What Is The Difference Between Longboard and Cruiser?

Do you think that any gear a skater uses is called a skateboard? Surprisingly not! There are skateboards, longboards, and cruisers. In this article, we will cover the difference between longboard and cruiser.

Suppose you are bored of conventional skateboards and want something to keep you safe and comfortable; opt for a cruiser or a longboard instead. These types of boards are excellent to commute on a daily basis.

But you find it very difficult to tell them apart. Don’t worry, we have got you covered!

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If you are still in the dark, let our experts tell you about the definition of each item.

A Quick Intro To Longboard

Longboards come in all shapes and sizes for various purposes, but in general, it is often much larger than a street skateboard. Longboard trucks are bigger, wider, and they contain a sharper angle. Its height is also taller to stop the wheels from encountering the board.

difference between longboard and cruiser

This item is usually used for long distances. It is also suitable if you want to go for extreme racing downhill with a fast speed. Therefore, a longboard is perfect for those who would like to develop their skating skills.

When it comes to the experience while using a longboard, it offers a safe and smooth ride. Unlike the other kinds, longboards can handle it well when riding on rocks, sands, and bumpy roads.

However, one drawback of longboards is that their wheels are not responsive. Its acceleration is slower, but it will be easier to maintain the momentum when you reach a desirable speed. A longboard is much heavier so that you would feel inconvenient carrying it around the street.

And Some Brief Information About Cruiser

Regarding a cruiser, it is a type of longboard that is lighter and smaller. Its wheels are more tiny but still bigger than traditional skateboards, around 55 millimeters to 65 millimeters. A cruiser has a flat surface, but many cruisers have an elevated tail, allowing skaters to hop on and off curbs quickly.

There are cruisers with smaller plastic boards called mini cruisers. These tiny products are perfectly fit for children who are learning to skate. Adults can use mini sizes too, but mainly as a hobby. A penny board is also considered a cruiser since cruisers come in numerous shapes and sizes.

difference between longboard and cruiser

They are very common for people who like commuting short distances or just wandering around in an enjoyable way. Because they are lighter than their counterparts, it is much easier for you to carry around with little or no effort.

Although a cruiser provides balance and allows quick acceleration, it is not suitable for downhill riding or commuting on rough roads. It is less fit for carving either. But one great thing about cruisers is that they are affordable and readily available, especially for students.

What Do A Longboard And A Cruiser Have In Common?

One remarkable thing is that both longboards and cruisers belong to the longboard category. These two types of boards are available in different shapes and sizes, and they are bigger than conventional street skateboards in terms of wheels and trucks.

Both of them are considered to be much safer and comfortable than skateboards. If you are into something more versatile and not interested in pure trick skating, opt for a longboard or a cruiser.

difference between cruiser and longboard

Moreover, a longboard and a cruiser can offer you multiple purposes of use, including different riding styles. For people who are fans of freestyling or dancing such as kickflips, technical sliding, or cross-stepping, a large and wide type of longboard can cater to your needs.

In terms of riding downhill, carving, and cruising, longboards and cruisers can also meet your requirements.

Difference Between A Longboard And A Cruiser

Since you have understood the definition of a longboard and a cruiser, let us tell you about the differences of these kinds of boards.

The Most Outstanding Difference Is Deck Size

It is crucial to understand the difference in sizes because it strongly impacts the board’s capacity to turn. While a bigger longboard has wider turning arcs, shorter ones make it easier for you to avoid obstacles and cracks.

difference between cruiser and longboard

A cruiser’s decks are usually between 28 inches and 32 inches and no longer than 34 inches. It is narrower (< 8.5 inches in width). On the contrary, a longboard typically has its decks from 33 inches to 59 inches long and 8.5 inches to 10 inches wide. Some longboards are as long as surfboards.

Therefore, some decks can offer comfort when riding on rough terrain and ease on the joints. Cruisers have a stiffer deck so that you can use more pop when performing tricks.

The Next Feature Is The Shape

Both longboards and cruisers have a wide variety of shapes. A full-size longboard often focuses on symmetrical cutout shaped or pintail shaped. For those who love to dance or freestyle on the boards, manufacturers also offer longboards with kick tails.

Unlike longboards, several cruisers have the shape of surfboards, which are asymmetrical with a rounded square tail in the rear, and a sharp nose in the front. They usually have a kicktail, allowing skaters to perform manuals, kick tricks, and hopping over small cracks.

For mini cruisers, their shape resembles traditional skateboards. While cruising around the street, you can do some soft tricks, including hopping on or off curbs, kick turns, and kickflips as cruisers can help you navigate the city landscape easier.

It Is Also Different When It Comes To Trucks

Although cruisers and longboards share some similarities in trucks (all consist of bushings, baseplates, hangars, and kingpins), there is a significant difference in their construction. Most cruisers use traditional kingpin trucks, while ordinary longboards have reverse kingpin trucks.

difference between longboard and cruiser

Traditional kingpin trucks help cruisers respond well to small foot movements suitable for kicks riding at a slower speed. They are shorter than the reversed trucks so that it would be easier for you to push forward.

