How Do Skateboard Trucks Work

Skateboard trucks are an important component of a skating board and newbie skaters may know about it, but the question “ how do skateboard trucks work ?” is a different story. 

In this article, we will introduce the key features of a skateboard truck and bring you the guide and tips to choose the best one.

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The trucks are steering devices lying under the deck. They allow the wheels to swing or turn in a preset curve. A skateboarder controls the board by leaning in different ways.

The following is a quick rundown of the main features of a skateboard truck.

how do skateboard trucks work

Skateboard truck

Main Parts

Baseplate: The bottom part of the truck, equipped with four mounting holes attached to the board.

Hanger: This part has a T-shape, connecting to the baseplate by the bushing and kingpin 

Axle: The long pin runs straight through the hanger, keeping the skateboard wheels and bearings.

Tip: For the newbie skater, it is better to buy the skateboard truck with an axle width matching your skateboard deck's size.

Kingpin: The big bolt that runs through the hanger and into the baseplate holds these parts together.

Bushings: The urethane cushion rings covers around the kingpin to support when turning. 

Pivot: This is a part of the hanger mounted to the baseplate through a fitted seat. It helps provide the axis for turning.

Pivot Cup: A plastic cup-shaped part works as a cushion to keep the pivot in place and balance the hanger in the center.

how do skateboard trucks work 2

Main parts of a skateboard truck


The truck's material greatly affects your skateboard, especially when you are riding, flipping, or grinding.

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You can find the aluminum hanger and baseplate with steel axles are the most popular material on the market. Besides, some manufacturers also provide other types such as titanium, brushed steel, or composites.

Tip: If you are a newbie, it is better to shop a skate truck made from hollow materials so that you can perform tricks more easily. 

Truck Size

It is important to keep in mind that truck sizes are determined by the axle width. Selecting a suitable size of the skate truck will help you ride skate more comfortably wherever you are on the street, park, or skate ramp.

As mentioned above, you should choose a truck size that is nearly the same as the width of your deck. For the most part, the difference should be under 1/4 inches.

If your board's width ranges from 6.5 to 7.25  inches wide, you will need trucks with an axle length of 7.5 inches. If you have a bigger deck from 8 inches to 8.5 inches wide, an 8 inches axle will fit perfectly.

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Truck Profile

The truck profile is measured by the distance between the hanger and the bottom of the board. Depending on your style, you can select the truck profile suitable for your moves and tricks.

There are three different truck profiles:

Low profile: This shape works well with boards having small wheels from 50 to 53mm; it provides steadiness to perform the best moves.

Mid-profile: Mid-level truck is a dedicated shape for park and street skateboarding. The wheels of 53-56mm are ideal for mid-profile.

High profile: It is undoubtedly made for boards with large wheels, broadly used for a longboard or cruiser. This profile fits with wheels of 56mm and above.

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Next is the frequently asked questions of most beginners.

How Much Do Skate Trucks Cost?

There is a wide array of prices for trucks, but a good truck is generally made from high qualified material such as Aluminum, and its price is also higher. 

How To Tighten Trucks?

Each skater has his own style. Tightening or loosening the truck will decide tricks that you want to perform.

If you loosen trucks, you'll have a chance to get a creative ride and carves, but it is easier to get wobbles. And in case you want more speed and stability, tightening the trucks up, but it also gets harder to turn.

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When Should Replace The Skateboard Trucks?

The trucks need to be replaced when there are wrecked baseplates, small cracks, crooked axles. Or else, you just have to replace parts such as baseplate, kingpin, nuts, washers, bushings, pivot cup, or hanger instead of buying a new set.

how do skateboard trucks work

Controlling the skateboard

That’s a wrap

Overall, the truck is such an essential component of the skateboard; it decides the way you ride the board and the style you show.

Hope this article can give you an exact answer to the question “how do skateboard trucks work?” and also help you use the skateboard trucks properly for your impressive skating tricks.

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