List Of Different Types of Skateboards

Let’s face it, at a certain point in our youth, we all wanted to get a skateboard. We used to relish the sight of older teenagers performing tricks and stunts, wishing we could do the same. Now, whether you want one for leisure or want to use it for transportation, it’s essential to know the different types of skateboards available in the market. 

If you’re a beginner, make sure you check out some of the best skateboard for beginners here. Beginner, amateur or professional, it’s important that you follow certain safety precautions because skateboarding isn’t as easy as it seems. 

In its earlier days, skateboards used to come with clay or wooden wheels. However, as the years have passed by, the board’s material has evolved. For example, the wheels now come in plastic, rubber, and silicon, each serving a unique purpose. 

Mini Boards

When skating first began, mini boards were the most common type. Although, these days they have been separated from the mainstream and are left for the children. The small size is more suitable for you if you have a toddler at your home and he’s preparing for the real thing. 

mini boards

Due to the smaller size, children tend to grow out of it and soon demand a bigger skateboard. However, the small size should not distract you from the benefits of the mini boards. They are fun to perform tricks and stunts in the park or just your backyard. 

If your kid dreams to be a pro skater one day, starting with a mini-board is the best option there is. They come with skatepark wheels, while you can find and order them online easily. 

Old School Boards

Among other things, the deck is the main feature that helps you identify an old school board. The boards come in the shape of a fishtail, which means it’s not as hard to identify them as you may think. 

On a general note, excluding the smaller nose, every part and piece of the skateboard is bigger than usual. The wheels, the tail and the board itself are shaped in a way that looks old fashioned, yet classy. This is where the name 'old school' comes from.

Old School Boards

The boards also come with graphics and designs that are protected with cheater sticks. The rails you can see underneath are there to help you balance, eliminating the need to balance the front and back wheels yourself. The rails also help if you find yourself skating on rough terrain. 

Cruiser Boards

Most of the time, cruiser boards are identified by looking at the type of wheels a skateboard comes with. What’s great about cruisers is that any type of skateboard can be turned into a cruiser board, all you need to do is replace its original wheels with softer ones. 

cruiser boards

With bigger and softer wheels, you not only have fun while skating, but you can also ride to a farther destination quicker. 

Mini Cruisers

Now that we know what mini and cruiser boards are, mini cruisers are exactly what you’re expecting - the same size as of the mini boards but with softer and wider wheels. However, these boards are only for cruising; it may disappoint you if you try doing tricks.

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Moreover, you may find the smaller size convenient for carrying around. However, you won’t be able to freeride or perform downhill races.


Longboards, of course, have longer boards. They are usually wider and longer than cruiser boards. In addition to having soft wheels, they are also more reliable. They are also easier to ride because of a more balanced structure, making them a good fit for beginners.


If you’re looking for some downhill racing or cruising, longboards are the one to go for. Also, many people now participate in longboard dancing and freestyling, which includes tricks and stunts in a very fluid manner. 

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Downhill Skateboards

These skateboards are for professionals and are designed for those who travel long distances. The skateboard helps you achieve higher speeds without any disruptions or wobbles. 

Downhill Skateboards

Because of their enhanced balancing techniques, you may have seen professionals drifting and turning easily, even when going at speeds of about 45 miles an hour. 

Which is the Best for You?

Now that we have seen the different types of skateboards you can get, it’s time to see the difference in quality available. 

When buying a wooden skate, it’s important to look for anything plastic. If you do find something made from plastic, it’s best you avoid it and look for an alternative. Regarding the deck, you will just know what a good deck feels like. If you don’t think it’s strong enough, simply don’t buy it. 

Here are the top 10 best skateboard brands that we know do not compromise on quality. 


Whether you decide to get mini boards, old school or longboards, what really matters is the quality and its build. Start with something small and basic, then work your way up to a professional, downhill skateboarding level.

Remember, no matter what you go for, always take the recommended safety precautions.

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