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how to apply grip tape on a skateboard

The presence of grip tape is hardly noticed by most beginners there being many other conspicuous things to catch their attention in their newly bought skateboards. Noticed or unnoticed it is evident that every skateboard will have a grip tape stuck on the surface of its deck. Grip tape is a rough material applied on the […]

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How To Put Bearings In Skateboard Wheels

Bearings play a major role in the efficiency of your skateboard especially how smoothly and fast your board can move. Fitting the properly will ensuring that the purpose of your skateboarding is met.  In addition to making the decision of the best bearings for your skateboard and maintenance needed for the bearings, the installation of the […]

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Learning How To Skateboard

Having your skateboard ready with you is a clear indication that you are ready to explore this wonderful world of skateboarding. It is, however, necessary to ensure that you having the very fit beginners skateboard for you and are aware of its components as well as how to maintain them individually.Before you start, skateboarding then […]

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