Different Types Of Longboards, Which One Is Right For You?

Just step into a skate shop, and you’ll instantly get confused by an overwhelming display of different types of longboards. And it's not just for looks. There is a rationale for each type, arrangement, and shape. 

That implies that if you want to try different riding styles, such as carving, downhill bombing or long-distance riding, you will need to purchase several types.

Longboarding success and satisfaction depends on a few basic criteria. Because each longboard has its unique configuration, it is preferable to examine the various varieties of longboards.

which longboard is right for me

This will assist you in selecting the finest longboard for your needs. So why don’t we go over the many varieties of longboards in this guide? Let's get started!

Choosing the right longboard for your style is similar to finding the appropriate bag. Every backpack can carry stuff, but each one is created for a particular purpose and is meant to carry various items. 

You can find out which one will work best once you decide out how you want to use the board. There isn't an ideal one-size-fit-all longboard for every skater's style.

Cruiser Longboard

For almost every rider, this is the most fundamental starting point. Cruising is exactly what it sounds like: rolling down the road or through the park with pals and having a good time. This longboard style will be more straightforward than any other.

The majority of cruising boards are top-mounted, which means they sit on top of the trucks. Pintails are the most common shape (like a surfboard).  

which longboard is right for me

With large, smooth wheels that glide smoothly and avoid catching on pavement cracks or bumps, the cruiser longboard is a time well spent to carve. 

Longboards in the cruiser form are perhaps the ones you're most familiar with. Another board in this realm is the mini cruiser. It's not as forgiving as a cruiser board, but it is portable.

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Downhill Longboard

This board is specifically built for downhill riding, as the name suggests. Longboards for bombing or downhill riding are built of high-quality materials since they must withstand harsh conditions. 

Downhill longboarding is all about speed, with speeds ranging from 50 to 65 mph. Extreme longboarders may reach speeds of 80-90 mph. 

Many factors combine to determine your real speed, including your riding style, ability to push and pump, the slope gradient, your weight, the design of the board you're riding, your speed tuck, and braking capacity.

which longboard is right for me 3

So, when it comes to speed, we're mostly concerned with stability and turning abilities. You will lose speed on bends and total time if you are unable to turn. 

Because you'll be riding lower, you'll have more stability. Downhill longboards should provide ample foot room as well as a stable position that allows you to move more quickly. 

Smaller boards with top mount decks (trucks positioned under the deck) are preferred by advanced longboarders. It will help you to get smoother turning at the price of lower stability because they are higher off the ground. 

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Carving Longboard

A development that is similar to cruising but is a little more refined. Leaning into turns and laying them down smoothly and consistently. Carving is a great experience, and even the most experienced carvers enjoy putting on a show. 

Carving boards are usually built up similarly to cruisers but with a higher concave. When you lean in either way, the concave on the top of the board holds your feet securely in place.

which longboard is right for me 4

To counteract wheel bite and allow you to carve deeper, most boards have a wheel well carved into them (similar to a vehicle but on a considerably smaller size). 

The board's ultra-soft wheels help it maintain traction at all times. The aim is to hold and lean as far into the curve as possible rather than sliding. Almost any cruising board will allow you to carve and vice versa.

Features Of Carving Longboards

What qualities do we want in an excellent carving board? Your movements have a good response, and the deck returns a reasonable amount of energy.

  • For efficient carving, a mid-size deck in size range of 32”- 42” works well. The smaller the deck and wheelbase, the slower the reaction to generate momentum. When the rig is too big, it gets slow.
  • Top Mount decks provide the best leverage over the trucks and have excellent turn response. Some of the best carving longboards are made up of a mix of commuter style and top mount boards.
  • The greatest carving decks have a good amount of flex, which allows for a lively and dynamic follow-through.
  • Another important element is the cambered platform. The deck slopes slightly towards the edges because the center of the board is higher than the sides. It increases the springiness of the deck, allowing for faster carving.
  • You can increase wheel clearance thanks to large wheel cuts and wheel wells. Carving necessitates tight bends and might result in wheelbite (wheels touching the board).
  • Some boards include sidecuts, which are thinner in the middle of the deck to reduce torsional stiffness between the rider's feet and give them more control over the turning radius.

