do you clean skateboard wheels

It doesn't require any special abilities and can be done entirely on your own at home. You'll quickly get around on your sparkly clean skateboard wheels as soon as your wheels and bearings are free of dirt and dust build-up.

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Cleaning something means fouling an area, but it's especially true for something like a skateboard, which spends most of its time on the dirty concrete.

To avoid cluttering, choose an appropriate place, like a flat surface with plenty of room to move objects, for cleaning your skateboard.

how to clean your skateboard wheels

In general, you and the cleaning area are most likely to get wet. You will also need boxes or trays to store the tools and the skateboard’s accessories during assembly and cleaning.

Several tools and materials are required before you start cleaning your skateboard wheels:

  1. Slide tool (or spanner)
  2. A box for storing repair tools
  3. Safety latch or razor
  4. Toothbrush or mop
  5. Cleaning solution
  6. Bowl or container for the cleaning solution
  7. Lubricating oil

We'll show you how to clean in just a few easy steps after you've finished preparing everything.

How To Clean Skateboard Wheels Step By Step

We are in the process of washing the wheels right now. You will be able to clean the dirt that affects the performance of your skateboard quickly with just a few simple steps that we show below.

Step 1: Remove The Wheels Of The Skateboard

Unscrew the shaft nut with your skating tool or wrench, turn the board over so the wheels are facing up and laying on the ground. Then, slide the wheels off the shaft of the board. Remove the axle bolts and nuts on the outer sides of the wheels with a 12-inch socket wrench.

how to clean a skateboard wheels

Removing the wheel

Keep track of the washer traveling between the shaft nuts and inside the shaft, and the bearings. To avoid losing any small component, we recommend that you store the shaft nuts and speed washers together in a small tray.

Then, using the truck's shaft, pry the drives out of your wheels. To do this, slide the wheel halfway onto the shaft end, leaving only one bearing on the post. As you pry the bearing away from the path, turn the wheels outward and around with the shaft fastened inward.

Repeat on the opposite side of the wheel.

Take note of where you put all of the wheel components so you can quickly locate them when putting them back together after cleaning. If you don't want your skateboard to be missing one or two parts, you should be aware of this requirement.

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Step 2: Remove The Bearing Shields

You can use a razor knife, pin, or safety pin for this task. If you distort the shield, it will rub against the paths when you reassemble.

how to clean skate wheels

Bearing gaskets sit between the two bearings when in the wheel, while some bearings have gaskets built into the others. Long castors and bearings are the most common sources of them.

Using the truck shaft, pry the drives off the wheels after removing them from the board. Place the spins at the end of the truck shaft and gently pass the metal rod through the reels, then to the first drive. Then, with the truck shaft hooked to the bearing, take the wheel off the skateboard.

Repeat these steps with the remaining bearings on the other wheels. Make sure that the wheels and bearings are isolated from each other when doing this.

If you have successfully removed the bearing as described above, you can pry the bearing off with a screwdriver. Just pull the sides of the wheel in front of you, plug the screwdriver head into the front of that wheel, then pull the screwdriver aside to loosen the drive.

When you remove the bearing from the spokes of the skateboard, a bearing gasket falls off the center of the wheel. Keep this somewhere safe as you will need to reinstall the bearings and wheels later.

Remember to replace the bearing gasket in its correct position when reassembling the unit.

how to clean skateboard wheels

Removing The Bearing Shields

Step 3: Clean the Skateboard Wheels

After loosening some rocks or gravel with your fingertips, scrub the wheels hard with a rag. If some filthy places need a great deal of scrubbing, grab a toothbrush instead. Don't worry if your wheels aren't immaculate just yet, this is just the first move!

You will need solvent or detergent once you finish removing the bearings from your wheels. Mineral spirits, acetone, and isopropyl alcohol are great options. It is advisable to wear gloves when using solvents.

Soak them in a dish or wide-mouthed bottle with detergent for a few minutes to clean them. You can use a rag or an old toothbrush if needed.

Step 4: Drying The Skateboard Wheels

Remove the bearings and dry them as soon as possible after cleaning the paths. You can wipe them off after you face down with a dry rag or paper towel. If you have a hairdryer or an air conditioner available, you can also use it for quick drying.

how to clean your wheels skateboard

Drying your wheels is an essential step in the cleaning process. If left wet, the spongy wheels will absorb a great amount of dirt and make a not-so-smooth ride.

It is crucial to wait until your wheels are completely dry before inserting the bearings and connecting the wheel to the frame. Water will rust your bearings and seep into your deck, causing it to be bossed.

Skaters who don't know what they're doing will be able to destroy their boards by trying to clean their wheels the wrong way. Ideally, completely dry the wheels with a cloth or paper towel, then dry them in the sun for a few hours.

If you put them on too early, the wheels will feel heavier and tend to roll more slowly and grip on the ground more.

Step 5: Lubrication

Since skating on dry paths causes harmful friction, it is crucial to re-lubricate your skateboard bearing once in a while. Apply one or two drops of lubricating oil to the bearing and rotate it to spread the oil evenly. Continue for the rest.

how to clean your skateboard wheels

Lubricating The Bearings

Step 6: Reassemble The Wheels

It’s easier to reinstall the bearing shields than remove them. Put them in position and gently push them outwards from the center. Replace the bearings on your wheels and enjoy a smooth ride.

Reassembling your board allows you to rotate your wheels for the first time. Any figure skater who has various jumping or moving positions will note that their lead wheels are tilting or bending.

how do you clean skateboard wheels

If your wheels are ancient and have worn out in this respect, you will have no choice but to leave them alone to avoid the alignment warping. In all cases rotating a wheel, like other vehicles, will help the wheel last longer and run more smoothly.

Before tightening your shaft nuts, be sure to reattach the bearing gaskets between the bearings and the speed washers on your skateboard shaft.


Now you can start skateboarding with clean and dust-free skateboard wheels. Since this cleaning job does not require much technical knowledge, you can easily do it by yourself with some essential tools and cleaning solutions.

It is vital to know how to clean skateboard wheels regularly to keep them in tiptop condition. All you need to do is just follow the steps outlined in this article and enjoy a smooth ride with clean wheels.

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