How Much Are Skateboard Trucks In 2021

Trucks are important components of a skateboard, so you would surely want answers to the question: “ How much are skateboard trucks ?”, especially in case you need a replacement.

You cannot overlook this crucial part while purchasing a skateboard. They will determine your movements and experience while riding; they can even hold back your skating if you choose the wrong ones.

As a skateboard comes at the same build with three main parts, there is a wide range of skate trucks with numerous designs, materials at different price ranges, which you should take a closer look at to avoid wasting your earnings.

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They are the metal parts that look like a T attached to the underside of the board while securely connecting the wheels to the deck, are the foundation of the skateboard. They ensure stability for your skateboard and affect your riding style.

how much do skateboard trucks cost

There are a wide variety of skate trucks

The trucks consist of many different parts: the hangers, kingpins, bushings, and axles. And these parts work in conjunction to determine the size you choose – or that will fit your board for the most stability. 

Picking the suitable skate trucks, and you can have full control of your skateboard during any tricks and runs.

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What Is The Average Price For Skateboard Trucks?

Standard skate trucks are made from cast Aluminum to premium stainless steel. You can easily grab a good pair of trucks between 30$ and 60$. I would highly not recommend cheaper ones as they usually cut down on quality, which may cost your safety.

Are Expensive Skateboard Trucks Worth The Money?

“You get what you pay for”. This common quote is also correct in this case. High-end items always feature premium materials, durable components, all of which equates to a longer lifespan and greater value for money.

Premium trucks also come with an abundance of handy features such as anti-slip bushings, ultra-responsive pivot cups, and the brand’s exclusive technologies that you can take advantage of during your games.

Above all, it is dependent on your personal preference. Newcomers or casual players would not be able to make use of the advanced features; as such, they can appreciate standard picks. On the flip side, professionals will love the details in high-performance skateboards. 

How Long Do Skateboard Trucks Last?

There are no definite answers to how long the units can sustain. It rather depends on how good the trucks’ quality is, on which aggressive you are skating and how well you maintain it. 

A well-kept pair of trucks can last between 2 to 4 years, so you do not have to worry about spending a fortune on these units.

For more precise information, check your skateboard frequently for flaws. Even something as small as a chip can have unforeseen consequences. We suggest you replace them, rather than repairing them to avoid any reduction in quality.

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What Are Skate Trucks Consisted Of?

There are so many smaller sections in trucks, let’s take a closer look at all the bits and how they will provide support as axles.

  • The base plate: It is on the board and houses a kingpin and pivot cup.
  • Axle - Located near the hanger, it is designed to extend on both ends so as for a firm hold to the wheels.
  • Pivot - It is a detail inside of the hanger, determining how smooth your turns will be.
  • Pivot Cup - It offers better cushioning to the baseplate pivot 
  • Kingpin - It is positioned on top of the baseplate, extending through the hanger to hold all the pieces together.
  • Hanger:  The connector that positions the pivot and the axles.
  • Kingpin Nut - Keep the board together with the trucks and provides further adjustability.

Which Types Of Trucks Should I Get?

After you have been informed about all the parts of skate trucks and how they work, it is time to decide! There are the 2 most anticipated types, both of which are great for different riding techniques.

Kingpin Trucks

Do not take the simple name lightly, as these kingpin variants are super customizable. Such flexible trucks are perfect for skating on streets and skateparks, thanks to their easy-to-adjust components adapting to the environment with ease.

how much are skateboard trucks

A kingpin truck

Reverse Kingpin Trucks

These ones are designed for unrivaled grip, making them perfect for sliding downhill or cruising in the suburban area. In short, longboard trucks put more emphasis on speed and stability.

how much are skate trucks

A reverse kingpin truck

If you are a casual skateboarder, the fully adjustable kingpin trucks will offer more value. Speed enthusiasts may find reverse kingpin ones more fitting to bring along their cruises.

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And that was our in-depth research on “ How much are skateboard trucks ?”. Not only can you find information on the latest average price of this part, but you can also gain more insight into products that will be worth your earnings!

 Overall, you can definitely get decent picks at around $30 to $60. You can also find dirt-cheap plastic trucks floating around the market; we heavily suggest you avoid these poor quality units at all cost! They are so brittle that after a couple jumps, they will break immediately.

We hope that by reading our tips, you will be able to find the right trucks for your favorite skateboard!

Thank you all for reading, and see you soon in the next article!

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