how to be self-confident when you ride your skateboard

We have received a lot of questions about skateboarders who are not confident with themselves while skateboarding. This is the reason why we write this article to show how to solve the trouble with confidence in skateboarding.

According to the Cambridge dictionary, confidence is defined as the safe feeling of one person arising from the appreciation of people toward his/ her ability. If you are confident, you can ride your skateboard to the park without any fear of being decried. Confidence also helps you to practice a trick day by day until you conquer it. 

The problem is how to get confidence? What is the main key to get it? There is no common solution since each person has their own personality and own situation. In this article, we will introduce some useful tips that we think they can help.

Learn how to be self-confident when you ride your skateboard

If you are practicing a new trick, keep pushing yourself to achieve it. In the beginning, the best way to gain confidence is to practice more and more, until you master it. Besides, you need to enjoy the practice or your effort will be wasted.

The practice process consists of various emotions that you are going to be through. At first, most people will be excited about what is going to do, then be exhausted and disappointed when failing, have the desire to give up, and be happy again when reaching the goal.

For instance, many people find it hard to learn How To Stop A Skateboard, and they may give up after a couple of days. This is a completely normal issue that anyone can go through, no matter who you are, a beginner or a pro skater. It is essential for you to persist in your aim and try your best to get it. Once you succeed, you know that you are confident about this.


If a person wants to help you improve yourself, they will never decry your weakness but give you constructive advice on how to improve your skill. You should listen to them. In contrast, people always say criticism to let you down or suggest you giving up skateboarding, just ignore them.

You will see this more clearly if you ride your skateboard at a crowded skatepark. There are some mean skateboarders who always want others to keep away from the park in order to enjoy the park without any obstacles.

 But the park is a public area and they should know that it is for everyone, not a person or a group of people only. In fact, we have seen many skaters tell the kids not get into their skateboard way or even require them not to go to the park.

It is sad but this is a common attitude that experienced skaters take toward the newbie. The aim of us is to enlarge the skateboarding community. So, if you see anyone like that, just ignore then and keep skating. 


Not only practicing helps you to improve your confidence but the learning does, too. This is another way you can do. Learning via reading books, watching tutorial videos or even asking the experience of other skateboarders is totally helpful. We have a suggestion for you: Break Skateboarding Fear, Never Chicken Foot Again.

This way goes with keeping practicing. You cannot learn without doing practice. Remember that.


Wherever you live, try to find a skateboard community in your neighborhood to get involved. It not only helps you to have new friends, a new experience in this sport but also raise your self-confidence up, firstly in your local area. Once you have done it, you will become better and better over time.

To do this, we highly recommend you to go to some local skate shops or a skateboarding club in your school. They are the places you can meet a lot of skaters. It is sure that these groups will warmly welcome you as a member since they always have a desire to promote this fun and attractive sport to as many people as possible. 


As you may know, skateboarding is an individual sport, but it doesn't mean that you have to play it by yourself all day long. In your free time, you can gather with your friends and spend a day riding the skateboard around the streets.

While skating with others, you can share with others your experience, learn new things from them and have more fun. The most important thing is that playing with others encourages you to learn and practice, share the tips and make you more confident.


Like any sport, skateboarding requires you to practice every day so that you are able to be comfortable while being on board as well as improve more quickly.

If you are a beginner and you just start skating for a short time, keep practicing for a continuous week. You can bring your skateboard and skate anywhere you can, for example, school, library, park or streets.

Learn and practice any trick you are interested in, remember to do step by step to protect you from getting injured. The time of practicing can be 15, 20 or even 30 minutes, as long as possible, provided with you can. 


It is quite scary for the first time you go to the skatepark, especially in case you are a beginner. However, if you go with your friends, it may be easier to breathe. So does the time when you practice skating at the skatepark with a team. It is not only more exciting but also makes you feel more comfortable and safer. Then, you can pay attention to enjoy your ride and take time to practice new tricks.


In the article, we have given you some helpful tips to be self-confident when you ride your skateboard. Apply some or all of them, we believe that you can see how it works. If you find that we miss something, leave a comment below! Or in case you are in trouble with your skateboard and are searching for a solution, we are here to help.

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