How Much Does A Skateboard Deck Cost? What You Need To Know

How much does a skateboard deck cost ?”. You’ve landed in the right place if you want to find the answer to this question!

Replacing new parts for your skateboard is a must-do thing that will extend its durability and quality for a long time. And its deck isn’t an exception, and it’s even the most important part at all.

However, not all players can recognize that the product they choose is worth paying or not. That’s why we picked out some important factors that you should pay attention to before making a final decision. Let’s discover what they are!

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Have you ever seen 2 decks with the same design and structure that have remarkable price differences? This is a certain and totally understandable situation.

In practice, the deck’s price is affected by many features, not only design or material. And we’ll reveal to you what those are now.


This is the most important factor determining the deck’s durability, as it’s obvious that poor-quality materials can’t create a good product. Some manufacturers focus on materials to enhance the item’s value, while others don’t save the total cost.

Maple Wood and Bamboo are the typical ones for making a skateboard deck. They’re outstanding when people combine 5 to 7 veneers, and it’s still light and durable simultaneously. 

Nowadays, people also insert some new-material veneers such as carbon to reduce weight. Besides, high-technology fiber will enhance the performance and deck’s durability.

And certainly, products with some modern materials will cost a little bit more than traditional ones.

how much is a skateboard deck

Deck Is Made By Many Veneers


As mentioned above, a deck is made by using about 7 veneers of wood. This number can be increased or decreased based on the purposes of the manufacturer.

A high-quality deck will have tightly pressed wood layers with sharp contours. Their outstanding glue prevents them from spreading in humid or hot weather. Some premium ones are also sealed and varnished to protect the wood from getting damaged or warping.

When it’s designed carefully with more details, the price will be higher. However, this investment is worth it as the construction will directly affect the durability.


Skateboard type won’t affect its price too much, but the bigger deck will cost higher than the smaller. Below are the 5 most popular types:

  • Oldschool Skateboard
  • Penny Skateboard
  • Slalom Longboard
  • Craving Longboard
  • Automatic Skateboard

Because of the large size, Longboard price is usually higher than others. And if you choose the Automatic Skateboard, it can be 2 or 3 times more expensive.

how much does a skateboard deck cost

Different Types Of Skateboard


When you choose an item with patterns, it is usually $5 to $10 more expensive than a self-colored one. Moreover, some manufacturers allow you to custom your deck through their website and charge an extra fee.

It depends on your needs and requirements. If you want to have the unique item, then you just need to pay $10 more.


All the factors above will create the price for each product. So if you’re looking for a standard deck, its price can range from $30 to $50. 

Some professional players will need higher-quality items to support them more in performing tricks, so premium materials are necessary. And these items can cost them from $70 to more than $100 per deck.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a skateboarder, you may have had many questions before making any decision. We ensure that all the answers to the most common questions below will be helpful a lot!

When Should I Replace My Skateboard Deck?

It’s dependent on your skateboarding frequency and the deck’s situation. Besides, the way you use and protect it also impacts its lifetime. As usual: 

  • Every 1.5 months to 2 months: If you’re a dedicated player and practice about 2 hours every day on the street. Except when the deck shows no signs of cracking or tearing, replacing is a must-do thing. A new and quality one will ensure your safety while sliding and performing tricks.
  • Every 4 months: You don’t have much time and skate a few times a week, then 4 months is the ideal time for you to replace the new one.
  • Every 6 to 12 months: Mini ramps will wear the deck out slower than the normal road. So you can use a deck for more than 6 months to 12 months.

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Should I Buy The Used Skateboard?

For some beginners or whoever has a small budget, the used skateboard isn’t a bad choice. However, it doesn’t mean that all items are worth your money, even when they have a bargain price.

A thorough test is a prerequisite for choosing second-hand items. Check the structure and all parts first, then try to slide it. You can generally evaluate its quality and feel when using it.

There are hundreds of both high-quality and unqualified items on the market. We suggest that you shouldn’t purchase under-$20 skateboards, others which from $30 to $50 are ideal choices!

how much is a blank skateboard deck

Many Used Skateboard Are Sold On The Market

How Much Does A Good Skateboard Cost?

As usual, the average price of a skateboard is from $70 to $150, while some will cost less or more, which is up to $100. But price can’t tell the quality, and high price doesn’t mean that item is good and vice versa. 

The professional advice that you shouldn’t choose too cheap items as the manufacturer may use low-quality materials to make them. Thus, you need to pay in the average price range if you’re looking for a superior item.

How To Protect A Skateboard Better?

We want to provide you with some useful tips to preserve skateboard in the best way:

  • Keep your skateboard in the dry place
  • Limit skateboarding on wet road
  • Replace parts when needed
  • Pay attention to the bearings
  • Place it gently and don’t throw it away


In general, we’ve revealed to you all the necessary information about “how much does a skateboard deck cost”. We hope you’ll find it understandable and helpful to make a final decision.

Material, construction, type, and design are the main factors that will determine its price. For those who are curious “how much is a blank skateboard deck” (standard deck), they will cost you from $30 to $50, and in case you need some premium choices, they are from $100 to more than $250.

Consider all your choices carefully and be a smart buyer!

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