How to Choose a Good Skateboard: Tips with Pictures

Are you one of those individuals who love to live on the edge? Do you want to learn all the swirling and spinning tricks of the skateboarding world? If yes, you must start with the basic question: how to choose a good skateboard

However, choosing the best skateboard out there is not that easy, especially when there are dozens of top brands selling an array of products. In most cases, customers tend to focus on graphics or appearance than on the other important components of the skateboard.

However, you must examine every nook and cranny before emptying your pockets on sporting equipment.

how to choose the right skateboard

Have a look at the tips for selecting the ideal skateboard for you.

Consider the Deck Size

The common mistake people make is to focus on the length of the deck instead of the width. As a result, they can only learn how to fall flat on their backs. Don't make the same mistake.

You should also consider your age, height, and shoe size when choosing a skateboard. 

how to choose a good skateboard

The guide below will help you to select perfectly sized skateboard:

Deck with a width of 7.5 inches or larger

Age: thirteen or more

Height: 5.3 feet or taller

Shoe Size: nine or up

Deck with a width of 7.3 inches

Age: nine to twelve years old

Height: 4.5 feet to 5.2 feet

Shoe Size: seven to eight

Deck with a width of 7 inches

Age: six to eight years old

Height: 3.5 feet to 4.4 feet

Shoe Size: four to six

Deck with a width of 6.5 inches to 6.75 inches

Age: five-year-old or younger

Height: below 3.4 feet

Shoe size: 3 or smaller

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Scan the Shape

We all love drama, don't we? If you do as well, what is better than twirling in mid-air. But for this, you first need to inspect the shape of the skateboard. 

how to choose first skateboard

The depth of the concave shape at the rear end of the skateboard makes it easy for a skateboarder to perform tricks. However, If you have just started skateboarding, then go for shallower concave shape.

Skateboards with shallow shape are easier to control. In other words, you will have no problem in learning basic skills with these skateboards. After learning all the amateur techniques, you can replace your skateboard with the concave-shaped one.

  • Recommended shape for beginners: shallow shape at the rear end.
  • Recommended shape for experts/pros: deep concave shape at the rear end.

Choose Material Carefully

You can find skateboards made of different materials in the market. The most common are wood, plywood, plastic, fiberglass, and carbon. If you don’t want to spend much on the skateboard, go for the one made of plastic. If you prefer looks, don’t think twice while selecting fiberglass skateboards.

how to choose good skateboard

Mostly, skateboards are manufactured using maple wood as it is flexible and durable. Maple wood can easily be shaped and can handle a lot of weight, making it a perfect option for skateboards. 

In addition, if you love eco-friendly options, then fiberglass skateboards are a match made in heaven for you. Fiberglass is recyclable, so you don’t have to worry about harming the environment.


You may have noticed the T-shaped structure made up of metal under the deck. The main function of trucks is to keep wheels and bearings at their place. Trucks’ width should be approximately equal to the width of the deck. 

how to choose your first skateboard

The combination of the wider deck with narrower trucks will only make you lose balance. Similarly, wider trucks and narrower deck increases the chance of the shoe to wheel contact.

Here some of the common truck profiles:

  • Low height trucks provide more stability, so performing flipping stunts will be no problem for you.
  • If you love to skate in the park or street, then mid-sized trucks are a good option.
  • For carving and cruising, high trucks are an ideal choice.


How can we forget about the most essential component of the skateboard? We can’t ignore wheels in our guide of how to choose a good skateboard. Most skateboard manufacturers prefer plastic as the primary material for their wheels while some still consider metallic wheels. 

how to choose a skateboard

Plastic wheels are known for giving more pop to make your skateboarding experience thrilling. On the other hand, metallic wheels are known for their resilience quality.

The hardness of skateboard wheels normally ranges from 73a to 101a. Pros should favor the harder wheels as they don’t cause any problem in sliding down the ramp. Even though the standard and most common hardness level in 90a, but 90a plus will introduce you to the adventurous side of skateboarding.

Bigger wheels offer more grip. Hence, they are the first choice for every amateur. Smaller wheels are the ideal option for professional skateboarders as they make turning and twisting easier by being closer to the ground.

Here is an interesting and detailed video guide on choosing skateboard wheels.

Final Words

We hope that the tips above will help you in choosing a perfect board for you. Likewise, most people fell in love with several skateboard’s graphics as soon as they lay their eyes on it. Remember not to make any hasty decisions.

Skateboards are not cheap. Consequently, you don’t want the one that breaks into pieces as soon as you step on it. Therefore, check every component and make sure it fits your needs.

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