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Destructo Trucks Review – An Detail Outlook

Finding a complete Destructo trucks review is not an easy task. Understanding this problem, we provide you with our honest opinion to help you comprehend more about the brand and its products.

Let’s check out this article to see why Destructo has such an excellent reputation in the skateboard lovers community.

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Top Features Details

Down here are the top features of the Destructo trucks:

Build Quality

Any person who has tried these trucks in the past can all agree that they have such incredible build quality. The highlight is the perfect casting on every single product. This layer helps protect your trucks from scratching and scraping.

The main material is the Virgin USA aluminium, which decreases the heaviness yet increases the overall strength of the products. Hence, most trucks weigh from 350 grams (0.77 pounds) to 369 grams (0.81 pounds).

Not only are these trucks lightweight, but they are also extremely durable. Each of them can last two years or more, depends on how you ride them and your level of intense skating.


A remarkable design feature of these items is the hollow kingpins. Since the brand imposes limits on the materials, the trucks feel much lighter and more agile. Still, the hollow kingpins maintain their strength and withstanding.

destructo trucks review

Destructo has a classic design.

If you are a fan of neutral colours, then Destructo is the best brand for you. It is famous for the signature design with the black, white, and silver colour scheme, bringing you a simple yet elegant look.


The flexibility of the trucks relies on geometry. This characteristic determines the lean and reactive turns, creating better and smoother skating executions.

This feature also comes with soft dual conical bushings. As you may be aware, the harder and stiffer the bushings, the more difficult for trucks to react to turns. Therefore, purchasing Destructo trucks with soft bushing is a smart move.


Suppose you prefer the low and mid trucks over the high ones; then these products from Destructo are right up your street. The marque provides you with an ample range of height options from 48 millimetres (1.88 inches) to 53 millimetres (2.08 inches).

destructo trucks review 1

The brand makes the best low and mid trucks.

The balance management of your decks will be more stable since the distance between the board and the ground is shorter. These heights are also better for smaller and more petit people due to the low set up.

Because it focuses on the mid and low heights, the high trucks lovers won’t get a chance to experience its products.

Pros & Cons


  • Durable and sturdy build quality
  • Ideal for those who prefer mid and low trucks
  • Classic and elegant design
  • Great for street skating sessions


  • Might not suitable for limited budgets

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Destructo Trucks Any Good?

Overall, these trucks got every quality you can ask for, from construction quality to design. They are ideal for skaters of all levels and experiences due to their performance and control ability.

Thus, you won’t need to hesitate when it comes to purchasing one or a few of the products from this brand.

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Are They Suitable For Street Skating Courses?

The suitable trucks for street courses need to have an advanced build quality to handle the speed and, perhaps, uneven surfaces outside the skateparks.

That’s why these Destructo trucks are the exceptional choice that you should consider due to the material. They can deal with aggressive skating sessions for quite a while.

What Is The Price Point For These Trucks?

Some people think the starting price is a little expensive. In reality, the products cost approximately under 50 dollars.

In our opinion, they are not too deep in the pricey territory so that they won’t cost you a fortune. After all, this price is indeed a bargain considering all the values and benefits they can offer.

Bottom Line

So you have in your hand our Destructo trucks review to refer to anytime you need. We hope that you will be able to decide whether this is the perfect brand for you or not after reading this article.

Suppose you are on the hunt for top-quality trucks with a semi-reasonable price; we strongly suggest Destructo’s products.

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