How Do Skateboard Bearings Work – Useful Things to Remember

The following article - How do skateboard bearings work, includes five parts of a skateboard bearing and how they work. Moreover, we also mention different ways to take care of them and fully use their advantages.

Skateboard bearings are small, but they play an important role in a skateboard. Without them, skaters may find it hard to slide smoothly and skillfully in mini ramps or skate parks.

how do skateboard bearings work

Also, bearings are complicated machine elements from different kinds of materials and parts, so many people may not know exactly what to do when it comes to maintenance.

But worry not! With detailed information about what they are made of and how they work, we will help you deal with this problem.

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Before going into further detail about how the skateboard bearings work, it is crucial to understand what they are.

There are various types of skateboard bearings, and each kind of them has different uses. For example, if you are a beginner and want to skate in your spare time, radii axle bearing is definitely a great choice. Or you can take a set of thrust bearings or radial bearings to perform axial movement outstandingly.

Depending on axle size, a common bearing for skateboards has a 22 to 24 mm diameter with 8 to 10 mm of inner diameter and 7 mm of width.

For the wheel and its bearings can create a large amount of friction, steel or silicon nitride are some of the most common materials in making skateboard bearings.

When it comes to the structure, a common skateboard bearing has five important components.

how do skateboard bearings work

The five important parts of a skateboard bearing

At a first look, a bearing has a shield and an outer race outside. Those two components can be seen as protections to the machinery of a bearing against exterior substances.

Inside the bearing are the central parts to make it work properly: an inner race, seven iron balls, and a retainer.

But how can those small things help a skateboard roll? We will reveal it in the next part.

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How Do Skateboard Bearings Operate

When you slide, the friction between the skateboard wheels and the road is much larger than it is when rolling. And that enormous friction leads to slow your skateboard down.

So it is noticeable that things roll much better than they slide. With that idea, skateboard bearing is designed to make skaters skate smoother.

When you push your skateboard, the seven iron balls in the bearings roll, and the outer race rotates. Meanwhile, the inner race stays stationary. Then combining a huge amount of force from the board and the skater, your skateboard will slide as smoothly as butter.

A skateboard comes with four wheels, and each of them always needs two bearings to roll. Those two bearings do not completely contact each other, for they will create friction, or sometimes they do not share the same move, which affects your sliding experience badly.

To prevent that, people use a spacer to separate the two bearings. With it, there is no need to worry about the damage your wheels may get when used.

What Are The Maintenance Needed For Your Skateboard Bearings

Bearings are small, but their impact on your ride is major. Without them, your wheel can not roll properly no matter how hard you try. So it is vital to take care of them regularly.

The maintenance needed for your skateboard bearings is to clean and provide the necessary lubricant to them. The work may be simple, but if you don’t do it in the right way, your bearings may get serious damage.


This act means to wipe out all the dirt and grease inside your bearings. Those two are the main substances making the balls not slide smoothly or, in some cases, stop rolling entirely.

how do skateboard bearings work

Skateboard bearings with grease and dirt

To deal with this, use a dry cotton cloth and gently scrub the dirt and grease outside. Then, unbind the shield and soak your bearings in a cleansing solution. After that, take them out and place them on a clean towel.

Before applying lubricant to your bearings, make sure they are absolutely dry. If not, the stagnant water inside them may cause rust.

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Applying Lubricant

For the bearings to work in the right way, not only cleansing but applying lubricant is also what you need to do.

how do skateboard bearings work 2

Applying lubricant

After putting the lubricant on, spin the bearing for a few rounds to give all the components inside it the oil they necessitate.

But remember two points: only use the lubricating oil specialized for skateboard bearings, and just two to three drops of that oil are enough for a bearing.

Sum Up

And this is the end of the article - How Do Skateboard Bearings Work. We hope you have got the information you need about your bearings to make good use of them.

Thank you so much for your reading!

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