How To Choose Skateboard Trucks – A Complete Guide

Are you a novice at skateboarding and finding information on how to choose skateboard trucks? If yes, this post is for you. This guideline will support skateboarding newbies in learning about trucks, which are an important part of any skateboard.

We are certain that with this abundance of knowledge at hand, you will be able to make a wise decision before purchasing a pair of skate trucks. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

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Mounted underneath the skateboard are the metal T-shaped pieces, which connect skateboard wheels and bearings to the deck. These skateboard trucks play an indispensable part in building your skateboard and can influence how you ride it.

What Are Skateboard Trucks Composed Of?

Now that you have a clear understanding of skateboard trucks, let’s look at how many parts are involved in this equipment.

how to choose the right size trucks for a skateboard

Parts of a skateboard truck

The trucks consist of two main components: baseplate and hanger.


The baseplate is the truck’s base. It contains four mounting holes to be screwed to the skateboard deck.


The hanger lies beneath the baseplate. It has a T shape and is attached to the baseplate with the kingpin and bushings.


Bushings, also known as rubbers or grommets, are located between the baseplate and the hanger. They come in various types, such as urethane formulations and durometers, all of which influence the skateboard’s spinning, rebound, and durability.


A kingpin is a bolt that fits inside the bushings and combines other parts. It goes with a kingpin nut, which can be adjusted to loosen or tighten the truck.

Other components

In addition to these parts, there’re still other features to create a truck:

  • Axle: A piece of metal runs through the hanger and keeps the skateboard wheels or bearings in place.
  • Pivot: A rod put on the hanger connects to a position in the baseplate to keep the hanger from spinning around the kingpin.
  • Pivot Cup: A plastic part that fills the gap in the baseplate where the pivot is located, protecting the pivot from wear and tear and keeping the hanger centered.
  • Washers: Metal disks mounted above and below bushings to return the board to its original location after spinning.

Choosing The Skateboard Trucks’ Size

Trucks should always be the same width as your skateboard. It's important that they're not any larger than the deck, or else the center of gravity would move to the deck's edge. This factor could have an influence on flip tricks and your skateboarding feeling.

We usually use the axle width or hanger width of a truck to determine its size. The width of the hanger and axle affects the distance between the wheels. The most popular method to choose the right size is to ensure the truck axle will be about the same width as your deck.

how to choose skateboard trucks

Skateboard truck size chart

In case you can’t find the axle that has identical width to the deck, using an axle with a margin of +/- 0.25″ is still fine.

When buying skate trucks, it’s advisable to read the shop’s description of the product to find more information about axle width and hanger width. We also provide a size chart below to help you select the right size.

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Choosing The Skateboards Trucks’ Styles

Skateboarding trucks are available in three different styles. We usually classify these truck styles as tops, mids, and lows. As the names suggest, you can know the height of each type.

The reason why manufacturers divide skateboard trucks into three different categories is to fit various sizes of skateboard wheels on the market.

how to choose the right trucks for a skateboard

Skateboard trucks’ styles

Low Trucks

This style of truck is perfect for accommodating small wheels. It can stabilize certain moves, such as flip tricks. We recommend purchasing low trucks if you skate mainly on flat ground.

Mid Trucks

Mid trucks are essentially a balance between low and high trucks, making them suitable for all-around skateboarding and those who can't make up their mind. If you usually skate in the parks or on the streets, this option might be the best choice.

High Trucks

High trucks are ideal for large wheels. They are heavier, and the skateboard can sometimes be unstable because of the steeper angle of the trucks when spinning.

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Choosing The Wheel Size

Choosing a proper size for the wheel is also essential to have a smoother and safer experience. How big the wheels will depend on the styles of the trucks you choose:

  • For low trucks: a 50-53mm wheel can be a good fit.
  • For mid-level trucks: a 53-56mm wheel size is what we recommend.
  • For high trucks: a 56mm or larger wheel will be the most suitable.


After long-winded parts of explaining to you how to choose skateboard trucks, we can conclude that what you should buy will largely hinge on your preference and current needs.

If you want to get out of the safe zone, you can try new trucks, in new models, from various manufacturers. We hope that this article has provided useful information for your purchasing decision. Thanks for reading.

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