How To Change Wheels On A Skateboard – Helpful Tips

Skateboard wheels can last very long, but if you skate on rough streets or perform lots of power slides daily, your wheels will soon be worn out. And you don’t know how to change wheels on a skateboard ?

To discover this problem, we will discuss some key points when tackling this task. So let’s go ahead and get into it, and hopefully, by the end, this article will help you replace them at home. Here we go!

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After numerous rides, your wheels start to deform. And if they start to get cone-shaped or get too small to keep your speed, it’s probably time for some fresh wheels.

how to change your wheels on a skateboard

Flat spots are a common sign of wear and tear. If you notice a minor flat spot, it’s not the end of your wheel. Don’t panic! You don’t have to get new wheels. Just continue skating. You can ride on some rougher surfaces, do some power slides, and they will eventually even out.

But if you have a big flat spot, you will have to get some new wheels. It can cause annoying sounds when you skate on smooth pavements.

You want to flip them every 3 months to keep your wheels going longer. It is a great way to stretch out the lifespan. To rotate your wheels, take them off and swap them in the crisscross pattern. Switch your back right wheel with your front left wheel and vice versa.

What Tools Do You Need?

You will need a skate tool, a ½ wrench, or an adjustable wrench to take off the wheels. You also have to get 4 replacement wheels, of course.

Steps To Change The Wheels

Step 1:

Use your skate tool to loosen and take off the axle nuts and speed washers. Then slide the wheels off the axle.

how to change wheels on skateboard

Removing wheels

Remember to store them together in a small tray not to lose any of these small pieces.

Each wheel will have one axle nut and two speed washers, one on the axle and the other under the axle nut.

Step 2:

You need to remove the bearings from the wheels if you don’t want to replace them. Removing bearings can be a complicated experience, but there are a few tricks to complete this task without breaking a sweat.

To do this:

  • Slide the wheel and bearing about ½ inch onto the end of the axle.
  • Grip and twist the wheel outward and around to pry off the bearing.
  • Flip the wheel over and do as above.
  • Repeat the same process to take out all eight bearings

If your bearings look worse for wear, it will be a perfect time to clean them.

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how to change wheels on a skateboard

Removing bearings

Tip: Some skateboards use bearing spacers between the two bearings, whereas others have built-in spacers. If your skateboard has those spacers, make sure to keep track of them in your tray.

Step 3:

Now you are ready to replace wheels and put them back. However, it is demanding work. You probably cannot push the bearings into the wheels with just your fingers. To do this, we recommend using a bearing press, a tool used to insert and remove bearings from wheels.

If you don’t have it? Don’t worry; there is another knack to tackling this work yourself.

Start with putting one of the speed washers and the two bearings back on the axle. Remember to place them with the shields facing down.

how to change your skateboard wheels

Then put the new wheel on the top of the bearings and press down on both sides with equal pressure until the bearing slides fully into the wheel. You may need to turn the wheel and use your strength until the bearing is evenly seated.

If your skateboard is using bearing spacers, slip it on the second bearing. Then flip the wheel over and repeat to get the second one in.

Do the same process with other wheels and bearings.

Step 4:

Now you can screw the wheels back on the axles. Unless your wheels are specifically designed to go on a certain way, you can put the wheels on however you like.

how to change the wheels on a skateboard

Installing wheels

Put the speed washer back on the axle and slide the whole ensemble on it. Next, tighten the axle nut back with your skate tool or wrench to hold the new wheel. Don’t overtighten since it can damage your bearings.

Repeat this process with the other 3 wheels.

Step 5:

With your fingers, check the “play” of the new wheel. If you have tightened the axle nut correctly, the new wheel should move backward and forward slightly on the spoke. If the wheel is too unsteady, apply more pressure to the nut. If the wheel barely moves, loosen the nut.


We have instructed you on how to change wheels on a skateboard at home. With this article, we hope that you can replace skateboard wheels by yourself. You can save a lot of money on the service fees, and the process will not take you more than 20 minutes.

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