Does it matter to skateboarder on wet surfaces

Skateboarders, especially the beginners might wonder that does it matter to skate on damp grounds. When the deck and bearing of your skateboards are soaked with water, they will be degraded seriously. 

The deck will be distorted and the bearings will get rusty. Besides the degradation of the skateboard quality, it could also be a serious danger for the skater if they skated on the bad surfaces. Hence, playing skateboarding on sopping surfaces is not a recommended action.

You actually have tons of things to learn more about skateboarding on the sopping surface and what would be suggested if that were an unavoidable situation. Prior to skating on sopping sidewalks, let’s figure out what would occur and how to better your waterlogged board if possible. 

Does it matter to skater on wet surfaces

The risks of skating on sopping sidewalk

Skating on sopping sidewalks is both detrimental to the skateboard and the players themselves. Down below, we list some possible risks

  • Rusty trucks and bearings:

Soaked trucks and bearings will for sure become rusty and even suffer from getting ruined when they are drenched with the water. Then it would be a concerning risk for the skaters. 

The Dangers of Skateboarding on Wet Pavement

Skateboarding on wet pavement is not only bad for the board itself but also for the skateboarder. Here are some of the dangers:

Rusted Bearings and Trucks. Wet bearings and trucks will certainly rust and breakdown when they are wet, becoming a danger to the rider. Only a small amount of dew on the surface clinging to these two parts does degrade them. We all know that the price of bearings is comparatively various.

The Dangers of Skateboarding on Wet Pavement

Considering how cheap they might be, you would probably desire to substitute them if they get soaked. If they are costly, you will instantly remove them from the board, wipe them with a towel or tissues with the support of your hairdryer, spread lube and reassemble them. 

  • A peril to skaters:

Being wet makes your wheels less grasp on the sidewalk which is considered to be a latent risk for the skaters if they ride in a sopping public place or grounds. If the tracks were left on the surface after a while of riding and doing tricks, the surface is so sopping that you had better not ride on it. You may be out of hand on the board and aquaplane which highly results in an acute scratch and pain. 

Given those above grounds, skateboarding on the sopping sidewalk is totally a not-to-do thing unless you actually ignore the harmful effect on your skateboard. For many skaters, it is kind of a novel thing to challenge themselves to check whether they are able to work on skating on the wet grounds and still do impressive techniques. 

Some signs to show your skateboard is saturated

No more scenario occurring to you is worse than when you try carefully in order not to skate into pools of water but then all of a sudden, you clumsily make your board land exactly in that area. If then you noticed that your skateboard is saturated, your deck might be damaged and you would need to substitute for the entire part. 

Some signs can show whether your board is saturated

The sound

Once your board is saturated, it will create the noises that you do not think of which sound like somethings were muffled in your trucks. A way you can do to check it is to remain in force on the tail or nose of the board and ride through a rigid ground. If the board was not saturated, the sound it makes would be as good as when you land after doing a technique. Saturated boards will be less bouncy and make a bizarre noise.

The weight

When boards are saturated, it will be a lot weightier than the normal one. To be specific, they could be basically twice weightier. After that, you can notice that nicks and cracks on them as the glue that connect the layers of skateboards is almost tacky. 

What can you do to make a sopping skateboard dry?

If you unintentionally let your board in the rain for a while, it is highly possible that your board is going to get damaged and you have to purchase a brand-new one. See also: 

 You may manage to dry it by putting it in the sun, this is not really a feasible way 

But in case, your board are just wet for 10 or 15 minutes, we suggest you some steps to do down below:

If your skateboard gets wet just a little bit caught in the rain for 10 minutes or so, here is what you should do:

  • Unscrew the truck from the deck. Towel all the parts carefully. 
  • Detach the wheels and so the same as the first step with the inner and outer bearings. Spread the lubricant over the bearings. This should be done one day after your board getting wet to avoid being rusted
  • Let your board to absorb the sun with the grip tape upwards. If you could not do it because of the rainy day, you could let it in a garage for a long duration.
  • In order to check whether your board gets dry or not, throw it down over the ground and pay attention to the sound it creates. If it sounds normal, it will be already fine and then put all parts together again
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