With reverse ones, they allow for more maneuverability. They are designed to handle deeper and slower movements and are very stable. You may need to lean harder if you want to turn. In contrast, traditional trucks are more prone to wobble.

The bushings are also different from each other. Longboard trucks have softer bushings, allowing them to carve and turn at ease. However, longboards may need stiffer bushings to keep you stable at high speeds when it comes to downhill riding.

One disadvantage of reverse kingpin trucks is that you can hardly perform technical tricks.

Truck Mounts Also Matter

This feature is very crucial because it decides the experience when you ride on a board. Cruisers are usually top mount, which means that the trucks are placed underneath the deck.

difference between cruiser and longboard

As this makes it more difficult to push on, you have to drop more to reach the ground and bend more on your knee, but it can turn faster.

Owing to the higher center of gravity, the top mount cannot guarantee stability at speed. Therefore, if you are riding a cruiser, stay away from extreme tricks such as riding downhill or on tough roads. Also, because of the top mount design, they are not for long-distance skating.

On the other hand, longboards can be either drop-through or top mount (similar to pintails), where their trucks cross the deck through holes.

A drop-through longboard is more stable and easier to push on for long rides. With this type of truck, it will be much safer to slide downhill.

Wheels Are Also A Big Difference

Another feature to tell the difference between cruiser and longboard is the wheels. A full-size longboard’s wheels are often bigger (around 70mm).

If the longboard is longer than 40mm or has bracket setups, the wheels can run up to 85mm. One great thing about bigger wheels is that they can roll faster and gain higher speeds.

difference between cruiser and longboard

They usually contain smaller wheels regarding cruisers, ranging from 55 to 65 millimeters, which perfectly matches their small deck and trucks.

Small wheels help to keep the cruiser’s weight down. These wheels can provide a better experience when carving and help absorb shocks on uneven roads.

However, if you are more into freestyling and freeriding (which require advanced skills), you may want boards with harder and bigger wheels. These types of wheels can decrease friction, which lets you slide and roll faster on smooth surfaces. They provide pretty good balance as well.

Flexibility And Board Feel

When compared to a cruiser and even a skateboard, a longboard has a completely different vibe. It allows deep carving, wider turns without losing stability, and is very flexible. You would be able to roll over cracks and uneven terrains with little or no effort. Riding a longboard has a luxurious feeling.

Cruisers are more responsive than longboards. Some cruisers are designed to fulfill different purposes and skating styles. However, it will be more convenient to ride around the street. If you still use a cruiser for long distances, you may feel tired and sweat a lot after a while.

Since cruisers are lightweight, they are easier for you to carry around. Longboards can be quite heavy and bulky and take more space to store.

Should You Buy A Longboard Or A Cruiser?

Whether you are a beginner, an expert, or just a person who wants to take up skating but still wondering “am I too old to skateboard?”, either buying a longboard or a cruiser would be a great option.

difference between a longboard and a cruiser

Purchasing a new type of board helps you gain more physical skills and have quality time with your family and friends. Plus, if you are stressed from work, trying to ride a board will be enjoyable and make you feel better.

There is no comparison when it comes to which one is better than the other. Each type is made for its purpose. While cruisers allow you to easily travel from places to places in the street, longboards provide more extreme experiences and greater speed.

When To Go For A Longboard

You may want to purchase a longboard if you plan to travel long distances without soaking your body in sweat. Moreover, for those who want an ultimate feel and enjoy riding at higher speeds, a longboard is an excellent choice as well.

difference between a longboard and a cruiser

When traveling in crowded places, longboards are not highly recommended because they will be harder to reduce speed. However, bear in mind that you need to practice a lot on them to achieve desirable results.

A longboard may be the most expensive of all types of boards, but it is worthy for people who want to improve their skills.

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When To Go For A Cruiser

Concerning cruisers, they are brilliant for commuting in a limited distance. Whether you use a cruiser to bring to a train station or to hop on a bus, it will not be a problem, thanks to its lightweight.

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It is accessible, easy to store and affordable as well. The maneuverability of a cruiser prevents you from obstacles, vehicles, and people on the street.

Crowded places are not a problem with cruisers. But if your area has slopes and hills, remember to adjust your speed properly to make sure you do not go too fast.


With all the features we have listed above, you can now tell the difference between longboard and cruiser, from sizes, shapes, riding styles, and more.

People with the knack for riding long hours and extreme activities may want to opt for a longboard. But for students, and others who consider skating as a hobby, a cruiser will be a perfect match.

One final thing is that if you decide to purchase any skateboard, go to a local skate shop and talk to the sellers. They will tell you what item suits you best. Also, you can touch the board, feel it and test it.

We hope that this article can assist you in choosing the most suitable product. Thank you for reading!

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