Helpful tips to clean your skateboard wheels

When you ride your skateboard, wheels are the parts contacting directly to the ground, so it will be dirty, of course. In almost case, we can clean the wheels and make it look as nice as the initial time, but sometimes we can't. At that time, it is better to purchase a new replacement.

 But in this article, we are pleased to show you how to clean the wheels first before you decide whether to get the new set or not. It is not only recommended for the normal skateboards but also the best cruiser skateboards, too.

How to clean the wheels step-by-step

To clean anything, the first thing you should do is to take it off the entire body. So do the skateboard wheels. If you want to clean them, you have better remove them from the trucks, then have the bearings removed from them, too. So you have single wheels to do your work.

Use a damp towel to clean the wheels carefully, especially the contact patch which touches the ground. You will see how important it is to remove the bearings, since you may make them wet while cleaning the wheels, which may lead to their damage.

Do you know how to clean the bearings? Let us show you. First, prepare a q-tip, insert it between the wheels and bearing while spinning the wheels. Make sure you don't remove too much oil off the bearings and remember to add the lubrication into them with specific skateboard oils, for example, Bones Speed Cream. 

The full guideline on how to clean skateboard wheels

First of all, remove both the wheels and bearings off the board, soak them in the mixture of hot water and dish soap for minutes, scrub them and put them out for dry. Do it more carefully if you are cleaning the kids skateboards since these parts are quite smaller than normal.

Removing The Wheels

You may need a specific tool for this work, such as a wrench to loosen the nuts on the axles. Put the wheel spacers in a certain place and ensure that you will lose them later.

Removing The Bearings

Removing the bearings is a little bit difficult than the wheels, so we have a step-to-step guideline for you:

1. Hold the wheels firmly in your palm in order to expose the bearings.

2. Use the bearing to insert the wheel onto the axle of the truck.

3. Push on the wheel to get the bearing out.

4. Do again with the remaining side to remove all the bearings.

Cleaning The Wheels

According to experienced skaters, soaking the dirty wheels in the mixture of hot water and dish soap in some minutes.

Then, scrub the entire wheels with a toothbrush or a small rag, don't forget the contact patch since it is the dirtiest part and plays an important role in how smoothly your skateboard rolls. Ensure to clean all small corners and spaces.

Almost bearings seats have dirty oil inside them after a period of time. There are also other things stuck on the wheels while you ride the skateboard around the streets. The mixture of hot soapy water will help you to get rid of such hard-to-remove substances more easily.

However, since wire brush can scratch the paint on the wheels, you have better do it carefully. In case you can't, use the toothbrush instead of. 

The next step is to wait for the wheels to dry. Make use of a dry towel to wipe the wheels and remove anything left after the cleaning process.

Some helpful products you can use to clean your skateboard wheels

You have better use dish soap to clean the wheels because this liquid is effective in removing not only dirt but also oil and grease. WD-40 is not highly recommended since after using this, the wheels remain some residues that may collect dirt. In case you are a beginner and don’t know too much about the skateboard, you can find the best beginner skateboard here as well as detailed tips.

Any kind of automotive hand cleaners is also an ideal option, such as Fast Orange. This has a feature of removing grease. Wash them with water until you see the wheels are completely clean. With the details which are hard to reach, a small brush is helpful.


The next and final step is to resemble the bearings and the wheels into the skateboard. Put the bearings on the axles, and press. Repeat with the remaining. Then, take a spacer and put on, then the wheel, finally the other spacer. Use a tool to screw the nuts on the axles.

There is a thing you need to keep in mind: leave enough space (about 1mm) so that the wheel can wiggle and the bearings can spin without any trouble. 


In this article, we have shown you step-by-step on how to clean your skateboard wheels. Since it is a technical issue, it may be hard to understand somewhere. So, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to let us know by commenting below. We hope that you will succeed from the first try. Good luck!

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