How to clean a skateboard & some tips you need to know

When you use your skateboard, you cannot prevent it from getting dirty. It is easy to understand when you have a skateboard, you want to step on it and enjoy the ride on the street as well as do some amazing tricks that you've learned.

 You have better not pay too much attention to the dirty that your skateboard gets after that, since it is an essential part anyone may suffer. As a result, learning how to clean a skateboard is important in case you would like yours is always in good condition. In case you have not a skateboard, let’s start by learning how to build your own complete skateboard.

how to clean a skateboard

Trucks and bearings are the two main parts of a skateboard that any skateboarder should take into consideration. It may be easy to wash out the deck, but not the same as the above ones. In addition, as you may know, skateboarders usually consider any scratch on their decks as a trophy of achieving a trick.

The dirt on deck, as a result, may not affect too much to skateboarding's experience. But with dirty trucks and bearings, you may not be happy that much because the issue can make your skateboard to perform slowly, even lead to the damage.

It is noticeable that cleaning the skateboard is not a regular maintenance work. You only need to do these works in case you realize that somehow your skateboard doesn't perform as well as usual.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that the dirt hidden inside the bearings is the main reason causing the slow speed of your board. The sooner you clean your board, the quicker you may go.

How to clean the bearings

What you should prepare:

• Your dirty bearings (usually in a set of 8)

• Lubricant such as WD-40

• Clean rags (you can use paper towels instead)

• Containing cups

• Skateboard speed cream (for example: Teflon, Remoil and so on.)

We highly recommend you to do this maintenance work outside in order to protect your house from getting grease smell. First of all, you need to disassemble the bearings from your skateboard. This is not too difficult to do, but if it is your first time, you may need some help.

how to clean skateboard

Spin your bearings and take them apart, then clean them with rags or paper towels. When the work is complete, we ensure that your skateboard will roll much smoother than before. You can find more useful tips at Skateadvisors.

Let's start cleaning the bearings. Put your bearings on top of 2 layers of paper towels, remove the shields if any. Pour an amount of the lubricant into the cup, ensure it is enough that you can put a set of 8 bearings into it. You can use any kind of cup, paper or plastic, but not styrofoam. Keep the bearings in the liquid for at least one hour before leaving them outside.

Do again with the other side of the bearings. If your bearings are full of dirt and grime, the oil may turn black. In this case, you have better replace the new amount of oil and do it again.

We suggest WD-40 as the lubricant in this case since this type can clean the old lubricant of the previous time of maintenance. Keep doing this work until you see the liquid is quite clear.

After taking your bearings from the cup of oil, put them on the surface of the paper towel. Clean the bearing one by one by using the towel, remember to do this step carefully to ensure all grime to be got rid of.

Then, in order to remove any excess oil, spin the skateboard bearings five to ten times. It helps to keep your wheels clean later.

Next step is smoothing the bearings by dropping some oil or speed cream to each bearing. Spinning after that is highly recommended to make all the bearing covering by oil. You can use any type of cream/ oil available on the market, we suggest Bones Speed Cream,  Teflon or Remoil. Then, your cleaning work of bearings is completed.

How to clean the truck

Like bearings, a clean truck not only improves your skateboard performance but also lengthen its lifespan. To clean it, you don't need to remove the baseplates, just disassemble the kingpin nut from the kingpin. Next step is to take the hanger and bushings apart from the baseplates.

You can not skate if your bushings or hanger are cracked. The only solution is to get the new ones. A temporary solution is to use oil such as WD-40. Pour some oil on a towel, wipe off the dust. This can also solve the noise problem of your truck for a period of time. Wax is another thing you can use to get rid of the annoying squeaks.

Continue to clean the dirty axles by using clean paper towels. Next, have the parts reassembled and your skateboard is ready to be on road. However, for your first ride after maintenance, be careful since your skateboarder may be quicker.

Besides, excessing oil situation of the bearings may cause oily wheels, lead to the dangerous ride. Finding the purpose of doing such tips at Skateboard Purpose.

Final words

Cleaning bearing makes your skateboard faster. When you find out that your skateboard is slow and has some annoying squeaks, firstly try to do above maintenance work and lubricate its bearings and truck. Sometimes you may save an amount of money for this.

In conclusion, we hope that our article can help you to deal with your skateboard in order to make it smoother. If you have any idea, let us know by leaving a comment. Share if you find it useful.

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