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Does it matter to skateboarder on wet surfaces

Skateboarders, especially the beginners might wonder that does it matter to skate on damp grounds. When the deck and bearing of your skateboards are soaked with water, they will be degraded seriously. The deck will be distorted and the bearings will get rusty. Besides the degradation of the skateboard quality, it could also be a serious […]

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What impacts does skateboarding make on popular cultures?

Although skateboarding normally takes place in the open-air, it has made a spectacular impact on stuff that seems to have no correlation with it. In the Post Radical documentary, the skateboarding cultures are discovered which brings to the audience a brand-new perspective of worldwide intense influence of skateboarding on the skateboarding fanatics.However, as far as what […]

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Steps to build skateboarding competitions well

We have received many questions of skateboarders asking about how they can be well-prepared for creating skateboarding competitions that they intend to do. That’s why in this article, we are going to provide you with some useful needed steps to get ready for your desire. However, bear in mind that the following information is simply […]

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The hindrance of skateboarding

Skateboarding is getting more and more prevalent. You can find it easy to catch sight of it on the street, on social media, and in films. Skateboarding players are diverse as well including boys, girls, LGBTs and youngsters, and adults.Skateboarding players and their devotees can be any subject groups in the society. If you are […]

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The development of skateboarding content marketing

For many skateboarders, skateboarding plays an important role, not just a wooden deck with four wheels but a companion, devotion, innovation, hurt, and retrieval. For other skateboarders, it also represents the changes in content promotion. In order to become a good content creator in the skateboarding field, you should read more special insight relating to […]

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Skateboarding can work in schools and daily life

If Eric Diaz – a teenager in the East LA did not start to learn about skateboarding, his life may have been led to another direction. He would not get his college degree in 2 years and he thinks that worse situations could happen: wrongdoings, jail, or even suicide. He found it lucky that he caught sight […]

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skateboarding can be environmentally-friendly as well

Over the course of several decades, skateboarding has revolutionized from a street activity for young people to a monumental sport in the 90s, and even became a substitute for the normal means of transportation. And now it gained popularity all over the world. If you also want to be a part of skateboarders’ community, first of […]

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Try filming your skateboarding

Many skateboard stores in the world have performed their marketing strategy by posting tons of skateboarding videos of worldwide and local skateboard competitions. Besides the effective marketing strategy, this is also a good means of spreading a useful understanding relating to skateboarding lessons. They could be in the form of a mass of tutorial videos performed […]

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Does your height affect your skateboarding learning

The bigger guys would find it more difficult to learn to play skateboarding due to their higher pressure on the board than normal ones’ and also they have to put more strength for gestures and motions. What is the effect of height on playing skateboarding?People may think that skateboarding players seem to go against the center […]

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