How Much Are Skateboard Wheels ? Prices And Choosing Tactics

If you are a beginner, you are really curious about how much are skateboard wheels . Like other skateboard parts, wheels come in a large number of sizes, shapes, colors, and prices.

Choosing the proper wheels is quite difficult, particularly when you are not accustomed to this field and need to understand the expense of wheels. The average cost of skateboard wheels fluctuates from $15 to $70.

how much do skateboard wheels cost

To give you more information about how much do skateboard wheels cost, we will look into several aspects of this topic and show some main features and tips when selecting between three different kinds of wheels. Now, let’s go into the details.

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Well, this question does not have a concrete answer, owing to the diversity in people’s personal opinions and thoughts.

With the popularity of skateboarding, there is a variety of cheaper skateboard wheels out there. While some are cheap, some are from prestigious brand names.

how much are skate wheels

Will cheaper skateboard wheels found at online or local stores be good enough? It depends on what you want.

If you are a beginner and skate every once in a while, a low-priced set of wheels are highly recommended due to not affecting your performance.

However, other people hold a view that expensive wheels determine good quality, which directly contributes to the best skateboarding experiences.

So, importantly, make sure that you are aware of your situation and preferences.

Other Features In Opting For Skateboard Wheels?

Diameter and durometer are two main indispensable parts in picking wheels. The diameter is known as the size of the wheels, while the durometer is the hardness of the wheels. Both components are based on personal choices and intentions.

Choosing Wheels Diameter

The skateboard wheel is calculated in millimeters (mm). Most wheels reach from 50 to 75 mm. The diameter modifies how quickly you boost up and the way tightly you may turn.

how much do skateboard wheels cost

Diameter of wheels

A smaller diameter brings a slower ride, and conversely, the larger size makes it faster. Interestingly, beginners and commuters are suggested to use the larger ones instead because of steady speed, balance, and skating improvement.

Choosing Wheels Durometer

A Durometer measures how hard the wheel is. The inside of the wheel could determine different criteria from the outside one.

In general, the harder the wheel is, the faster it is. It is better to use softer wheels for rough surfaces and street boarding, whereas harder ones are familiar with more smooth surfaces and tricks.

how much are skateboard wheels

Durometer levels

How To Categorize The Wheels?

Following are the three main categories of wheels based on hardness, size, and cost. With this clear classification, you can pick out the best options of skateboard wheels for you without breaking a sweat.

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Street And Park Wheels

how much is skateboard wheels

White street and park wheel

  • Diameter 50-53mm ( 1.97-2.09 inches) , Durometer 95-101a

These skateboard wheels tend to be small, hard, and smooth, especially the white one is considered harder than other colors.

This design will be suitable for street and park skating as well as flip tricks. The smoothest wheels also mean the hardest wheels. Therefore, skateboard players are likely to grasp more technical tricks and control responsively to quick movements.

The cost of this kind of wheel is between $10 and $40.

Cruiser Or Soft Wheels

how much are wheels for skateboards
  • Diameter 54-59mm (2.13-2.32 inches), Durometer 78-79a

It is also known as filmer wheels. Compared to street and park wheels, cruiser or soft skateboard wheels are slightly larger and far softer. This sort is an ideal choice for skating rough pavements and cracks.

Many people are interested in these wheels. Thanks to it, they could experience skateboarding and roll over on rough surfaces. Moreover, it makes the shot steadier and faster.

The size of Cruiser and Soft Wheel is average size for beginners and daily transporters.

With the variety in brand names, shapes, and colors, the price ranges from $20 to $50.

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Longboard Wheels

how much do wheels cost for a skateboard
  • Diameter 60+ mm ( 2.36+ inches), Durometer 75-85a

In terms of softness and size, this kind of wheel is the softest and largest available to use during pavement, cruising, and downhill racing.

A right set of longboard wheels enables players to keep their grip through corners at high speeds. The minus is the acceleration is slower, so you have to push more and get more energy. Softer wheels are very smooth and grippy, but they are difficult to slide.

With a large number of shapes, sizes, and designs, the price range is from $20 to $70.


From what has been mentioned above about how much are skateboard wheels, we may deduce that the cost depends on size, hardness, and your personal preferences.

Buying wheels requires not only the expense but also the way to choose the suitable wheels. You want to equip yourself with precise information about skateboarding to make a lucid decision. Thanks for reading and happy skating!

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