How Are Skateboard Trucks Made – A Deep Dive

Skateboard trucks are one of the essential parts to decide the riding experience of your deck. Therefore, understanding how are skateboard trucks made can help you choose the materials, sizes, widths, and colors you need for an excellent board.

In this article, our experts will cover some helpful information about the manufacturing process of high-quality skateboard trucks.

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You will want to know the structure of your board trucks first! Commonly, there are several components that make up skateboard trucks:

how are skateboard trucks made

Parts of skateboard trucks

  • Base plate: the foundation of the truck. The base plate connects to the board with four bolts. You can also find the pivot cup and kingpin on the base plate.
  • Axle: the long pin made of steel or titanium that runs through the hanger. It should be close to the sides of your board to fit to a T. All axle nuts need a ⅜-inch wrench socket.
  • Hanger: the most important and largest element of your trucks. It connects to the base plate via the bushings and kingpin. Under the hanger is the pivot, which stays in the pivot cup.
  • Kingpin: a big, solid bolt that links the base plate to the hanger. It decreases the weight of your trucks and controls the pressure when you grind on bushings.
  • Bushings: they help control the turning movements. Bushings are soft, polyurethane rings that are placed upon the kingpin. They allow your skateboard to pivot and turn smoothly.
  • Washers: metal discs that lie below and above the bushings. Washers maintain the forces on the board, which help to create a comfortable ride.
  • Speed rings: Smaller washers are called speed rings. They are located between the hangers and bearings. Speed rings help to stop the bearings from rubbing against other elements in the trucks.

Materials To Make Skateboard Trucks

Most skateboard trucks are made of aluminum. There are other materials as well, such as brass, titanium, steel, or nylon. However, if you want to purchase a high-quality skateboard, aluminum trucks are the way to go.

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Aluminum skateboard trucks

Aluminum is lightweight, biodegradable, and can grind well. With aluminum trucks, you will gain a better riding experience. In contrast, steel is heavier, stronger, and lasts longer, but it will weigh your deck down.

How Are Skateboard Trucks Made

After going through every part of the trucks, let’s see how manufacturers create these things in reality. Typically, there are two ways of making skateboard trucks, including die casting and gravity casting:

Die Casting

Die casting is a process that produces complex metal elements by using molds called dies. It means that the combination of metal is pressed into the mold under great pressure. Die casting contains utilizing metal, die casting machine, and furnace.

how are skateboard trucks made

Die casting

Here, manufacturers melt aluminum in the furnace, inject the material into dies in a cold die casting machine because aluminum requires a high melting temperature. Die casting accelerates the process and allows aluminum to be squeezed into little corners.

As a result, die casting creates accurate and thin corners and edges, which can only be made via this method.

Gravity Casting

Gravity casting is a process in which the molten aluminum is poured from a spoon into the mold. The aluminum is filled by making gravity pull in the combination.

how are skateboard trucks made 3

Gravity casting

During this process, aluminum slowly flows into each corner. It prevents air bubbles from appearing as well. Gravity casting delivers a great surface finish thanks to rapid solidification.

Additionally, producing skateboard trucks by gravity casting is affordable and more durable. Nevertheless, it may take a lot of time for the whole process to complete.

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Whether you are new to skateboarding or a professional, getting to know how are skateboard trucks made is crucial.

Not only does it help you to further understand your favorite brands and manufacturers, but it also makes the task of choosing an outstanding set of trucks much easier.


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