Gullwing Sidewinder Trucks Review – Increase Your Performance

If you are a diehard fan of skateboarding, you cannot go wrong with this Gullwing sidewinder trucks review from our experts. The gullwing sidewinder is from Sector 9- a well-known skateboard brand when it comes to remarkable products.

These skateboard trucks are made from the 356 aluminum and Chromoly, which many experts consider to be the “gold standard” of the industry. They are strong, durable, well-grind, and light weight.

Therefore, stay with us till the end to fully explore all the unbelievable features of these sidewinder trucks!

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Let’s get to know some of the outstanding components of these trucks first!

Double Kingpin Setup

This is the most significant feature that separates the Gullwing sidewinder from other regular skateboard trucks available on the market. The trucks provide two different points of turn, which makes your deck ride higher and smoother than normal boards.

gullwing sidewinder trucks review

Double kingpins

These kingpins allow you to steer further and narrower for greater maneuvering around the streets and sidewalks. They are also effective in bringing the most out of your kickbacks and make them seem effortless.

One more significant thing is that you can change into a single kingpin truck by eliminating the middle joint, which is very easy and convenient for those who want to surf on one kingpin.

Two Hanger Sizes

Another excellent feature to dig deeper into is that the gullwing sidewinder trucks are available in two hanger sizes: 9 and 10 inches.

gullwing sidewinder review

Different hanger sizes

The hanger, which we can measure from one axle tip to another, is made with the solid 356 aluminum. It is durable enough to tolerate rough bumps when you perform crazy tricks on the road or dive into the deepest carves.

Additionally, thanks to the metal construction of the hanger, you can sustain your trucks for a very long time, even when your skateboard wears off.

With various sizes, you are able to freely choose the one that fits your board best.

86 To 90a Durometer Bushings

One more thing that makes up the great gullwing sidewinder trucks is a wide range of durometer barrel/cone bushings. Commonly, the durometer will tell how soft or hard they are.

In terms of these Sector 9’s trucks, they are pretty hard, which secures a better lifespan. While the top bushings offer a better riding experience with smooth cuts and turns, the bottom ones give the bounce up like parish trucks. As a consequence, you get a brilliant carving around the streets.

Pros And Cons Of The Gullwing Sidewinder Trucks

Any product would have its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s figure out about what we like about these trucks and what can be improved!

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Explore The Pros Of These Trucks

In terms of material, owing to the sturdy, high-quality 356 aluminum, the trucks are strong, reliable, and enhance your performance, whether you ride on the street, in the pool, or on sidewalks.

gullwing sidewinder 2 review

Gullwing Sidewinder Trucks

The gullwing sidewinder’s rotation mechanics also run nicely. It is easier for skaters to turn smoothly with a dual pivot hanger, even when encountering sharper turns. You can handle more than 30 mph on the vanguard topographic at ease as well.

Regarding tight turns, the two kingpins serve as a narrower curvature than other ordinary boards on the market. Plus, the 89a durometer barrel and cone-shaped bushings also help to bounce effortlessly.

Of course, there are several color options that you can choose to fit the personal preference on skateboard buildings. All of them are simple and pleasing to the eyes.

But Don’t Ignore The Cons

The trucks are approximately 40 pounds due to metal construction. For those who cannot stand a heavyweight board, this point is worth reconsidering.

If you are a complete novice at skateboarding, think carefully before purchasing the gullwing sidewinder trucks. Because they are too sensitive to the slightest movements, beginners may find it difficult to control the board.

Additionally, the gullwing trucks do not come with hardware. Instead, they contain the nuts to connect the wheels, but not with those nuts and screws to attach them to the deck. Therefore, you may want to buy another hardware kit to build them all together.


With excellent characteristics, the Sector 9 gullwing sidewinder trucks review would be a reliable companion when riding. You would have a smooth, outstanding performance and get a greater balance on the sharp turns with these high-quality trucks.

Whether you are an amateur or a pro skater, the trucks will get the job done well for you. Just arrive at a local skate shop, give these items a try, and see how they perform!

Thank you for reading!

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