How Tight Should SkateBoard Wheels Be – Tight or Loose?

How tight should skateboard wheels be? To become a good skater, it isn’t just about your skills or how competent you are, but it is also about knowing how to find a suitable wheel tightness. Therefore, in this article, we will get into the big details of truck adjustment for your enjoyable riding!

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how tight should skateboard wheels be

There is a huge controversy between skaters about how loose or tight their wheels should be for a better experience. But keep in mind that there is no such thing as a perfect wheel adjustment; both options have their pros and cons. Let's check out the following section to find which type pleases you most!

Tight Skateboard:


  • Speed control: Tight trucks allow you to skate at a higher speed and assist you to control the speed effectively.
how tight should the wheels on a skateboard be
  • Avoid wheel bite: As wheel bite occurs when your wheel touches your board, it may cause the skaters to lose their balance, fall off the board and be prone to accidents. But with a tight skateboard, we could put an end to this situation.
  • Great wheel stability


  • Less lenient when landing.
  • Lacking flexibility: Tight trucks obstruct the free flow of skateboard rides, make them unable to steer or turn effectively. Therefore, you will experience difficulties in performing any types of skating tricks or skills.

Loose Skateboard :


  • Give you a better landing
how tight should wheels be on skateboard
  • Having better flow and maneuverability: Loose trucks will give you an easy and effortless turn and steer as well as easily wearing off any kinds of skateboarding tricks


  • Give a slower speed
  • Lacking stability: As an amateur skater, loose skateboarding wouldn't be recommendable since it won’t be as stable as tight wheels. Therefore, you will be prone to injury and accidents.
  • Susceptible to wheel bite

Truck Tightness In Different Scenarios:

#1: When Going Downhill

When going downhill, you will be riding at a high speed and be more susceptible to speed wobbles. Besides, you won’t need much truck maneuverability since you are mostly riding on a straight track with little or no tricks and sharp turns.

how tight should skateboard wheels be

Therefore, tight trucks are the best option when considering going downhill as they fulfill all of the conditions above.

There is no exact scale for measuring the tightness of the truck and it completely depends on your feeling for whether it is tight or not. However, it is recommendable to keep the truck tightness around 70-80% for your comfortable ride.

On the other hand, over-tightening the truck isn’t a suitable option either. If the truck is too tight and stiff, the board won’t be able to do any steer or turn to avoid people or cars on the streets, and consequently, accidents occur.

#2: For Cruising:

Cruising is an exact opposite style compared to skating downhill. When you’re cruising around the neighborhood and commuting to school or work, the truck requires good maneuverability and quick response to take turns at crossroads and sharp corners.

how tight should wheels be on skateboard

Furthermore, you won’t be able to skate at a high speed in crowded areas and many people enjoy the slow pace of cruising. Therefore, loose trucks are the best options that fulfill all of the conditions above.

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I recommend you keep the truck on the loose side, between 3 to 5 on the tightness scale. For amateur skaters, who struggle to skate stably, need to keep the tightness up to 50% so that you could be able to steer effortlessly but also help to balance the board.

While the experts or professional skaters could think about loosening it up a bit more so that you can freely perform skating tricks and steer flexibly.

It is also important to keep in mind that you should never loosen your truck too much. If your trucks are too loose, you will experience extreme speed wobbles and bearing from the wheels being broken down easily.

how tight should wheels be on skateboard


#3. For Skate Ramp

While you are skating on a ramp, there are two things that you need to take into account: speed and balance. High speed is required for skating up ramp and great stability is for skating down ramp without experience speed wobbles.

how tight should my skateboard wheels be

Therefore, it is obvious that the trucks need to be on the tight side. However, unlike skating downhill, skate ramps also need quite a few turns and tricks.

We should keep the wheel tight in the middle level around 4-6 so that we wouldn’t experience much speed wobble but also be able to perform flexible tricks without any obstacles.

#4. For Flipping

The coolest skateboard trick which all skaters acknowledge and attempt to master is flipping. Flipping is a trick involving rotating the skateboard around the vertical axis or horizontal axis.

To jump and bounce with the skateboard effortlessly and land on the ground stably and safely, it is advisable to keep the truck in the middle between tight and loose.

how tight should your skateboard wheels be


Final Thoughts:

Since you have gone through the article, you should be able to solve the big question: How tight should skateboard wheels be?

To sum up, it depends on skaters’ personal preferences and requirements that affect how they tighten their trucks but I would say that tight trucks are better for beginners while loose trucks are suitable for experienced ones.

No matter which style you are in, find a suitable truck adjustment and enjoy your ride!

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