how to apply grip tape on a skateboard

The presence of grip tape is hardly noticed by most beginners there being many other conspicuous things to catch their attention in their newly bought skateboards. Noticed or unnoticed it is evident that every skateboard will have a grip tape stuck on the surface of its deck.

Grip tape is a rough material applied on the surface of any skateboard to help the skateboarder’s feet have a firm grip on the deck when skating. A quality skateboard will have a flawless grip tape that will serve its purpose quite well and for a lifetime for that skateboard.

This article will guide you on how to apply the grip tape on the skateboard. It is quite necessary to ensure that the right art is exploited when using the grip tape on the deck. A haphazard work will produce a much-unfinished look and an unsafe product.

A grip tape should not have any air bubbles when it’s applied well. This air bubble gives room for more of the adhesive on the tape to get loosed from the surface of the deck when one is riding.

If by any chance you happen to notice any air cushions on your deck, it is essential to completely replace the tape with another ensuring that you install it properly.

How to Apply Grip Tape On A Skateboard

How to Apply Grip Tape On A Skateboard

Making Designs and cut-outs

This should be done to the tape before you practically apply the tape on the deck to reduce chances of having a messy job. If you wish to reveal design, you first lay a sheet of the grip tape on the board without removing the backing from the tape, then using a marker mark out the outfit of the design you wish to reveal. Having marked out the costume of the design, get the sheet of the board and with a sharp knife, scissors.

Application of the grip tape

There are no allowances for making errors given for this; you thus have to give it your best shot when you set out for it. So first ensure you have enough grip tape to cover the whole surface before you start. Stick the exposed side of the adhesive to the tail of the deck leaving few inches of the exposed adhesive for overlap as you stick the other on the deck.

 We are ensuring that you keep the straight tape press it hard onto the deck’s surface such that you will not have air bubbles between the tape and the deck.

Ensure that you keep the tape straight and then smooth out any air bubbles in a back- and -forward motion before you peel off any more tape. Repeat this process until the whole deck’s surface is fully covered with the tape.

Trimming the grip tape

First mark out the where you are going to run your knife. By so doing a white line will appear at the edge of the deck’s top, and it is along this line that you are supposed to cut.


So, always be on the watch out for the properly applied grip tape before you make any choices of purchase. If you are planning to have your board’s grip tape redone then with this, I think you are good to make sure you don’t let any air bubbles underneath your tape and later try to keep it centered as much as you can.

Also, remember to cut the outfit off the deck quite smoothly, and you will eventually be having in your hands just what you would desire to have. This will tell the story of how passionate you are towards skateboarding.

I want to believe that this article has been of much help to you and would like to urge you to refer a needy friend if it was.

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