How Long Do Skateboard Decks Last – Tips For Expanding Deck’s Lifespan

When you buy a new tool as a beginner, “how long do skateboard decks last?” is the question that always stays inside your head. Check out this article to find out the lifespan of a skateboard deck and some tips on expanding its lasting time.

Let’s dive right into it!

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It is essential to know the factors that can affect the durability of the deck. Here are some main ones that you need to keep an eye on:


As you may know, the material is one of the key factors determining the deck’s durability. The most common materials are plywood, aluminum, fiberglass, etc. However, maple wood is the best material for its resilience. 

how long does a skateboard deck last

Investing in a high-quality deck is a smart move. Still, try to choose the one on your budget to avoid overdrawing your bank account.

Riding Condition

The surface that you ride on affects directly on the deck’s life expectancy. Riding and doing tricks on rough roads can cause you to crash many times, leading to destroying your tool faster.

Finding a place that is intended for skateboarding, such as a skatepark, is a wonderful idea.

how long does a skateboard deck last

Skatepark is the best place to practice your skill.

Suppose there is no skatepark in your area; anywhere else except the road is acceptable since the asphalt causes damage to your equipment in general.

Tricks And Stunts

As a rider, being able to do complicated tricks and stunts is the ultimate goal. Yet, the harder the tricks are, the more damage you will create to your deck.

To reduce destruction, you should practice doing stunts on surfaces that are designed for skateboarding.

How You Treat Your Skateboard

The truth is the lifespan of your belongings depends on the way you treat them. Throwing a tantrum on them every time you are unsatisfied with your progress is not the way to maintain durability.

Do not throw a tantrum on them every time you are unsatisfied with your progress. Be patient


Weather has a huge impact on the lasting time of the decks. Humidity is one of the biggest enemies of wood, which is the most common deck material.

Storing them in a humid place can cause them to wear out, leading to a shorter lifespan.

how long should a skateboard deck last

Life Expectancy Of Skateboard Based On Types Of Rider

On average, the time that a skateboard can last is from two weeks to six months. However, this number can change due to the level of the riders.


For beginners, they usually go out to ride with their friends at the skatepark about three to four times a week.

Since they ride in the purpose-built environment made for skateboarding, the deck can last from six months to one year.

Daily Riders

Some only use skateboards to move from one place to another. They rarely use it to perform tricks, making the deck relatively last longer.

It can go on from one to two years for this type of rider, depending on the riding surface.

how long do skateboard decks last

Advanced Riders

Advanced riders can do all kinds of complicated stunts and tricks, which is also the reason for damaging their deck.

As a result, the lasting time of their equipment is shorter than the other types, which can vary from a week to three months.

10 Tips On Making Skateboard Deck Last Longer

Here are some useful tips that you can apply to ensure the deck’s maintenance:

1. Keep Your Skateboard In A Safe Place

Properly storing the deck is something that doesn’t get enough attention.

Do not just leave it around your house. Your family members can trip on it or even break it. Plus, never leave the deck on the cold floor since the cold temperature causes the wood to become more brittle.

how long do skateboard decks last

Storing your tool on the rack to keep it safe.

Our advice is that you should put your skateboard on a rack so no one can damage it. Another tip is to find a dry place to store it as humidity is devastating to your deck.

2. Avoid Riding In The Extreme Weather

Cold and rain can have a major impact on your skateboard. Most decks will absorb water, making the epoxy glue dissolve. Once it is soaked, it will become soggy and lose its pop.

Also, it is dangerous to skate when it’s raining because you have no grip, leading to injuries.

Hence, if your deck accidentally contacts water, drying it immediately with a hairdryer is the way to go.

3. Do Not Leaving Your Skateboard In The Car

Some people left it in the car unintentionally after a day at the skatepark. As mentioned before, the deck is sensitive to heat.

The car absorbs as much heat as possible while riding. If you leave the deck in a hot environment like that for a long period of time, the wood can warp and crook.

Thus, remember to take it with you when you get out of the car!

how long should a skateboard deck last

4. Clean The Deck Correctly

Learning how to clean your tool correctly is essential to expand its life span. You will need a dry cloth, soap, and a soft wire brush. If you do not have a wire brush, an old toothbrush will work just fine.

First, mix the soap and water in a bowl. Brush the skateboard deck with the mixture to remove dirt, mud, or sand.

Remember that the deck is sensitive to water, so do not soak it in water.

Gently clean it, then wipe it with a dry cloth. It would help if you cleaned it once in a couple of weeks to maintain good condition.

5. Avoid Skidding On The Tail Of Your Skateboard

Lots of riders get in the habit of sliding on the tail to slow down the skateboard.

However, I highly recommend you not dragging the tail on the ground since it causes a razor tail. Therefore, try to avoid doing that as much as possible.

how long should a skateboard deck last

Skateboard protectors help reduce the contact with the ground.

Another tip for protecting your deck is by purchasing a skateboard protector. It will help reduce the contact with the ground when you are doing a scrape, so you won’t have to worry about the scratching anymore.

6. Do Tricks And Stunts That Fit Your Level

The most common mistake you will want to avoid making is trying to do tricks and stunts that aren’t suitable for your level.

There is nothing wrong with trying to learn and do something new. Still, doing tricks that do not fit with your experience can be dangerous and increase the risk of breaking your deck.

It would be best if you started with the basic moves and stunts, then gradually move on to more complicated ones. In this way, you will keep yourself safe during riding and reduce the chance of damaging your belongings.

7. Practice Landing

Knowing how to land properly can help expand the deck’s lifespan, because if not, you might break it in half. 

Try to practice landing with both feet on the front or on the hole screws. Since these places are somewhere in the middle of the deck, you will be less likely to damage your skateboard.

how long do skateboard decks last

Plus, correctly landing is safer and decreases the chance of getting injuries during your practice sessions.

8. Replace The Grip Tape When It Needs To

Grip tape is an essential part that provides the traction to keep your foot on the board, particularly when performing tricks and stunts.

It also plays a role of a protecting layer underneath. Therefore, you only need to replace the grip tape when it wears down; you won’t have to buy a new deck.

how long do skateboard decks last

Replacing the grip tape to maintain the durability.

To make the deck last longer, I suggest changing the grip tape every two weeks to two months, depending on the condition of your skate.

9. Take A Break Occasionally

After a long time practicing, you can give your deck a break so that it can last a little bit longer.

It doesn’t mean you have to quit skateboarding for a couple of weeks or months. A day is more than enough.

Use this time to check and ensure that every part of the skateboard is in good condition. This way can help you timely find out if there is anything wrong with the deck.

10. Treat It Nicely

The simplest way to maintain stability is by treating it nicely. It is easy to understand that it is frustrating to try some new tricks and don’t succeed. It is normal to feel annoyed when it happens.

However, please do not throw the deck around or take out your anger on it. You might accidentally break it.

Be patient, and treat your equipment in the way it deserves.


So there you go. After reading this article, the question of “How long do skateboard decks last?” has finally had an answer. The above also contains some tips on expanding the durability.

Remember that your attitude toward your belongings plays an important role in their maintenance, so treat them nicely. If you take good care of them, they will stay with you for a long time.

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