Does your height affect your skateboarding learning

The bigger guys would find it more difficult to learn to play skateboarding due to their higher pressure on the board than normal ones’ and also they have to put more strength for gestures and motions. 

People may think that skateboarding players seem to go against the center of gravity. For those who have not understood, it is a pragmatic wonder. The skateboarders do not go against the center of gravity but they utilize it by their physical power.

Skateboarding does not embrace any restriction of tallness or heaviness. All things it includes are your effort, patience, and resilience to stand up after many falls. If you want to know more ways to achieve all of these things, let See also at skateadvisors blog.

Does your height affect your skateboarding learning?

Let’s have a look at the masters of skateboarding in the world such as Tony Hawk and Andrew Reynolds. They are all tall but still perform miracles in their skateboarding career.

That could be an explanation for the assumption that height is considered a hindrance to tall people to take up skateboarding. That is just an unwarranted reason while the key is the tall have to make more effort to achieve a good result. 

Thanks to being well-informed about the insight into the impetus and equilibrium, some big skateboarders know to choose a board of greater size to use before going on with the normal-sized board.

Though this can facilitate their practice but they also have to pay attention to equip more safety accessories like quality helmet, knee and elbow pads in order to protect themselves when falling multiple times

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Should the giant players use a larger-sized board?

In order to redeem the impact of an increased center of force and the needed strength to push the board, some taller players pick the bigger boards. Whether this is acknowledged to bring a good result for the skateboarding learning process, it is only effective when skating through a slope.

 But in the context of performing tricks, a normal-sized board will be better to ease the difficulty of the tricks. Of course you will get uncomfortable when putting your big feet on the board for sure, but practice will accustom yourself to that thing.

Therefore, the bigger players can embark on playing skateboarding using the usual methods and of course, you can use the bigger-sized board if you get better and more comfortable with it.  

Generally, the important technique to improve your skateboarding skill when you are a bigger guy is to make an attempt to balance with your center of force on the board to push yourself ahead more easily. Remember that this snag is unavoidable so there are no other choices but to try to overcome it 

Bigger players are also required to keep it safe when riding

More Height, More Injury-Prone

The taller you are, the more prone to injury you get. Above all, the bigger people can sustain a more serious injury than the smaller ones because according to some studies, the bigger people take more time to react to unexpected incidents. 

When they are riding, it is more possible that they fall off the board, and thereby, they are more liable to be hurt. Therefore, equipping yourself with safety gear is the most crucial step. Starting with purchasing a quality helmet and knee and elbow guard, and then choosing a board with the right size.

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In short, you can not take a shortcut when you are a big guy but aspire to master skateboarding. It needs your earnest effort. But sometimes, being a big skater also has an edge, for example, when you accidentally meet some normal skaters in the public place, they will not pick a quarrel with you, right? If you go down the slope, obviously your speed will be incredibly fast. 

Just believe in your ability, unwind, and enjoy your own learning process. No need to make a comparison with the other skateboarders. Totally focus on practicing earnestly and it will pay off!

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