How Much Are Skateboard Bearings? Are They Really Expensive?

Do you have a grand passion for skateboarding or anything related to it, and bearing is an example? Does the question " How much are skateboard bearings ?" always make you ponder?

Don't worry, follow us, then your problems about price, top brands, etc., will be resolved in this article!

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First of all, we will analyze the construction of a skateboard bearing, because as you may already know, its parts are one of the key factors that determine the price on the market. 

Speaking of the composition, we guess you will shout out when you know this truth. Although skateboard bearings seem to be small, they have an incredibly complex structure. It’s consisted of seven parts, as shown below: 

how much do skateboard bearings cost

Structure Of A Skateboard Bearing


This part is a sprung split ring fitting in a groove outside to fix the shield.

Bearing shield:

On either side of the rings is a medium-sized ring that helps prevent dust or debris from getting into the ball in the bearings. 

For some brands, when buying it, you don't have to be worried much about cleaning because it already takes care of the job and is so easy to remove and install again. 

There is one more thing to say before the next part. In some cases, you can also skate without a shield, which is open or semi-open bearing. 

But when you skate without it, dirt can easily enter the ball bearing. This also means the ball bearing rolls fast because there's no barrier anymore, and you also skate faster.

Outer ring:

It is a part with a round metal exterior and creates races for the balls to roll.

Inner ring:

It is a smaller ring that sits within the outer ring, which is also what the axles fit into as you slide your bearing onto the axles.

Steel balls:

They are an important smooth circle consisting of 6 or 7 marbles. They’ll permit the bearing casing to rotate around them. 

Ball retainer:

It looks like a crown, right? Yes, the manufacturer creates a slot for the ball to roll into, then keeps the balls in place while allowing the casing to rotate around them.

Rubber seal:

It is a soft rubber ring taking responsibility for protecting a shield from dust.

Are Skateboard Bearings Really Expensive?

Actually, the cost of a skateboard bearing depends on many factors such as the brands, quality, material, or structure, as we mentioned above. However, it varies from $15 to $200. This wide range enables customers to flexibly choose any bearing based on their financial conditions. 

When we scoured the skateboard bearings forums, we found a common complaint about "Why are skateboard bearings high-priced?” This statement might be true because, first of all, you can look at the complex construction we mentioned above. 

Another reason is that skateboard bearings are precision-ground ball bearings that can withstand relatively high loads and speeds for their size.

The fact remains that almost every skateboard bearing has the same size and fits on almost any skateboard. 

But buying skateboard bearings from the same brand and type will be the best choice because they will ensure many aspects as the manufacturer promises and bring a great user experience as your expectation.

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how much are skateboard bearings

Skateboard Bearings

Top Brands You Can Trust

After resolving the price issues, you may not know where to buy skateboard bearings to get good quality and affordable prices. Do not wait any longer because below will be the answers for you.


Bones has the best reputation in the skateboard industry due to its performance and quality. Along with quality is price, it is more expensive than other brands. 

However, its products will be excellent equipment that allows you to skate effortlessly without making any noise.


This company focuses more on design than Bones. Most of its products do not have a shield, but a tungsten coating that prevents dust and reduces the ability of dirt to build up. 

Overall, its prices will be softer than Bones, and some products also have superior features to Bones. 


If you're looking for cheap bearings, Spitfire is one of the best choices. However, cheap bearings do not mean almost all of them are low-quality; in this case, you can rest assured. 

But sometimes, its products rust easily and need to be oiled often.

how much bearings for skateboard

Spitfire Burners Skateboard Bearings


We hope that after reading our article, you will find your answer to " How much are skateboard bearings ?".

Keep in mind that the best skateboard bearings won't make you a great skater right away, but they will bring you closer to your dreams with amazing experiences during the process.

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