How To Carry A Longboard – Some Great Tips For You

Longboards are expensive, and some people use them as a means of transport. You want to carry your board all the time, but it is quite bulky and easily gets damaged. So, how to carry a longboard properly?

If you are searching for the answer, this post is for you. Apart from carrying your longboard by hand, you can follow some simple steps to attach them to your bike. Those are the most traditional and economical ways to carry a longboard.

how to carry your longboard

Besides, many products are invented to make it simple and easy to carry your longboards hands-free when walking in pedestrian areas or going uphills for quick moving. Those products may cost you a little, but you’ll soon agree with me they’re worth the investment.

Some situations that you might have to carry your longboard instead of riding it:

  • Uphill moving: there's no in-built engine for the longboard. It moves by inertia and slides with momentum when going downhill. So, when you're moving uphill, you need to carry it somehow.
  • Moving on uneven terrain: it is easily imagined because you cannot use your longboard in the fields, quicksand, or places where there are many potholes and unsteadiness.
  • City law prohibits: Some parts of the city will ban longboards on the roadway and the sidewalk. So, it would be best if you carried them instead of riding them.
  • When not in use: You go to school with longboards, but you will have to bring them somehow because the school might not allow longboards on the campus. This situation also happens at work or when you go to any public indoor space.
  • When traveling by other transports: You travel or use other means of transportation, but you still want to bring a longboard. That's when you'll have to find a way to carry it with you.

How To Carry Your Longboard

There are many reasons to bring longboards. Now we will go through the tips and tricks for carrying a longboard. Let's start with the most traditional ways to the most modern and effective ones.

Carry A Longboard By Hand

how to carry a longboard

The obvious and easy way to carry a longboard is by grabbing and holding it in your hands. However, it's only suitable if you're moving a short distance and your board is not too big.

The only thing you have to do is lift it and hold it tight within your arms. Then, you can easily pick it up and put it down to use whenever you want.

How To Carry A Longboard On A Bike

For carrying a longboard on a bike, there are two ways you can consider: using string to tie them on the bike or attach a longboard rack to your bike.

Using String

This way is practical and inexpensive. For example, you may already have a string to tie things in the garage, or you can quickly grab one in a local store at little cost.

how to carry a longboard

All you have to do is use it and tie the board to the rear seat or on the bike's handlebars horizontally to make sure it doesn't slip off as you move.

Besides, you can also use this way to carry a longboard on your motorbike or scooter.

Using A Boarding Rack

The use of boarding racks is the same as that of ordinary racks. However, it is specifically designed to hold boards, including longboards, skateboards, and surfboards.

The one used for surfboards is bigger than those for skateboards or longboards. So, depending on the size of your longboards, you can consider choosing which one is suitable.

how to carry a longboard on a bike

How To Carry A Longboard On A Backpack

You may want to take your longboards with you everywhere without fear of getting entangled. Using backpacks for longboards will be a great idea.

There are two kinds of backpacks for longboards: ordinary backpacks with extra elastic belts or specialized backpacks for longboards and skateboards.

how to carry a longboard on a backpack

These two kinds have the same function but different prices. Specialized backpacks have a higher price for their names of “specialized”.

With backpacks, you only have to put your longboards in or attach them to the belt on the front or back of the backpacks. These solutions are great as you can carry many things along with your longboard.

Carry A Longboard With A Shoulder Trap

The shoulder strap is an upgrade of backpacks for skateboards. It is a smaller and more space-saving version of a specialized backpack. In addition, it is lightweight and adjustable.

how to carry your longboard

Many young people love using it because of its convenience. You only have to tie the two elastic straps on from both sides of the board and settle them behind the wheels.

Shoulder straps can be bought or made creatively. You can decorate your strap with whatever patterns that you like and by any kind of fabric.

Some Other Tips Might Help

  • Some longboards have a small size, so you can easily put them in the travel bag or even in your school bag.
  • If your longboard is on a larger side and you don't want anything to happen to it, it is advisable to carry it in your car.
  • If you ride a bicycle or motorbike, you can ask a friend to sit on the bike and hold the board.
  • You can also ride your longboard instead of carrying it by holding onto other moving vehicles.


Above are all the tips on how to carry a longboard by hand, with a backpack, on a bike, or with a shoulder strap. We believe that now you can easily travel anywhere with your longboard with minimal damage. Hope our tips will help and thank you for reading!

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