How To Change The Bearings On A Skateboard (Helpful Tips)

Faulty bearings can be dangerous. If a shield bearing falls and your bearings move, your wheels will become blocked, resulting in a dangerous fall. That’s why you need to know how to change the bearings on a skateboard.

We will discuss some key points to uncover how to tackle this task. So let's get started, and hopefully, by the end of this post, you'll be able to replace them at home.

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After several rides, if your wheels no longer spin freely and they make creaky sounds, it is probably time to maintain your bearings. With appropriate preservation, the bearings can last for a year or two.

But what if the bearings are severely damaged or do not spin without making noise after cleaning them? In this case, you have no choice but to replace them. 

What Tools Do You Need?

You will need a skate tool, a ½ wrench, or a crescent wrench to take off the wheels and bearings. You also require eight bearings for replacement (two for each wheel).

Changing The Bearings: A Step-by-Step Guide

In 4 simple stages, we will instruct you how to replace skateboard bearings at home.

Step 1: Remove The Wheels

Unscrew and remove the axle nut and speed washers with a skate tool or a ½ wrench. Next, slide the wheel off of the truck axle. 

how to change skate bearings

Removing the wheel

Each wheel has an axle nut, a bearing spacer, and two speed washers on and under the wheel. Make sure to keep them in a bag or another small container to avoid losing any of these small pieces.

Step 2: Remove The Bearings From The Wheels

Removing bearings can be a difficult section, but we will show you some tricks to help you get through it like a piece of cake.

To do this:

  • Set the wheel and bearing halfway onto the axle’s edge so the sole bearing is on the axle.
  • With the axle firmly catching the inside of the bearing, slowly twist the wheel outward and around to pry the bearing out using your wrist. Do the same thing on the other side of the wheel.
  • Repeat the procedure to take off all eight bearings.
how to change the bearings on a skateboard

Removing the bearing

You don’t need to be too careful with the bearings if you intend to throw them away, just try not to damage the wheels.

If your skateboard has a bearing spacer between the two bearings, remember to store it with the speed washers.

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Step 3: Insert The Bearings Into The Wheels

You are now able to replace the bearings and reinstall them. Also, you can change new wheels and speed washers if necessary. 

Besides removing the bearings, inserting them into the wheels is also a delicate matter since you cannot drive the bearings into the wheels with just your fingers. We suggest using a bearing press, a tool for inserting and removing the bearings from wheels. 

If you haven’t got it? Take it easy. We have another stratagem for you. Begin by dropping one of the speed washers as well as the two bearings on the axle. Make sure you put the protective casing facing downwards as it will go towards the outside of the wheel.

After that, place the new wheel on top of the bearings, and with equal pressure on both sides, press down until the bearing slides completely into the wheel. You probably need to turn the wheel and exert some force until the bearing is uniformly seated.

If your skateboard uses bearing spacers, place it on the second bearing. Then overturn the wheel and to the same procedure to get the second one in.

Repeat as above with other bearings and wheels.

Step 4: Reinstall The Wheels

You can now screw back onto the axles. Place the wheel onto the axle. Unless your wheels were made to go in a certain way, put them on in any way you like.

Place the speed washer on the wheel. To keep the wheel in place, tighten the axle nut with your skate tool or wrench. Keep in mind that overtightening can harm the bearings, so be careful.

how to change bearings skateboard

Reinstalling the wheel

Repeat this procedure with the other three wheels. 

Step 5: Test The Wheels

In this final step, you need to test the action of the new bearings and wheels. If you tightened the axle nut properly, the new wheel should rock back and forth on the spokes slightly. Apply more pressure to the nut if the wheel is too shaky. Loosen the nut if the wheel barely turns.


We have guided you through how to change the bearings on a skateboard. Hopefully, with this article, you can replace skateboard bearings at home. The above process will only take you 20 minutes to complete and you can save lots of money on service costs.

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