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Enuff Trucks Review – What Makes It Worth Purchasing

Have you ever heard about the Enuff brand before? Are you looking for an Enuff trucks review? You are in the right place. With this guide, we will give you a better look at this brand to help you decide whether Enuff is worth buying. Let’s keep on reading to find out.

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Highlight Features

Below are the elements that make Enuff an outstanding brand:


The materials are what prove the quality of Enuff products. The aluminum material leads to much lower truck weight and stronger mechanical properties.

enuff trucks review

Enuff supplies high-quality material

You will also experience much smoother rides and gain better control with these products. So if you are on the hunt for well-constructed trucks, Enuff is the name to remember.


Many skaters prefer lighter trucks due to the ability to perform better tricks. That’s the reason why Enuff gains popularity since its products are in lightweight classification.

With a weight of 306 grams (about 0.67 pounds), these trucks make the skateboard response faster when you do flips and jumps. The downside is that they have more pop, making it harder to control the board in general.

However, when it comes to choosing a product, it depends on your personal partiality. So if you prefer more pop, we say go for it.


The truck height is the distance between the axle and the deck. Enuff truck’s height is 48 millimetres (about 1.89 inches), so they fall into the low trucks category. This measurement makes them an ideal choice for small wheels.

When you use low trucks, the sliding force acting through your legs to your board is closer to the ground, leading to more steadiness and an easy sliding experience. The lower the trucks, the narrower the pop angles, bringing you less pop and more control during skating sessions.


When we say truck width, we usually refer to the hanger measurement, which is the part that keeps the axle in place. Ideally, the truck width should coordinate precisely with the skate deck width.

Enuff offers wide truck sizes, from 129 millimetres (5.07 inches) to 139 millimetres (5.47 inches). This range is suitable for most of the skate decks available on the market.

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This brand has one of the best designs on the market. The products come with the brand’s logo and in all colours to give you various options to choose from. They have a 19.5 degrees kingpin angle which improves the turning and offers more stability.

enuff decade pro trucks review

Trucks with colourful design

Enuff also has the decade version with satin finish baseplate, which works great in dealing with force. Thus, they give you more support for landing and doing tricks.

Pros And Cons


  • High-quality build quality
  • Reasonable price range
  • Beautiful and practical design
  • Various size selections


  • Not provide many height choices
  • More pop, harder to control

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Enuff A Good Trucks Brand?

The short answer is yes. The brand not only supplies high-quality products but also keeps them at an affordable price point. Hence, it is perfect for people of all levels, especially for those who just start their skating journey.

How Long Do Enuff Trucks Last?

The lasting time of Enuff trucks is anywhere between one to three years, depending on your aggressive skating level. Try to check the bushings on the items regularly to spot any wear-out sign so that you will always have safe and secure skating sessions.

Which One Is Better: Low Or High Trucks?

Each has its advantage. The low trucks provide more control since they create a smaller pop angle. Also, the lower platform for your non-pushing foot brings you comfort while pushing long distances.

On the other hand, the high ones make it easier for you to keep the balance as they are more stable compared to the low height. Overall, it depends on your needs and the performance that you are working on.

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So there you have the honest Enuff trucks review that you have been seeking for. You now have a better understanding of the brand and what it can offer after reading this piece of writing. We hope that you will be able to decide if Enuff is the right truck brand for you.

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