How Much Weight Can A Longboard Hold? – Detail

How much weight can a longboard hold? This is probably one of the most important questions new longboarders need to ask while shopping for their very first longboard.

Paying attention to weight limits is necessary as it affects the way riders move and control their longboards.

When a longboard can adapt to its rider’s physique and riding styles well, it can last even longer than its expected lifespan. So, for every reason we have mentioned, let’s scroll down to make a better buying decision.

how much weight can longboards hold

The ideal weight that a longboard can hold is usually anywhere between 200 and 250 lbs - especially for the 8-ply longboards. This capacity allows riders to be comfortable in every movement without worrying much about straining their longboards.

However, heavier riders can still enjoy the fun of longboarding. In case you want to look for a longboard that can withstand up to 300+ lbs, you can focus on several 9-ply types of longboards.

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Compare Weight Limit Of Some Types Of Boards

We find it more informative to give you a comparison table between several kinds of boards; then, you can take an overall look at the potential capacity of each kind and some elements contributing to its weight.


Deck Length

Weight Limit (lbs)


32” – 58”

260-300 lbs (~120-130 kgs)


28” – 33”

220 lbs (~100 kgs)

Penny Board

22” – 27”

180 lbs (~80 kgs)

Electric skateboard

Around 38”

200-300 lbs (~90-130 kgs)

You can figure out that longboards are perfect partners for someone who needs firm and large-capacity boards.

Although we may need to care about several factors that support a longboard’s capacity, the longboard’s weight limit is proven to hold up to more than 300 lbs.

The average weight of a longboard falls between 8 and 11 pounds. For the most part, the heavier the longboard, the sturdier it will be.

This type of skateboard has many advantages over other skateboards thanks to its reasonable price. That said, longboards are diverse in shape, size, and style to meet the different needs and preferences of riders.

how much weight can a longboard hold

What Are Factors That Affect A Longboard Weight Capacity?

You will rarely come up with a wise choice of buying a longboard for your passion if you do not master all these tips; that’s why any factors below all need your consideration.


Each of the following materials has its own advantages and disadvantages.

We find it quite difficult to determine what is the best material for longboards because high-strength longboards are often the result of a combination of many materials instead of entirely made of one type.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is considered the material with stable hardness among the most commonly used materials for longboards. Longboards made from carbon fiber are highly praised for their lightness and portability.

However, manufacturers often combine this material with fibers or layers from bamboo to optimize bearing capacity in the long run. The reason given is because the carbon fiber longboards cannot hold up to great force.

Maple Wood

Most maple longboards are affordable and incredibly solid. The only disadvantage of maple wood is its heavy weight, but in return, it will bring you a sense of safety when maneuvering with the board.

how much weight can longboards hold

This is also the most popular material on the market, and beginners can choose from a wide selection of 7-ply to 9-ply longboards depending on their needs.

If your body weight is in the range of 220-250 lbs, you should start with a maple wood longboard.

Vinyl Plastic

Vinyl is not a strong competitor in the longboard market. Longboards made from this material are often more suitable for moving goods than for carrying riders around.

The plastic is slightly fragile, and it cannot withstand more than 200 lbs. In addition, vinyl longboards can be damaged when longboarders demonstrate difficult techniques.


how much weight can a longboard hold

Bamboo and maple wood are a pair of cards because of their reasonable price. Longboards made from bamboo usually have a relatively low price, but with it comes considerable toughness and significant bearing capacity.

The combination of bamboo and maple wood also leaves an indelible impression on users, especially with a weight limit of up to 300 lbs for a longboard.

Deck Size And Shape

how much weight can longboards hold 2

The most common sizes of longboards are from 7 to 11 inches (width). When choosing the right longboard, a pretty simple rule is that the larger the board, the better its ability to support the rider.

Longboards with widths between 7-9 inches are usually suitable for people weighing 200-250 lbs.

The width between 10 and 11 will withstand harder tricks and meet more demanding requirements of gravity.

Besides, the shape of the longboard also speaks volumes about its bearing capacity. Longboards will usually have a flat design, curved up and down.

However, with hands-on experience, we found that longboards that curved up will suit heavy longboarders.

Such a design allows the longboard to give maximum support to the skater, and at the same time, facilitates him to pull off difficult tricks.


Trucks act as a foundation stone of the board's endurance. If this part is made of high-quality materials and properly sized, the longboard can handle a weight of up to 350 lbs - a really impressive number.

how much weight can longboards hold

It would help if you ignored the trucks made from plastic because it is quite loose. Using longboards with an unreliable set of trucks will easily lead to accidents and injuries while riding.


The distance between the two sets of wheels is called wheelbase. Physically, the shorter this distance, the sturdier the longboard will be.

However, a wheelbase that is too short will be difficult for amateur riders to control the board. You should consider choosing longboards with a moderate distance to match your capacity without compromising controllability.


Recently, manufacturers have paid more attention to improving the quality of wheels and synchronizing the sturdiness of many skateboard designs. You may not need to care much about this part.

how much weight can a longboard hold

The wheels with a diameter of about 70-75 mm can withstand the great pressure of tough performances.


The regular longboarders do not need to pay much attention to this factor, but those interested in high-strength skateboards do.

As for the bearing material, you should prefer steel over other materials such as ceramic or metal. Remember, price doesn't say much about a bearing's solidness.


You will probably ignore bushings because it is only a fairly small detail in the overall longboard construction.

We would like to suggest a measurement: a bushing 93a can withstand a weight of about 170 lbs. Of course, a higher level will be more suitable for players with a heavier weight.

Final Verdict

This article may not give you an exact figure of the weight limit of all longboards on the market. However, we are sure you’ll have a better idea when you stand in front of a certain board and consider: How much weight can a longboard hold?

Although the weight limit of each longboard depends on many different factors, we are certain that as long as you carefully observe and apply the tips we have provided in the article, you will easily come up with a wise decision.

Hopefully, our article will contribute to bringing you a great longboarding experience in the future.

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