How Much Does A Longboard Cost? You Will Be Surprised

How much does a longboard cost? It's quite difficult to answer this question since the price of each longboard depends on many factors, such as brand, material, design, and so on.

Besides, it is also vital to remember that the longboard you should go for is not the most costly yet the most suited one.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the price range of longboards.

Before questioning “How much does a good longboard cost?”, you should first gather some fundamental facts.

For instance, if you are a beginner, you do not have to spend a lot of money buying a high-end skateboard. If you are an experienced rider, you are likely to want a longboard that will help you improve your performance.

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how much does a longboard cost

Boards are available in a variety of pricing ranges, usually from $50 to over $300. It's tempting to buy a pricey board, but as I showed in this article, there are other disciplines, each with its own set of boards.

Finally, because the price isn't always a good sign of quality, you should be cautious about what you buy.

What You Can Get For Roughly $50

Kinds of boards you can get:

  • Cruisers and mini-cruisers.
  • Low-quality boards.

$50 is absolutely not a lot of money for a skateboard, especially a longboard. At this price, you're likely to acquire low-quality boards from businesses looking to make fast cash. They create inexpensive boards with poor components that aren't pleasant to ride.

However, in this price bracket, you may find some decent mini-cruisers. They'll suffice for children learning to skate and if you're low-income.

The Tony Hawk 34-inch longboard is one of the best options within this segment. It comes with a 3-inch wheel size and 4 pounds weight.

how much does a good longboard cost

Tony Hawk 34" Big Mouth Graphic Longboard

What You Can Get For Roughly $100

Kinds of boards you can get:

  • Cruisers and mini-cruisers.
  • Affordable dancers.
  • Affordable downhill boards.

At this pricing point, you'll see boards of reasonable quality. Many manufacturers continue to employ low-quality components, but they only utilize low-cost vehicles. The decks and wheels in this category are generally of good quality.

You can get a good cruiser for an affordable price here.

You can refer to the Yocaher New VW Vibe Beach Series longboards, which are made of maple wood with a 2.8-inch wheel size. With this price tag, you can own an acceptable longboard from Yocaher.

how much should a longboard cost

Yocaher New VW Vibe Beach Series Longboard

What You Can Get For Roughly $150

Kinds of boards you can get:

  • Mini-cruisers.
  • Affordable dancers.
  • Good-quality cruisers.
  • Decent quality downhill boards.

When increasing the budget, you can get good products from firms that sell high-quality components. This is the price range to look at if you want a great experience of skateboarding.

Budget dancers are also available in this price range. They won't be perfect, but they'll do for a start. However, if you can expand your budget to around $200, you'll be able to acquire something better.

For instance, Atom 39-inch woody longboard is an ideal choice within this price range. Atom manufactures this product with maple wood, and it weighs roughly 10 pounds.

how much does a longboard cost

Atom 39” Woody Longboards

What You Can Get For Roughly $200

Kinds of boards you can get:

  • High-quality dancers.
  • Good-quality downhill boards.

With roughly $200, you may get high-quality downhill and dance boards completed from well-known skateboard suppliers. These kits also include above-standard components like solid trucks and wheels.

Rayne Supreme 36-inch longboard is one of the best options for skaters. This maple board can load up to 250 pounds.

how much does a good longboard cost

Rayne Supreme 36” Longboard Complete

What You Can Get For Roughly $300

In this segment, you desert to get products that are built of exceptional materials. For instance, the decks may be vertically laminated and constructed of carbon and fiberglass, which makes your boards lighter and easier to transport.

However, unless you are a skillful skater or have already owned another skateboard, you don’t need to spend such a fortune on this kind of board.

For reference, GAOYY is a reputed brand that has produced professional skateboards for skaters all over the world. Its longboard is not only fashionable but also durable by the time, which gives users the most comfortable riding experiences.

how much should a longboard cost

GAOYY Skateboard Four-Wheel Professional Longboard

What Factors Determine Price

Always bear in mind that, the better quality the manufacturer brings, the more longboard costs.


how much does a longboard cost

The fundamental difference between bigger and smaller wheels is that large wheels can roll considerably quicker over uneven surfaces, and a few millimeters can be drastically game-changing.

Therefore, the better the wheels aid riders, the more pricey a skateboard gets.


The bearings are another factor that may affect the price of skateboards.

For instance, a skateboard that possesses bearings made from steel, which is the common material in the middle-class, will cost less than another with ceramic bearings.


The trucks may make the difference between a cheap skateboard and an expensive one.

Longboards that are budget-friendly usually come with an average truck. As a result, the riders' performance is pretty mediocre.

Well-known Name Tag

how much does a good longboard cost

From the consumer's perspective, various brands have various values. This is because well-known brands possess refined expertise and the ability to provide the best items to riders.

These reputable brands usually have many years of making high-quality items. And they include the cost of brand recognition in their products.

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How Do I Spend My Money Effectively

How Is Your Financial Capability?

You should calculate the maximum amount of money that you can spend on a board. Then, select an option well-suited for that amount.

Do You Currently Possess Any Skateboard?

If you are a newbie or have not owned any skateboard before, you shouldn't spend over $200 on this item. In fact, some high-class longboards include specific features to assist riders while doing risky stunts, which is not really necessary for those who try to skate for the first time.

Which Style Are You In?

how much should a longboard cost

The riding style reflects how you typically utilize your board. Manufacturers create longboards for a variety of purposes, including racing and commuting. Therefore, they are usually priced differently.

As a result, you must analyze your riding demands in order to make a suitable selection.


So you’ve had the answer to the question: "How much does a longboard cost?".

We cannot deny that having a high-quality and well-designed longboard is a sense of fulfillment.However, everything has its price, and we can always have fun owning a suitable skateboard, not the most expensive one.

So before starting your longboarding journey, consider the longboard’s cost, your demand and level to opt for the right one.

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