How Much Does A Skateboard Deck Weigh? – Tactics For Beginner

Skateboarding is not only a sport but also an art that brings both an exciting and adventurous feel to the players.

If you are a new skater and want to choose a skateboard with suitable weight or you desire to know “How much does a skateboard deck weigh?”, this is an article for you. 

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There are many factors that affect the weight of a skateboard. On average, a full-equipped board has a total weight of 7 to 10 pounds. 

Now, let’s find out the detailed weights of all parts of a skateboard!

Skateboard Deck

Deck is the part that the skaters stand on. Typically, this part contains 7 to 9 layers. The fewer the layers are, the more lightweight the deck is. 

how much does a skate deck weigh

When you disassemble the truck, wheels, grips, and bearings, the weight of a skateboard deck is around 2-5 pounds or 1-2.2 kg.

Skateboard Truck

The truck is directly attached to the bottom of the deck. It weighs around 0.77 pounds (350g). In most cases, trucks are made of steel, aluminum, titanium, and magnesium, which depend on the prices and brands.

how much does a skateboard deck weigh

It can be said that trucks are the most important part when you decide to buy a skateboard, simply because they decide the quality and the longevity of a skateboard.

Skateboard Wheels

The weight of the wheels ranges from 0.44 to 0.55 pounds(200-250 g). They are made of plastic or urethane and have different hardnesses and sizes. While small wheels reduce the resistance when doing tricks, the larger ones help stabilize the skateboard better.

how much does a skateboard deck weigh

Skateboard Bearings

Small parts of the skateboard are the bearings that create the rolling motion for the wheel. Each wheel contains two bearings. So the total is eight bearings for four wheels, which weigh around 100g.


Griptape is also a dispensable part of a skateboard. A grip tape has two sides. While one side attaches to the board, the other side, like sandpaper, helps boost the grip between the skater and the board. Griotape weighs 0.29 pounds and varies in many designs and colors.

The Lighter The Skateboard Is, The More Easily You Can Do Tricks

how much does a skate deck weigh

Lighter skateboards for doing tricks conveniently

Typically, the lightweight skateboards with a size of 7.5 - 7.75 inches in width will flip faster than the wider and heavier boards.

To do tricks more easily, you can choose a skateboard with lightweight materials. For example, “Helium” from Element is one of the most lightweight boards you can consider. These products are developed with many layers and interestingly, their design looks like a cardboard box. 

Or, you can choose Featherlight, a famous brand whose skateboards are among the top lightweight ones. 

Are Expensive Skateboards More Lightweight?

Some people think that the cheaper skateboards are heavier than the professional ones. In fact, there is not much difference between their prices.

Skaters evaluate the quality of a skateboard through various factors. In most cases, professional products are made with high-quality materials and good design that makes your games safer. Besides, a good skateboard must have the ability to help skaters do tricks easily and maintain speed.

Should You Choose Hollow Skateboard Wheels?

Currently, many companies have produced hollow wheels, which won’t make a big change in the weight of your skateboard. 

These kinds of wheels, however, do not improve your skating skills. This has meant that you don’t need to choose the skateboard with hollow wheels.

Can You Bring A Skateboard To A Plane?

how much does a skateboard deck weigh

Travel with skateboard

You are wondering whether you can bring a skate to a plane or not? In fact, the weight is not a matter, but you may face some restrictions on the length of your skateboard. However, most airlines will allow you to bring a skateboard with you as a carry-on.

In accordance with the regulations of each airline, you need to study it carefully before buying your plane tickets. Here are some of the rules from Southwest airlines that you can refer to.

  • This brand allows you to bring as a carry-on or a checked bag. You can not cover the skateboard or put it in a bag if it fits the space under the seats. However, you must upside down the skateboard to ensure it will not move during the flights.
  • You can also put it in the overhead bin. However, in this case, the skateboard must be covered or placed in a bag( you can use a trash bag) to avoid it from damaging other luggage.


After reading this article, have you been confident with the question “How much does a skateboard deck weigh?”. Each part of a skateboard has different weights, in which the trucks are the heaviest parts. However, bringing a skateboard depends on the size rather than the weights of it.

We hope that you are satisfied with our answer. Please drop a comment to let us know!

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