How to Build a Complete Skateboard: 7 Steps With Pictures

Are you interested in learning to skate but you don’t have one? Is it overpriced and you don’t want this purchase to be heavy on your pocket? If this is the case, don’t worry, since you now can build a complete skateboard on your own in no time!

Skating is one of the most exciting ways to travel for shorter distances. It is cool and a chic ride. Still, most of us find it a luxury or don't have enough budget to buy one. However, you do not need to make this into a big issue, since this article will guide you on how to build a complete skateboard from scratch.

build your own complete skateboard

And guess what? Building your own skateboard from scratch is much more fun than buying one. This is why most of the skateboarding pros prefer to custom-build their own skateboards that can fit their style and needs.

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DIY, i.e., do it yourself projects can consume a lot of time and energy, but if you have the right potential, time and motivation to do so, these custom made projects are the best. Here’s what you need to build a complete skateboard:

  • Skateboard wood raised from two edges
  • Two skateboard trucks
  • Four skateboard wheels (round and smooth ones): Check more: What size skateboard wheels do you need.
  • Eight in total skateboard bearings
  • Hardware: eight bolts and nuts
  • A grip tape
  •  Set of two riser pads
how to build a comlete skateboard

Assemble all your goodies to build a custom-made skateboard.  Find a clean, spacious room to get your project done. Now, follow the steps below with high accuracy to complete your project with perfection:


Buy several pieces of wood, raised from two ends. It’s better that you tell your vendor to get you a ‘skateboard wood’, which is mostly maple wood commonly used for skateboards as it is flexible and can handle a lot of weight. 

It would be a flat, squared wood raised from two ends initially. Place a good old skateboard or borrow one from your friend and trace it out. Next, use a jigsaw to cut the outline smoothly. You can use a sander to smooth out the edges.

In addition, you can also buy pre-made decks with all the holes for trucks and wheels. Learn more about skateboard deck sizes in detail in one of our previous posts.


Finally, choose your favorite stain color and paint the underside of your board. It would look so

fascinating if you’re choosing neon paints like yellow, red and orange. When the stain has dried down, doodle with a permanent marker or a black paint to give that final custom look.

Grip Paper for a Perfect Grip:

Try buying a thick grip paper. Thin grip papers tend to be useless in no time. This paper would be rectangular initially and could turn into a disaster if you’re thinking of cutting it directly. Firstly, you will never get the right measurements and secondly, it could be bumpy, and impossible to trace. 

build a complete skateboard

To get this step right, remove the tape from the grip paper carefully. Do not remove the entire tape all at once or stuck it to any other object. 

Carefully place the peeled part over the deck and continue peeling the tape while sticking it to the board. Make sure there are no bumps.

Cutting the Edges:

With the help of chalk, outline the edges of the grip paper and cut it with a sharp cutter. Make the edges smooth and paint the sides black with a black stain. Also, make sure to sand the grip paper with the remaining paper.

Screwing it All (No Puns Intended)

This part is the most crucial to make sure you don’t injure yourself while skating. Screw the nuts and bolts tightly enough, and for that, you must follow the steps below precisely. However, start this work the next day after taking a good rest to achieve better results.

build your own complete skateboard


Locate four holes on the bottom of your deck and push screws inside these holes with the aid of a screwdriver. Pass the screws through the grip tape. Some screws already come in a set with bolts when you buy the trucks. 

However, if not, you must buy your trucks beforehand and purchase screws that fit into the holes of the trucks. You can also buy colored screws to differentiate between the front and tail side.


how to build a complete skateboard

We’re almost getting there. Facing the ‘T’ shape of your trucks down, align the truck and the screws together. Hold the screws with one hand so they don’t pop out and the truck with another.

Now, carefully use the bolts to secure the truck and the screws together. You need to tighten your screws to the point where the truck doesn’t jiggle at all.

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Wheels and bearing will go in together. Firstly, remove all nuts and washer from the axle of your truck. Now, grab the bearing and place it in the axle with the flat side facing up. 

Press down the wheel over your bearing until it slides into the center of your wheel. In the end, slide a second bearing on after you remove the wheel. Repeat the step on the other side.

Screw down the nuts:

The final step is to attach the wheels and tighten your nuts. Moreover, make sure all nuts are tight enough, so you don’t encounter an accident due to loose nuts.

This is it, you can now have your own custom made a skateboard. However, if you're a beginner, you may want to start with buying a beginner skateboard

Final Words

We hope this article was helpful enough for you to build a complete skateboard within no time. Moreover, it is not complicated at all, and you could very easily achieve your custom made a stylish skateboard. 

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a little money, go shopping, and get started!

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