How Long Should My Longboard Be – Practical Advice For You

In recent years, more and more people have grown fond of outdoor activities, especially longboarding, for their peace of mind. However, they often face a difficult question: “ How long should my longboard be ?” before purchasing the most suitable one.

This issue sounds like a question for yourself. The length of your board should be based on your personal preference and taste.

The following article will help you make up your mind by offering some suggestions for your wonderful experience. Take a closer look at the options, and you will find the best product with the perfect length for your needs.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Length For Your Longboard

When it comes to a longboard, one of the most important categories you need to consider is the length of your board.

A board with great length will give you an unforgettable riding experience. There are diverse options of length for you to choose from, and you should take all of them into account to find a longboard that suits you most.


This is the first and foremost thing you should decide if you wish to have a board with a suitable length. It is understandable that the length of your longboard needs to be directly proportional to your height.

how long should a longboard be

Different Options Of Length

If you are a young rider or have just started exploring the longboarding field, a board with a short length is a good choice for you. The perfect length for this type of longboard is around 34 inches, giving you a great time riding it.

A medium-length longboard is suitable for everyone, regardless of your height, riding style, and skill. A mid-sized product usually has a length of about 42 inches, allowing you to ride your board comfortably. 

When you are tall, you may find it difficult to keep balance on a tiny board. That’s why you will need a longer board to be more stable when you are on the ride. Taller riders will enjoy a board with the maximum length of about 50 inches to make the most use of their board when riding. 

It is advisable that you consider the above suggestions for your buying decision. However, it is not fixed at all, and you can freely choose the product according to your preference of length.


Considering your weight capacity is also of great importance to your final decision. A good longboard has to handle your weight well in order to provide you with a durable board for your needs.

The weight limit for a typical longboard is usually between 200 lbs and 250 lbs. It is recommended that the heavier you are, the longer your board is. In this case, your feet tend to be bigger than others, and you need to have a board with great length for stability and convenience.

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When you ride the board, your whole body’s weight will put on your feet, and a longer board will help you stay in balance without difficulties. According to your weight, getting the right length of your longboard means that you will have a better balanced center of gravity and even weight distribution on your board.

how long should my longboard be

Suitable Length For Your Weight

Style Of Longboarding

You should know that diverse longboard styles will come with different options of length. Based on your preferences, you will find a brilliant board with the perfect length as the right answer to the question, “How long should my longboard be?”.

Let’s take an in-depth look into this style factor before choosing the length for your favorite board.


If you are looking for a longboard for your daily commutes through the streets or on the way to your school, a cruiser board is an ideal choice for you.

This kind of board comes with a wide range of lengths from 28 inches up to 46 inches. You should consider your ability and skills carefully before jumping to conclusions.

A suitable length for beginners is between 32 inches and 42 inches because it will provide you with more stable turns and help you curve and stop smoother at any angle. Professional riders will enjoy the longer board length, at about 46-inch long.

If you prefer a ride that can adjust the speed easily, this cruiser will do you good. The appropriate length offers you a flexible way of riding and controlling, ensuring your satisfactory experience.

In addition, the cruiser is lightweight and easy to bring along with you on your road trip. That’s why longboard lovers need to have one for their daily use.

how long should your longboard be

Cruiser Longboard


This style of longboarding is popular among youngsters, which will give you a more thrilling ride with high speed and fast movement. Riders who love to downhill on a longboard often need a length from 35 inches to 43 inches.

If you are an amateur in downhill, it would be best to consider a 40-inch board or even longer for your safety. However, this style is more suitable for those who have already learned how to ride skillfully because the riding technique is quite difficult.

It’s a challenging form of skateboarding that involves going up and down on steep hills quickly. Your board should match up with such skill levels, allowing you to enhance your stability and balance. 

how long should my longboard skateboard be

Downhill Longboard


The name of this option speaks for itself since you can do tricks and ride your board in whatever style you want. There is no specific requirement when it comes to a freestyle longboard. 

If you are interested in this style of longboarding, you will love to have a board between 38 inches and 43 inches. The length range will suit everyone and every freestyling technique, from goofy riding, dancing to sliding.

While a shorter board with a 38-inch length will give you greater control of your ride, a longer board at 43 inches will come in handy when you want to try different movements with advanced skills and stunts.

However, if you get confused by such a range, go with a product somewhere along the lines of 40 inches to get the average length. Some common freestyling techniques are goofy riding, dancing, sliding, and all of them go well with this length range.

how long should my longboard be

Freestyle Longboarding


This style includes the high techniques of both cruising and carving at hills at a moderate speed with sharp turns and slides. It is a nice option if you are an intermediate or advanced player because freeride longboarding requires skillful riding techniques. 

This freeriding style is more complex to master than freestyling. Freeride boards have both maneuverability for tricks and stability for high speeds, so riders need to have basic skills to use this kind of longboard.

It is highly recommended that you need to go for a length between 38 inches and 42 inches. This is the most suitable length range for freeride longboarding because this range will provide you with better control over speed and direction. 

Choosing the length of your longboard should be neither shorter than 38 inches nor longer than 42 inches for the best riding time. Your stability and maneuverability cannot be assured if you don’t stick to the suggested range. 

how long should a longboard be

Freeride Longboard


After reading this article, we hope you will find your own answer to the question, “How long should my longboard be?”. The length of your longboard plays an important role in your riding experience, so you need to spend time considering it seriously.

There are many factors that will affect your decision. All you have to do is think carefully about all those options before purchasing.

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