Freeride Longboards

Freeride skating is a distinct discipline. These boards are still a lot of fun to cruise and carve on, but they're not as sensitive or forgiving. It's a skating style with a lot more slides and a lot more speed than the previous two.

which longboard is right for me 5

Longboards come in various forms and sizes, with somewhat smaller wheels that allow the skater to glide. 

Sliding is when you let the wheels lose traction and the board slides to the side. Sliding wheels are the construction of a tougher urethane composition that releases when pushed into a fast slide.

Drop-through decks are the most popular type of freeride board. Drop-throughs have holes drilled into the board that allow it to dangle from the bolts beneath the trucks. As a result, they sit closer to the ground, making them more stable for sliding and speed.

Freeride boards come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, with various concaves and cambers for more stable foot placement on slides and better control at greater speeds. You can use a double-drop in several of the designs.

The board is lowered even further to the ground by the double drops than by the truck mounts on both sides. They also provide an additional surface against which to put your foot while you perform various feats and slides.

Free-riders commonly wear gloves to allow them to drag one hand for balance while they slide and get as low to the ground as possible. If you plan on freeriding, make sure you have padding and a helmet to keep you safe at high speeds!

Drop-Through Longboards

We highly recommend a drop-through longboard. It looks like any other skateboard, but the deck has a cutout in it. Because of the cutout, the trucks fit well on the board, making it fantastic for freeriding. 

which longboard is right for me 6

If a board is ideal for all-around longboarding, it would have to be a drop-through, which has grown extremely popular among longboarders.

Are you curious about the pros and cons of a drop-through longboard? First, about the pros. A Drop-Through longboard is commonly used for traveling at high speeds. It has a shallow platform, which improves stability when riding at fast speeds.

It's simple to use, and you may adjust the pace to suit your needs. Tops other longboards in terms of flexibility, making it suitable for all types of longboarders.

A drop-through longboard is the best choice for carving at moderate speeds. The ideal choice for free-riders since the rider's center of gravity is low, allowing them to slide over their boards.

Next is about cons when you use a drop-through longboard. Because your weight is distributed across all eight bolts, there is a loss of strength due to their flexibility.

They're made for cruising and carving. Therefore, they're not appropriate like all types of longboards for skaters. Because of its unusual configuration, the drop-through longboard is more drifty and unstable on different surfaces.

The tendency of drop-through longboards to wander is a disadvantage for downhillers in action. They have shaky hands. Because the front deck is lower, you won't be able to make quick bends.

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Freestyle Longboard

There's a lot of misunderstanding about the differences between freeride and freestyle, and it's understandable given the names! You may call it anything you want, but freestyle skating is a completely separate world in the imaginations of most skaters.

which longboard is right for me 7

It even has a dance component to it. It's considered a more expressive kind of skating in which you strive to flow as much as possible without necessarily going as fast.

Freestyle includes sliding on even terrains, whereas freeride is primarily concentrated on slopes and slides. It frequently contains flatland-style stunts as well. It's a more amiable, progressive relative.

Freestyle boards resemble Freeride boards in appearance. However, the decks are generally less rigid, and the wheels come with a higher level of hardness.

The decks can be larger for more room to walk around and perform tricks, and the style is nearly always a drop through. Like a street skateboard, they may feature a kicktail. Different style longboards can bring you cool poses for any photo shoot.

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Bamboo Longboards

Longboards made of bamboo are extremely light and flexible. This longboard type is incredibly popular among the younger generation since it allows them to execute tough and cool feats. 

The bamboo longboard should be your first pick if you're going on a picnic or camping vacation and want to bring your longboard with you.

which longboard is right for me 8

These longboards are entirely organic and stylish, in addition to being lightweight. Bamboo longboards of superior quality may let you experiment with a variety of tricks and put together an exceptional performance. 

