How To Choose A Longboard – Best Guides For Any Level

Are you facing trouble with how to choose a longboard? Feeling lost in a wide range of excellent available options on the market, don't you?

Don't worry; we are here to help. In today's article, we will guide you on each step of picking the right longboard. It is inclusive of various components such as wheels, deck, mount types, etc. Plus, your level of experience for riding the longboard is also essential.

how to pick the right longboard

If your experience focuses mainly on cruising, carving, or doing tricks, it will be a whole different story. Each design and component of longboards will serve various purposes.

After spending various time researching, we noted down all the essential information that may help you pick the right longboard. Stay tuned and scroll down for more details.

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Once you know your preferences for riding the longboard, you are ready for this part. In this section, there will be various standard options that many riders always pick. The challenge level of each longboard will be sorted out numerically from lowest to highest.


how to choose a longboard

Cruiser is the best option for beginners starting to ride; it is suitable for freestyle cruising and carving while still retaining portability. The perfect size of the cruiser should be 22 inches in length and 32 inches for the pool deck.

It is a perfect dimension because it can effectively absorb any shock and provide equal gravity for the deck. Hence, you can retain your balance with ease.

You may hear that the shorter cruiser will be easy to carry, but it will challenge your balance, especially when executing tricks or quick turns. So how about kicktail, do you need it?

You will feel it is unnecessary to have it initially, but it is not redundant when you level up your skill. Yes, we urge you to have it as it brings convenience when having quick turns, pop up or down curbs. Also, a kicktail will maximize your stability and the effectiveness of the wheelbase.

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how to choose the right longboard

The signature attribute of the pintail comes from its classic surf shape. The pintail design is usually wider in the nose and narrow in the kicktail.As a result, some riders will encounter challenges when pushing it.

However, the pintail gets many compliments from amateur and professional riders because of its vast axle distance. When riding on the board, you can firmly maintain your balance and stability even when performing quick turns.

The pintail longboard is best for riding on the boardwalk. It is also extremely lightweight to carry around.

Drop Through

how to choose a longboard skateboard

Another our favorite option is here, and we believe that any riders will be familiar with the drop-through deck. The design features two cutouts at the nose with mounted truck tail, enabling lower balance and unparalleled stability.

The drop-through is suitable for intermediate and advanced riders as it allows them to speed up quickly. Still, riders with advanced skills will be able to maneuver the board at high speed.

Certainly, riding at high speed can put your safety and others at risk, but it is not the case with a drop-through deck as its shape is lower to the ground, allowing it to quickly slow down when needed.

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Snowboard-Style Longboard

how to choose a longboard

You may have a bittersweet sensation when spring weather arrives because the sunshine will melt the snow quickly. The disappearance of snow means your skiing time has come to an end.

So, how can you ski in spring or summer? We got you covered! The snowboard-style longboard is the cure spill for your desire. As the name suggests, this longboard has the same shape as a snowboard, and of course, skiing skills can apply to this board.

The snowboard-style longboard has a symmetrical rocker from tip to tip, providing comforts to your feet. Plus, with a radical concave design, it creates a pocket to keep your feet secure. We highly recommend it to all riders, even the newbies.

Freeride Longboard

how to pick the right longboard

The freeride longboard is best for riders with intermediate to advanced experience. People tend to pick this board for boardslides on pavement or going down a concrete hill.

This board is usually longer than other average longboards. Thus, when increasing at high speed, you will gain more stability; in other words, it will be rigid when speeding up.

Ideally, the golden dimension of the freeride longboard should be from 38 inches to 42 inches. Being shorter or longer than the recommended standard will result in instability or cumbersome; you may get hurt, especially when riding at high speed.

On the contrary, the width will not be a problem as the manufacturer will align it to balance with the length accordingly.

Downhill Top Mount

how to choose the right longboard

Last but not least, here is the worth-thinking option for advanced learners only. If you are a professional rider, you are welcome to have it for your collection, not for riding.

Have you ever seen people riding on a longboard at a speed of 50 miles per hour (mph)? It sounds crazy, doesn't it? But it is feasible with the down hill top mount. Let's dig into its design.

This longboard has a top mount attached to the bottom of the deck, giving you more grip feeling when speeding up. Compared to a drop through board with the deck sitting lower to the ground, a downhill top mount gives you more sense of riding.

However, if you are an intermediate level rider with a passion for downhill racing, we recommend picking the drop through as it is easier to control the speed.

Regarding the dimension, it is wise to pick the length range from 37 inches to 43 inches, lower or higher than the range will réult in instability and lack maneuverability.

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How To Maintain Your LongBoard

Loving a longboard requires riding it every day and maintaining it regularly. So how do you keep it effective? Below are some tips that you may find helpful.

Appropriate Shape For Use

how to choose a longboard skateboard

Pick A Longboard For Desired Terrain

Firstly, choosing the best shape that fits your ambition is always top priority and can prevent you from serious injury. What does the sentence mean?

Each board shape serves a different purpose so it is not wise to use the board for rugged terrain, which it is not designed for. For instance, the pintail will be more easily broken than a downhill top mount when performing downhill racing.

Avoid Riding Under The Rain

Riding under the rain is fantastic and has a lot of fun, but we do not recommend you do so because it is unsafe as the road will be slippery and lose its traction. Also, it can damage your bearing and cause water clogging.

Rotating The Wheels

how to choose a longboard

Rotating the wheels is what you should do when you can not go riding. When riding on any terrain, dust will likely stick on the wheel axis, which sometimes will wear out your wheels.

By rotating it regularly, you can minimize the risk of the wheel clogged, giving a smoother ride.

Using Shock Pad

The last maintenance tip is to use the shock pad. With the materials of dense foam and rubber; it will lift your board and reduce the vibration or shock from any terrain. Hence, it helps increase the stability of the longboard.

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Safety Procedure For Riding Longboard

The last part of this article we would like to get your attention is safety procedure when riding a longboard. Any sport is good for your health, but it only works when you follow the safety guidelines.

how to choose a longboard skateboard

We do not encourage you to try any skills that you feel yourself does not fit into. If you insist on doing so, you may end up with an injury, or in severe cases, hospitalization is needed.

Wearing safety gear is essential; many riders complain that they do not feel comfortable wearing a helmet or protective pads. Still, we do not want to see you get hurt from something that can be prevented.

The safety equipment will minimize and absorb the shock from an accident. A bruise is always better than an open wound.

Lastly, it is about the place for riding. It would be best if your area has a space for a longboard. If not, choosing a location with uncrowded people and lack of transportation movement is a good choice. Also, remember to maintain the distance from other players to reduce any accidents.


We hope that we have answered the question of how to choose a longboard through the article. If you need any further information or advice, we are here to help. We look forward to seeing you sharing about your new longboard. Stay safe and have fun!

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