The only disadvantage is that it is difficult to replace the wheels, which can be overlooked considering the low cost and excellent efficiency of these longboards.

Pintail Longboard

The teardrop form of pintail longboards allows for deep carving with lower risk of wheel bite. They are the best choice for cruising and carving on flat areas and hilltops.

Because of the overall length and large platform for the rider's feet, it is a perfect fit for novices. Because of the top-mounted trucks, a pintail longboard is tall. Pintails are usually 38 to 46 inches long and 9 to 10 inches wide.

which longboard is right for me 9

Another important element to consider while picking the right longboard is the rider's height. The size of your feet is related to your height. Your feet should be firmly planted on the board and not hanging.

Another factor to consider is your weight, which influences the board's overall flexibility and maneuverability. Riders who are heavier should select a larger board and vice versa. 

Dance Longboard

Longboard dance is all the rage in Europe, and there is a devoted following in the United States as well. As you try new longboard techniques, you'll need a lot of balance and a willingness to tumble. 

which longboard is right for me

The large deck provides enough room for spinning, crossing your feet, and walking the board. For manuals and shuvits, they frequently feature a kick tail and nose. 

The majority of dancing boards are flat with a small amount of camber. This keeps them ready for tricks while allowing you to move your feet naturally. This is the style for you if you're mostly interested in flatland longboard tricks with the occasional small hills.

Fishtail Longboard

The Fishtail longboard is easily identified by the signature split in one tail, as the name suggests. The pintail longboard and the fishtail longboard have a lot in common. The tail of fishtail longboards is the basic feature that distinguishes the two longboards.

The tail not only adds to the overall appearance but also lets you enjoy the classic surf style. Aside from that, the fishtail longboard's split tail allows us to turn sharply with ease.

Twin Longboard

The twin skateboard, a modified form for multi-directional street skating, is the conventional longboard design. 

The handle, dual boards, was gained by utilizing a design that gave the deck greater breadth. It has an appealing design, with curving nose and tail components. Because of its great stability, the board is a favorite among advanced riders and professionals.

It is now legal to make sharp bends and cuts, allowing twin longboards in the use of downhill riding. You may also use the board to do stunts. They're also excellent for freestyle riding because of their ultimate stability. If you're thinking about buying one, make sure the wheels are large and soft.

Electric Longboard

E-skateboarding may seem ridiculous, but that is exactly what it is. Everything about regular skateboarding applies, except that motive power is provided; thus, there is no pushing or kicking. You should be aware of the following facts:


Electric skateboards can securely carry weights ranging from 200 to 330 pounds. The structural variables have an impact on this. Check your handbook for your electric board's load-bearing capacity.

Charge Time

Depending on the size of the battery and the charger's power output, it takes 2-5 hours to fully charge an electric skateboard.


Depending on the motor, battery, deck style, and trucks, electric skateboards may weigh anywhere from 15 to 28.2 kg.


It varies between 12 and 20 miles depending on the rider's weight, average speed, uphill and downhill, weather, wind, motor power, and wheel size.


Electric skateboards range in price from $400 to $2000.

What Kind Of Longboard Should You Buy?

You're probably feeling slightly overwhelmed now that you've learned about all the different kinds of longboards. The ideal way is to make a list of the skating techniques you picture yourself executing and the longboard shapes you prefer.

which longboard is right for me 11

Assuming you're a complete beginner, your primary goal is to learn how to ride a longboard smoothly. To learn the fundamentals, start with a pintail, which is a good all-rounder that can offer you a safe, comfortable ride. As your longboarding skills improve, you can branch out into a certain stream. 

It is advisable to select a board that appears to be the most enjoyable for you. Longboarding is all about having a good time and pushing your boundaries. The beauty of this sport is that it allows us to express ourselves in various ways and be ourselves!


Longboarding is a fantastic pastime or sport to get into, and you'll always have a good time doing it. You're almost halfway there with the correct board between many different types of longboards out there and setup! 

It's now just a matter of getting out there and having some fun. Always take care of your skateboard and only use it for the sort of skating it was meant for.

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